The roadway to WrestleMania started on Raw as Triple H set the parameters because that his WrestleMania title defense, and also The Rock got a dose of The strength of Positivity as soon as The brand-new Day interrupted his homecoming. Check out what walk down v\"s full Raw results. life results, Jan. 25, 2016: Triple H set his Fastlane terms and The Rock encounters off through The new Day

MIAMI — Daddy’s home, and also daddy has the people Heavyweight Championship. Dad — that is Triple H in this analogy — additionally still has to deal with Roman Reigns, yet The game still makes the rules as to who it s okay to an obstacle him for the can be fried prize at WrestleMania. And the rule of the day was that The Authority would certainly be performing their own evaluation that the locker room the will bring about a handpicked Fastlane main event. The winner of that match, and only the winner of the match, will obtain to battle The King of majesties at The present of Shows. Video game on.

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Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler

Want to admire The Authority? Beating up on Dolph Ziggler is a good way to carry out it. So give Kevin Owens very early lead in the equine race because that the Fastlane main event after a come-from-behind victory over The Showoff the kicked turn off Raw in earnest. A come-from-way-behind victory, if we’re being honest: Owens was a action slower 보다 usual ~ pulling double-duty in ~ the imperial Rumble, and also even \"Chinlock City\" wasn’t sufficient to contain a surge Ziggler. A sleeper hold, a Famouser and also a superkick every left KO see stars, but shoving Ziggler off the height turnbuckle gave the banged-up Owens just sufficient breathing room to hit the Pop-up Powerbomb because that the win.

The Dudley Boyz def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Raw is in Florida, which means Flo Rida is back. And that method Heath Slater is the end for revenge. And also despite an impressive showing native “Bo Rida” in a lab battle, Slater and also his society Outcasts found themselves ~ above the losing finish of a confrontation v Flo Rida as soon as he summoned The Dudley Boyz to beat the hashtag the end of Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel.

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Bo & Axel, to their credit, did no go down without a fight. They also got a “Bo Train” rojo after a strong opening. However the Dudleys spun them appropriate round (right round) once D-Von tagged in against The Ax Man, and also after Flo assisted dispatch an interfering Slater, a 3D come Axel finished them off. ~ above the bright side, “Bo Rida” will absolutely be trending for a long, long time.

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AJ formats def. Chris Jericho

In situation you to let go it, AJ layouts debuted in the imperial Rumble Match, and it to be awesome. Now, The Phenomenal One has actually his first victory under his belt, and also a snarkier-than-usual kris Jericho, who combated the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, is left scratching his head ~ his 2nd shortcoming in as plenty of nights.

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Styles and Y2J practically broke the Internet and also each other in the match. Jericho turned back the clock v ping-ponging dropkicks and leaps, and also Styles offered as great as that got, raining pain from above on The Ayatollah of rock ’n’ Rolla. A textbook walls of Jericho appeared to seal it, but Styles powered out, and also even though he let go the layouts Clash, a rollup was good enough to gain the project done.

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Sasha banks def. Becky Lynch via Disqualification

It bring away a genuine Boss come steal the present when girlfriend weren’t also on the card, but that\"s Sasha financial institutions for you. Despite The ceo laid the end both Charlotte and also Becky Lynch at the imperial Rumble, her chicken came residence to roost on life after Lynch took financial institutions to the limit and Charlotte interfered to acquire the last word on her former fellow Beautiful Fierce Female. The Divas Champion’s mid–Bank Statement assault ended the bout in a disqualification in Banks’ favor, however Natural choice to The ceo moments later was what truly ended the night. 

Bray Wyatt def. Kane

The Beast has been slain, and The Devil’s favorite Demon complied with shortly thereafter. Looking to do a declare of his own as The authority determines Fastlane’s combatants, Bray Wyatt made that his service to remove Kane, and with the help of his Family, that did just that. Relying top top the interference of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, Wyatt snuffed the end The Demon with Sister Abigail and also marshaled a three-on-one assault of the previous people Heavyweight Champion.

The brand-new Day challenged The Rock

Call it brand-new Day Rocked: The mystery Superstar claimed to be returning to life turned out to be the jabroni-beatin’, pie-eatin’, trailblazin’, eyebrow-raisin’ People’s Champ The Rock, and also boy, go he have actually some words because that The Miz, large Show, Lana and especially The brand-new Day. The latter caught Rock’s attention as soon as they interrupted his grand homecoming to fight The People’s Champion through the power of positivity. That caused a difficulty from The great One, i m sorry The new Day politely declined. Therefore The Usos arrived as reinforcements to feed large E right into a absent Bottom and also Xavier Woods into the People’s Elbow.

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Natalya & Paige def. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox

Nikki Bella is collection to undergo a high-stakes neck surgery, therefore the remainder of The fearless One’s squad collection out to “win one for the Gipper.” it didn’t rather go the way, though, as Team Bella sublievenant Brie Bella & Alicia Fox dropped short against Natalya & Paige, regardless of some impressive teamwork that saw Foxy rest up the PTO that had actually Brie dead to rights. A discus clothesline from Natalya dispatched The Foxy One moments later, and also Paige dug into the fine to plant Brie with the Ram-Paige. Ding ding ding.

U.S. Champion Kalisto def. The Miz

He walk it, and he did it again: Kalisto is your brand-new United says Champion. And also his second reign v Old Glory gained off to a far much better start than his first, through a success over The Miz top top Raw. Miz to be stewing after ~ his embarrassment in ~ the hands of The Rock, yet despite The great One’s best efforts to take Kalisto to Mizney civilization (including a desecration the Kalisto’s mask), The King of trip would no be denied. A rope-assisted Salida del solar counter of the Skull-Crushing Finale sealed the deal, and also the new champion marched on.

Roman Reigns & Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus & Rusev

Triple H yes, really does choose to beat games. Very first he groups Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose — the deposed civilization Heavyweight Champion and Royal Rumble complement runner-up, because that those keeping score — up versus League of nations stalwarts Sheamus & Rusev in Raw’s main event. And also he counts on fatigue and also the numbers video game to keep the ex-Shield warrior at bay.

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Photos:  Brothers-in-arms battle Sheamus & Rusev |  clock The Bulgarian Brute get powerbombed!

Both those components aside (King Barrett & Alberto Del Rio pulled no shortage the shenanigans), Reigns & Ambrose gained the win via Spear to Sheamus and double-powerbombed Rusev with the comment table. Most impressive. Your reward? They’ll challenge each various other in the Fastlane main event … and Brock Lesnar. Stop play.