Yuuna Yuuki is an simple second-year center school student. She it s okay up in the morning, gets all set for school, goes come classes, participates in club activities, and has fun through her friends. But there is one extraordinary thing about Yuki -- she belongs come the “Brave Hero Club.” What go the Brave Hero society do? who is the secret being referred to as “Vertex?” Yuuki Yuuna and her friends’ story takes ar in Year 300, Era that the Gods.

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Day rest Illusion: il single penetra le illusioniVol: 4; Ch: 16Gangan Online2013 - 2014

Akari has constantly known 2 things: she’s a professional fortune teller, and she has an uncanny knack for cultivation huge, healthy and balanced plants. But after enduring a traumatic tragedy the girl quickly discovers the true fear of the world: over there exist evil spirits well-known as Daemonia the infect people’s hearts and grant their hosts wishes in exchange because that a contract. After the great is fulfilled, the person is turned right into a murderous monster, and only Sephiro Fiore, a team of girls that wield the powers of the element Tarot, have the right to put a avoid to them. As the bearer of the sun card, Akari must join Sephiro Fiore and aid take down those possessed by Daemonia, no matter the cost.

TagsDramaFantasyMagical GirlDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMelancholyOrphansSupernaturalPuella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie - RebellionVol: 3; Ch: 92013 - 2014

With Madoka Kaname’s sacrifice, the hopeless cycle that once bound every magical girl to a damaging fate was broken at last. Still, the magical girl fight on versus the dark magics the threaten the human being world, which continues to be ignorant that the brave girl who conserved them. Only Homura remembers she dear girlfriend Madoka, a burden she has borne in all her battles since-right? Then exactly how is Homura tho going to institution with Madoka, fighting alongside her, laughing as if nothing has actually happened? together her catastrophic memories go back to her, Homura realizes she must not be in the real world, wonderful together it is to watch her girlfriend again. Yet if she is without doubt trapped in a wonder space, who amongst her magical friends could be the cause?

TagsFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPsychologicalUrban FantasyPuella Magi Madoka MagicaVol: 3; Ch: 12Manga Time Kirara Forward2011

One night, Madoka has actually a devastating nightmare – against the background of a desolate landscape, she city hall a wonder girl battle a terrifying creature. The following day, the teen"s dream i do not care reality as soon as the girl – Homura – come at Mitakihara High college as a transport student, mysteriously warning Madoka come stay simply the way she is. Yet when she and also her best friend Miki space pulled into a twisted illusion world and also meet a wonder creature called Kyubey, the pair discovers the magical girls space real, and what"s more, castle can select to become one. All they have to do is authorize a contract through Kyubey and also agree come fight witches that spread out despair to the person world, and in return they will certainly be granted a single wish. However, together Homura"s omen suggests, there"s far much more to coming to be a miracle girl than Madoka and Miki realize...

TagsFantasyMagical GirlSeinenContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPsychologicalSchool LifeThrillerUrban FantasyPuella Magi Oriko MagicaVol: 2; Ch: 72011

Oriko, a wonder girl through the gift that foresight, to know the fate that awaits all who accept Kyubey"s market of mythological powers. Yet when she is struck with a disastrous vision that the future-of the devastation resulted in by a single, powerful witch-she decides to avoid the girl from coming to be a magical girl in the very first place. To attract Kyubey far from the girl"s potential, Oriko directs him rather to Yuma, one orphan that is all also eager to gain powers the will enable her to defend herself-powers the will eventually lead come her own destruction...

TagsDramaFantasyHorrorMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicUrban FantasyPuella Magi Madoka Magica (Light Novel)Vol: 2; Ch: 132011

This is a whole brand-new story of magical girls. Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader that Mitakihara middle school, is a girl who lacks self-confidence. Return she would get distressed and also dismayed at times, she still obtained through every day through the aid of her friends and family. Top top one day, her road crossed v something inexplicable. And from then on, she track was deviated native the usual, and also she had actually to satisfy her fate…

TagsActionDramaFantasyLight NovelsMagical GirlHenshin HeroesMagicSchool LifePuella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra StoryVol: 1; Ch: 6Manga Time Kirara☆Magica2012 - 2013

Oriko"s capacity to see right into the future led her to walk bloody plot in her efforts to forestall an even greater tragedy later on. Yet what if Oriko had met Yuma Chitose prior to she suspect the end of the world? would she still have actually chosen come manipulate the young girl if Yuma had been no stranger, but a to ~ friend? Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story explores the might have been, and further explores Kirika"s devotion to her beloved Oriko.

