Seton room Pirates vs Wofford Terriers Odds & Info

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Seton hall Pirates vs Wofford Terriers
Thursday march 21, 2019, 3:00 afternoon (EDT)

The No. 7 seeded Wofford Terriers will certainly play the No. 10 seeded Seton hall Pirates ~ above Thursday in an NCAA tournament Midwest Region first round tilt. The Terriers reached the tournament thanks to a 70-58 win over UNC Greensboro in the southern Conference tournament championship because that an automatic berth come the huge Dance. Nathan Hoover and Fletcher Magee led the Terriers v 20 clues each.

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Seton Hall had an outstanding showing in the large East season-ending tournament shedding in the finals come Villanova 74-72 to earn its No. 10 seed. The Pirates played very well in the title video game loss and had their leading scorer Myles Powell acquire off a tightly contested 3-pointer that would have one the game however missed.Fletcher Magee leader Wofford in scoring through an average of 20.5 points per game. Two various other players are averaging dual figures in scoring, consisting of Cameron Jackson that is 2nd in scoring and very first in rebounding with averages of 14.6 points and 7.5 rebounds every game. Wofford is shoot 49.4% from the field and 42.0% native 3-point territory.

Myles Powell leader Seton hall in scoring through an mean of 22.9 points every game. Sandro Mamukelashvili is leader top top the team in rebounding through an mean 7.8 every game. Quincy McKnight leads Seton hall in assists v an mean of 4.0 every game. Seton room is shoot 44.4% indigenous the field and 32.5% indigenous 3-point territory.

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Wofford is 7-0 ATS in its last 7

The OVER has actually cashed in 3 the the Terriers last 4

Seton room is 5-0 ATS in the lat 5

The OVER has actually cashed in 3 of the Pirates last 4

Wofford has actually not shed outright since December 19 win 20 straight, but has not confronted the difficult competition Seton hall has challenged in the huge East. The Pirates are 7-4 SU and 8-3 ATS in your last 11 games. V the sphere bouncing their way one or two times more against matches Villanova, Seton Hall could have conveniently won the big East tournament. Final Score Prediction, Seton room Pirates win and also cover ATS 71-69.

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