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" you Love Me quiet " is a solitary from These straightforward Truths, the an initial studio album indigenous Sidewalk Prophets. In 2011, the track peaked at #1 top top the Billboard Christian Singles chart. The song is explained as having a stadium rock feeling, demonstrating that the ensemble has progressed dramatically since its inception and also the opportunities provided to lock by the powers that be."You Love Me Anyway" also appears ~ above WOW hits 2012.

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The concern was raisedAs my conscience fellA silly little lieIt didn"t mean muchBut that lingers stillIn the corners of my mindStill you call me to walkOn the sheet of this worldTo spread out my dreams and also flyBut the future"s therefore farMy heart is for this reason frailI think I"d quite stay insideBut you love me anywayIt"s like nothing in lifeThat I"ve ever before knownYes you love me anywayOh Lord, exactly how You love meHow girlfriend love meIt took an ext than my strengthTo simply be stillTo seek but never findThe factors we changeThe factors I doubtAnd Why carry out loved ones have to die?But you love me anywayIt"s favor nothing in lifeThat I"ve ever knownYes friend love me anywayOh Lord, exactly how You love meI am the thorn in her crownBut girlfriend love me anywayI to be the sweat from her browBut girlfriend love me anywayI to be the pond in your wristBut girlfriend love me anywayI am Judas" kissBut girlfriend love me anywaySee currently I to be the male who yelled the end from the crowdFor your blood come be flood on this planet shaking groundYes then i turned away with a laugh on mine faceWith this sin in my heart, make the efforts to bury Your graceAnd climate alone in the night i still call out for YouSo embarrassing of mine life, my life, my lifeBut girlfriend love me anywayOh God, exactly how You love meYes girlfriend love me anywayIt"s favor nothing in lifeThat I"ve ever knownYes girlfriend love me anywayOh Lord, how You love meYou love meYou love meYou love meYou love meHow girlfriend love meHow friend love meHow girlfriend love me

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Sidewalk Prophets Sidewalk Prophets is a modern Christian music tape from Nashville, TN. Their album These an easy Truths included the solitary "The native I would Say", i m sorry is also featured top top WOW access time 2010 and WOW access time 2011.

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The group has winner the 2010 GMA Dove award for brand-new Artist of the Year. Much more »