2. When you to speak y"all as every various other word and have to describe what it method occasionally

3. You like sweet tea end unsweet choose there"s no other type of tea.


And if you"re only offered unsweet tea, you fake your enjoyment.

4. As soon as you religiously collection Whataburger numbers

5. When you naturally go 85 mph ~ above the highway

6. When you made it through the Blue Bell apocalypse

7. You"ve been so offered to the heat for therefore long, nothing can ever phase you


8. Texas goes wherever you go

The picture above was taken at Oklahoma State University

9. When fifty percent of her out-of-state school is comprised of Texans. It"s probably since of the Whataburger in town.


"Who right here is from Texas?"

10. When you wish the closest mall to be the Galleria. A tiny college town is nice yet whenever you need to shop, girlfriend can"t.

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11. Being sad A&M and also UT don"t play on Thanksgiving. It"s the resource of many anger issues.


12. Every you carry out Saturday nights is walk to nation concerts and also live up to the Texas stereotype.

13. Speak "Soda" instead of "Pop"

14. Getting mad when they offer you Coke/Pepsi if lock don"t offer Dr. Pepper.


15. Having a cardiac arrest during a Dallas Cowboys game. Dez still caught the ball.


16.Always owning a pair that cowboy boots.

17. Homecoming mums gift the dimension of her body and out-of-staters not understanding what mums are.

18. Having taco shops much less than 5 minutes from your house. "Today"s breakfast is breakfast burritos"

19. The Texas State Fair: residence of fried foodstuffs and huge Tex.

20. That feeling as soon as you view the Texas State sign as soon as crossing the border

21. The extreme Red flow Rivalry through OU every year. Hook"em.


22. Being house to George Strait, The King the Country.


23. Additionally being home to Queen Beyonce


24. Not knowing when the periods change. It could be 25 degrees one day and 70 the next.

25. "How perform you journey in snow?"

26. "What is snow, I"ve never seen the before"

27. Gaining sunburned by being outside for five minutes.

28. Having Chips and Queso/Guacamole as a meal. Multiple time a day.

29. "There"s no good Mexican places" as soon as you"re out-of-state.

30. It"s never ever the wrong time for Texas Barbecue.

31. Once you have actually a tornado warning in November.

32. Having to prove stereotypes wrong. "Why aren"t you wearing a cowboy hat? Aren"t friend from Dallas?"

33. When you argue the Texas to be its" own nation so that"s why the 100% better.

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34. No owning Winter clothes due to the fact that Winter doesn"t exist.


35. Going to The Gaylord Texan "ICE Show"

36. Taking senior pictures v a Texas flag in ~ the Stockyard. Yes, this really did happen.

37. Having Texas High institution Football together competitive together College Football


38. Going come Whataburger after Friday Night Lights

39. Having civilization in Europe express "America" as Texas.


40. Having actually a Spongebob episode solely around Texas

What other state can say their state has actually been ~ above Spongebob??

41. Driving for 5 hours and still being in your own state.

42. See a Texas patent plate and also feeling favor you"re with your people

43. Going every out throughout "Deep in the heart of Texas" and also square to dance the night away


44. Learning the Texas Pledge through heart.

45. Taking "Taco Tuesday" an extremely seriously.