Despite look at insurmountable difficulties, athlete Zion Clark climbed to greatness v determination, diligence, and also teamwork. Sign up with us as we talk about his trip to motion capture for black color Ops Cold War.

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Despite seemingly insurmountable difficulties, athlete Zion Clark climbed to greatness with determination, diligence, and teamwork. Join us as we discuss his journey to motion catch for black color Ops Cold War.

As players proceed to endure all the new content on sell in Season Six, they’ll encounter some truly unique Finishing moves to do on your enemies. In this last season, Treyarch go the extra mile because that some very special Zombies-themed animations through the “Crawling Zombie” Finishing Move and Lobby Companion, easily accessible in the upcoming “Tracer Pack: Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft” Bundle throughout The Haunting Event.

To celebrate the relax of The Haunting and Season 6 in speak to of Duty: black color Ops Cold War, we spoke come Zion Clark, the record-breaking athlete behind the motion catch for these brand-new animations, about his experiences together a competitor and mocap actor in the studio.


Zion Clark, American Athlete

A department I wrestler, skilled 100-meter track athlete, Guinness civilization Record holder, motivational speaker and also author, Zion Clark has already accomplished greatness, yet it no come easy. Born in Columbus, five in 1997, Clark gone into the people with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a condition affecting the advancement of the lower fifty percent of his body. Quickly thereafter, he to be thrust into foster care.

“I went with the very first 17 years of mine life in the foster treatment system whereby I to be severely mistreated, bouncing around nine homes,” he says. Though difficult, he refuse to allow his physical differences and also poor living problems break that down. After being introduced to wresting in primary school school, every little thing changed.

“I flourished up wrestling because I was 7 years old,” the says. “I discovered a passion for it early on, and also even though ns was disastrous at it, I ongoing to work tough at it to discover out exactly how I could compete with my physical differences. Once it clicked in ~ the begin of my senior year in high school, things started looking up.”

Clark perfect his senior year through a document of 33-15, just absent qualification for the Ohio High college State wrestling Championship. In an epic last match, Clark wrestled his foe through two overtimes, just to autumn in sudden death. The group went wild. “It was just about getting better every day and staying focused one day at a time.”

He continued to enhance his wrestling and academic skills through college at Kent State college while pursuing various other athletic goals, as well. His focus now? To end up being the very first American athlete to complete in both the Olympics (wrestling) and the Paralympics (wheelchair racing).

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Clark explains a typical day in the life: “I wake up approximately 6 a.m. And remember the things I am grateful for, whereby I am in life, and also who ns have about me. I typically do a lot of my podcasts and also interviews mid to late morning, then ns weight train and at 4 p.m. Every job I exercise MMA / Wrestling v a agree team the I job-related with. They space some highly professional fighters, but I have the right to hold mine own. Then ns wind down, eat dinner, probably give much more interviews, and go come bed at an early stage to perform it every again.”

When asked exactly how he continues to be so focused, and also what advice the would sell to others, he is clear about the fundamentals: job-related hard and also believe in yourself. “Good things will come if you work hard enough,” the says. “You have actually to think in your goals to achieve them and know the you’re great enough to execute it. Nobody else can think in girlfriend if girlfriend don’t believe in you yourself first.”

He didn’t execute it alone, either. “Having a support system is everything, but you have to have human being you deserve to rely on and also depend on. Just like in Zombies, you need to be able to depend on her teammates. It"s more effective to have a team of like-minded world than one person doing it all on their own.”


A brand-new First: Motion catch for Zombies

To record the aggressive, forceful motions of a killer zombie, Treyarch Studios carried Clark in for activity capture, his an initial experience act so.

“It make me feel choose a superhero,” he says, “improvising specific moves and being hooked as much as the suits. As I moved, my avatar would also move ~ above this huge screen. It to be incredible. Pass my personality to life in a video game to be a great feeling.” once asked if that would perform it again, he doesn’t hesitate: “I would certainly do that again,” that says. “I had a great experience.”

Before parting, us asked what type of perspective players should have actually in overcoming the risk posed by Omega Group and The Forsaken in Zombies. “Stay focused, stick through your squad, watch her surroundings… this is the only way to win the objectives. Friend gotta it is in patient and define the duties within her team so friend know just how to navigate correctly.”