A fan and also information base because that the fanfiction writer ThirdFang. Writer of among the most popular and also longest Naruto stories "Yet Again v a small Extra Help" and its sequel "Take 2 Round Two". The is also currently functioning on "From Fake Dreams", a Fate Stay/Night FanfictionThis team is to post fan-art and also discuss characters, plot twists, something to do with these stories.Get exclusive information on the plot, characters, and also interviews of ThirdFang here!Check the end the "Journals"! numerous of lock have activities and extra info around anything and everything TF. Every one of the tasks have no "expiration" for this reason don;t worry around commenting also if that is one old one. In fact, the is encouraged!Recently started a clues donation pool, all the points will go back to the team through commissioning fan art, profitable artistic talent for fan art, etc. PM ideas of what you want the points to go to
Pool is here: akuunkyande.brickandmortarphilly.com/?gi…

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hi Everyone!Reminder: The Q&A because that ThirdFang is quiet open. You re welcome send me a PM through your questions or post your inquiries here: third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…Also, inspect out few of the Questions already asked and also Answers straight from TF:third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…third-fang.brickandmortarphilly.com/jour…~ AkuunKyande

Hello TF fans!!Here is a large surprise because that you, specifically the lovely fans in Canada!TF and also I will certainly be going come Anime phibìc 2016. TF and also I have never to be to Canada before, therefore this will be a fun adventure.Fun fact, TF speaks a bit of French, however I don"t speak any, so we shall check out what happens!It isn"t for a while, however we are excited to go. Permit us know if any kind of of you will certainly be there as well, you can have a scavenger hunt because that the author. Hahaha!Happy searching everyone!*TF fear the hunt, mwahahaha!
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Happy Holidays!!


hi everyone! Sorry because that the recent silence!TF and I have actually both been really busy yet we would like to wish you all happy holidays!He has actually been working tough on acquiring a many writing done. V the holiday break we have been goofing around and brain storming part hillariousness to come.He hopes you gain the next chapters come come.Also, TF will certainly be walk to some east shore (U.S.) conventions in the spring. He may pop into some fanfic panels to hear in, so keep your eye peeled. (I"ll check out if ns can gain him to cosplay, mwahahaha)Happy Holidays, be safe, however have a little crazy in your diet too.~ AK and also TF
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Oogakari Myers Briggs Personality check


familiar with Myers Briggs personality test? TF Went with it and also typed all of the Oogakari through some amazing results. No matter how zany and crazy the family members can be, they all fit in to among the 16 personality types as unlikely as it seems. To be the outcomes what friend expected?Scabbard Oogakari - ENTJWaltz Oogakari - ISFJCrypt Oogakari (sane)- ENTPGhost Oogakari - ENTPShadow Oogakari - ENTPThe reason Crypt wasn"t typed in his insane version is due to the fact that "he is more like a pet than a human being in that state" according to TF.When asked about Zuzushi"s personality type, TF declared "Her personality is the of a cross in between Baby (The household cat who gives zero f*cks about anything and also just desires to it is in pet) and Gilgamesh. Therefore, she is as well inconsistent come gauge." If you were curious, our favorite TF is INTJ and also I am ENTP (quite a duo, huh?)Hope you liked this tiny tidbit of information!~AK
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come Monty Oum


together you may know from TF"s writer notes, we were both big fans of Monty Oum and were heart broken by his passing. Both him and also I were really inspired by his work since the early days of his animations. Thing 16 that Take 2 Round 2 was recently uploaded. That is one monstrously large chapter devoted to the amazingly talented artist and also animator Monty, hope he would certainly be proud. Ns too put a little of work into a project specialized to him that will certainly be attached at the finish of the chapter. Ns hope you gain it everyone! We room all being an innovative for friend Monty, rest In Peace.Chapter 16 of TTRT:www.fanfiction.net/s/8832472/1…My little project (there will be an ext pictures native this relatively soon):ceryneianhind.brickandmortarphilly.com/a…
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Happy birthday TF!!


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Surprise!! today is Thirdfang"s date of birth! Let united state all wish him a great one!HAPPY date of birth THIRDFANG!!!!!!!