TagsDramaFantasyMagical GirlSeinenHenshin HeroesMagicPuella Magi Madoka☆Magica: The various StoryVol: 3; Ch: 122012

Mami"s warm personality has actually made it daunting for her to change to her solitary life as a miracle girl, wherein survival regularly takes precedence over kindness. Once she meets Kyouko Sakura, a other lone wolf, she is excited at the possibility of working together with another miracle girl and forging a friendship constructed on ultimate trust. Yet many space the sacrifices all magical girls have to make, and also the aftermath of Kyouko"s choice are only just coming to be clear to her. As soon as the pain i do not care unbearable, will certainly Kyouko continue to be standing next to Mami together a force for the greater good...?

TagsActionFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicSee every recommendations

One day, a girl called Homura arrives at Mitakihara center School together a transfer student, mysteriously warning her classmate Madoka come stay just the way she is. But when Madoka and also her finest friend Miki room pulled into a twisted illusion world and also meet a wonder creature called Kyubey, the pair discovers the magical girls are real, and what"s more, they can choose to become one. Every they have to do is sign a contract through Kyubey and also agree come fight witches that spread despair to the human world, and also in return they will be granted a single wish. However, as Homura"s omen suggests, there"s far more to coming to be a miracle girl than Madoka and also Miki realize...

TagsFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPsychologicalRecapSchool LifeThrillerDay break Illusion: il sole penetra le illusioniTV (13 eps)AIC2013

Akari has always known two things: she’s a experienced fortune teller, and also she has actually an uncanny knack for growing huge, healthy plants. Yet after experiencing a traumatic tragedy the girl quickly discovers the true horror of the world: there exist angry spirits recognized as Daemonia the infect people’s hearts and grant their hosts desire in exchange for a contract. After ~ the great is fulfilled, the human being is turned right into a murderous monster, and also only Sephiro Fiore, a group of girls who wield the strength of the elemental Tarot, have the right to put a stop to them. Together the bearer of the sun card, Akari must sign up with Sephiro Fiore and aid take under those own by Daemonia, no issue the cost.

TagsDramaFantasyHorrorMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyOrphansUrban FantasyPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie part 2: EternalMovie (1 ep)SHAFT2012

The young girls have found the truth... The devilish fate the a miracle girl. Madoka"s finest friend, Sayaka Miki"s soul Gem transforms pitch-black as its owner falls into despair and it is transformed into a Grief Seed. Upon seeing this fate, Kyoko make the efforts to save Sayaka, and also ends up sacrificing her very own life. One miracle girl after an additional is destroyed. Throughout it all, over there is one miracle girl who proceeds to struggle alone - Homura Akemi. Every this time, she has been acting through one goal in mind. "I promise... I"m walk to conserve you, no issue what the takes." Homura renews she vow. And also then it wake up - a miracle powerful enough to persuade the fortunes of the universe...

TagsFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPsychologicalRecapThrillerPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie component 3: RebellionMovie (1 ep)SHAFT2013

Madoka Kaname supplied to it is in a regular girl living happy days of she life. This all finished when she sacrificed herself in order come save other magical girl from the utterly cruel fate the awaited them. Unable to let she memories of Madoka die, Homura Akemi proceeds to fight alone in the people that Madoka left behind for humankind in order to watch her smile as soon as more.

TagsFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPsychologicalThrillerUrban FantasyMagical Fairy Persia PilotDVD unique (1 ep)Pierrot2003

Magical Girl Raising task is a well-known social game that has an ability to grant players a 1 in 10,000 possibility to become a genuine life magical Girl with distinct magical capability to assist people. However, at some point, Fav, the miracle administrator fairy, decides to cut the populace of Magical girl in half. The game quickly changes into a twisted, angry battlefield as the 16 magical girls get dragged right into a fight for survival against each other.

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TagsActionFantasyMagical GirlBattle RoyaleContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicMelancholyPVPUrban FantasyViolenceMagia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica next Story final SeasonTV SHAFT2021

The final arc that Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica side Story.

TagsFantasyMagical GirlContemporary FantasyDark FantasyHenshin HeroesMagicUrban FantasySee all recommendations