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WWE went back to the USA netjob-related for Monday Night Raw last night (June 15, 2015) from Cleveland, Ohio via the fallout show from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that went down simply this past Sunday night in Columbus. That includes the rerotate of Brock Lesnar and also an all time excellent performance from Seth Rollins.

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Click here to gain full outcomes through the live blog. Let"s acquire to reacting to all the night"s occasions.



Tright here is no pro wrestler choose Brock Lesnar. Kevin Owens is the closest to him ideal currently, and also Rusev might be tright here through much better booking, but even then, they ssuggest carry out not possess the same charisma mixed with physical presence. When Lesnar walks right into a room, he automatically commands the attention of everyone within that room. He"s a monster of a man who moves prefer a cat, and that is right up terrifying.

Whenever before you view Lesnar, you should be scared.

But if you check out Lesnar and he has actually his sights set on you, you must be shitting your pants and pissing dvery own your leg.

In short, you should look prefer this:


While Lesnar"s return was expensive, they didn"t handle it nearly and they could/should have actually. They didn"t describe why the renegade babyconfront was unexpectedly in favor through The Authority, they didn"t have actually Michael Cole act choose he was scarred by what happened to him simply a few months earlier, and, well, they just meant us to disregard the story they were informing.

That shelp, this night was about the continued development of Seth Rollins, that, to my eyes, absolutely stole this present. He opened via a brilliant heel promo:

Then acted like the smarmy bit shit you couldn"t wait to check out gain his comeuppance for the remainder of the night:

Until he finally ran into the a lot of unstoppable force in pro wrestling this particular day. His reaction to Brock Lesnar"s mere presence in the exact same ring is an all time good performance. He legitimately looks prefer he"s in fear of his life. He"s afrassist to also lock eyes through Lesnar.

This angle never might have actually taken place if Brock wasn"t Brock, sure, however the ideal heels make the best babyencounters look choose the ideal and that"s what Seth did below.

All my A+"s.


All the finest to all the rest

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: How nice was it that WWE actually maintained John Cena off tv to market that beating Owens offered him at Money in the Bank? How nice was it that Owens was then enabled to acquire warm on that to acquire himself over in his promo? How a lot nicer was it still that he was then booked to go over in yet an additional fantastic enhance with Dolph Ziggler? You might argue tbelow are things WWE could have done in a different way, but tright here hasn"t really been a solitary misaction with the method Owens has actually been booked and he"s performed as much as the level he"s been supposed. In fact, he"s surpassed it. They put him in the significant money spot and also he"s delivered via huge money performances eexceptionally single time. He"s a big money player, and it"s clear they check out that. We understand this because of what they had him carry out later, and also we"ll get to that.

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus: Let"s think around this -- tbelow are only two active wrestlers who will certainly repetitively offer an injury covering multiple reflects at this point, right? Not surprisingly, both -- Ambrose and Rusev -- are beloved among fans who treatment around the finer details. Really, it"s sad to think selling qualifies as a finer information, but such is WWE in 2015. Meanwhile, this enhance was all around the basics and that"s fine. Sadly, though, it seems Sheamus will become the chickenshit heel that constantly loses for being simply that currently that he has actually the Money in the Bank briefcase. Also sad? That Sheamus vs. Randy Orton will proceed on for no evident reason.

R-Truth vs. King Barrett: Knowing WWE, what they"re doing with Truth really isn"t okay however he"s so good at his project that I"m repetitively entertained by him. Do I feel poor for that? There"s somepoint so hilarious to me that he would certainly gain killed, score a roll up win, stand also up smiling still offering the killing, then acquire eliminated aget. I"m still laughing at it. Barrett claiming Truth was making a mockery of the King of the Ring crvery own was the line of the night because, I suppose, come on.

Rally the Divas: I actually rather favor the principle of Paige knowledge she can"t defeat the Bella twins on her very own and attempting to rally the Divas department to aid her and eextremely single among them abandoning her because why the hell would they assist Paige? Naturally, she shed aobtain and there"s actually doubt concerning her future. How nice is that? How frequently carry out we see that through a height level star, also if it"s in a department favor the Divas? I"m curious to watch what"s following, at leastern. I"m assuming the department decides to come together anyway bereason no one can take Nikki dvery own alone. Bellas vs. Divas department sounds fun to me.

Randy Orton vs. Kane: There are few matches WWE might sell that have actually no redeeming attributes, but this is one of them. How to make it also worse? Have Sheamus run in, book a screwy end up, and generally invite apathy among fans that are currently struggling with it.

Big Sexactly how vs. The Miz: Ryearlier on commentary is one of my favorite things, specifically currently that he"s finding his voice. "You got Miz almost everywhere me" is the line of the year, for my money. I did like the psychology of Show vs. Miz, via Miz running and Sexactly how playing possum to sucker him in. Count out finishes are typically devastating yet I really favored this, considering the players associated. Miz scoring the win favor that and also celebrating prefer he won a title for Cleveland was perfect.

Bray Wyatt-Romale Reigns: If you listened to Cageside Live"s post-Money in the Bank show you currently kbrand-new what would take place right here. That"s bereason I told you. Go listen if you didn"t to hear for yourself (yeah, yeah, gotta get these plugs in). All Wyatt programs seem to follow the same formula and unmuch less they bvarious other to include some flavor to it, I watch no factor to acquire invested. Then, he broke out a snapshot of Reigns and also his daughter and also instantly made things interesting. Let"s see wright here this goes.

Machine Gun Kelly performs: About halfway with his performance, I composed the adhering to, reasoning it would certainly be all I would certainly need for this section: "Never aacquire, please." Then, Kevin Owens came out and also powerbombed him off the stage. THIS is just how you usage celebrity guest stars. You obtain warm on the hottest heel in the service best currently. That awful music was worth that glorious devastation.

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Six-man tag team action: Neville is fun!

This display was largely forgettable conserve for the performances from the big time players, which is the best we deserve to ask for appropriate now.

Grade: B-

That"s it from me, Cagesiders. Now it"s your rotate to sound off in the comments area listed below via all your thoughts on last night"s display. How did you choose it, if you preferred it at all?