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5.0 the end of 5 stars every one of the dice room in good shape season 1 to 5 ns love this present it takes me ago to my son hood
I got my Yugioh The Complete collection and all of the dice room in great shape ns can"t wait come watch all 5 season

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SKIP TO end FOR rapid PROS and also CONSThis release of the finish original series has a most ups and downs. Starting with the positives this is the easiest method to gain the complete original collection on DVD. And this as far as I have the right to tell that is cheaper 보다 buying the formerly released individual series sets (at time of writing). The big thing ns was surprised around is that the video quality is an extremely reasonable considering the series hasn"t been remastered in any way.While I gain the set there room some downsides. The main and also most frustrating of this its the the audio and video clip for collection 1-3 is increased over the normal speed of the episode. Through research regarding why this is the case I could find little information yet from what I could find this is since for the very first 3 seasons the PAL an ar versions of the episodes were used instead of NTSC. The video and audio for the PAL variation of Yu-gi-oh! was sped up when it aired (not certain of the reason. Possibly since of technical differences in the standards) conversely, the NTSC was not. This speed difference makes the episodes in season 1-3 a little annoying to watch and also makes the voices sound a small off. Ns can"t recognize why they used the PAL versions once they plainly had accessibility to the much better NTSC execution for periods 4 and 5. Likewise worth noting ns did notice some worry with video clip in part episodes likely due to deinterlacing. Not certain if this is as result of my equipment or if the is in this was part of a process when mastering the discs but overall its not a large issue. My last complain is the there isn"t any type of kind of episode overview in the box. This makes it a battle if there is a certain episode you want to watch as there are 38 discs in package to search through.Pros:-Video reasonable high quality for non-remaster-Easiest way to gain the complete original collection on DVDCons:-No episode Guide-Sped-up PAL version episodes (Season 1-3)-What appears to be some deinterlacing problems.Overall this is the best method to gain the full collection for a reasonable price yet the sped up video if seasons 1-3 is an extremely disappointing. I really hope that in future over there is a relax without this concern or even far better some sort of remastered blu-ray set.