After pulling ~ above a lever, a drawbridge falls down through a harsh crash in front of you. Neighboring you space the bodies of opponents three times the size of you, strewn across a currently empty platform. The bridge slants up, inviting friend to check out the room it as soon as blocked. You walk up the bridge; armour clanking in the quiet of the moment as friend ascend the pathway. You realize you’ve gone into the Cathedral that Blue, and before friend stands a fog gate. The thick white fog covers the doorway blocking any vision that what lies prior to you. Together you breach the murky ceiling you space greeted by a familiar face, or is he? throughout the room standing on a red carpet is a guy dressed in hefty armor reminiscent of the mighty Ornstein, his mask the same, similar thing the head the a lion v a plume the red and his arms covered in spikes, but something is off. The gold brilliance of Ornstein’s armour is not here, that is replaced by a darkness that appears to taint the mighty warrior. Before you obtain a opportunity to take it a closer watch the warrior ideologies you with rapid steps and a spear drawn, prior to you know it you space locked in battle with the Old Dragonslayer.

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Anyone who has actually played Dark Souls 2 has most likely had actually this communication before, but even those who have actually still don’t understand for sure who this Old Dragonslayer is. The Souls series by From software program tells the story through interaction in a unique means that forces the player to take it in everything around a script to discover from it. There are no codex logs or NPC lore masters to tell the player about the world, for this reason if the player desires to learn an ext about the characters, settings and story, they should investigate every little piece of information they deserve to find. By studying these tiny bits of info players have the right to learn plenty of things about the land of Drangleic and its inhabitants. This particular day we space going to look over all the piece of information surrounding the Old Dragonslayer in really hopes of detect out who he is and also what his story is. Is he the mythical Dragonslayer Ornstein or is he simply one more knight the Gwyn? By spring at every the truth presented to the player transparent both Dark Souls and also Dark Souls 2 hopefully we can involved a conclusion.

(Note: There will certainly be minor spoilers for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 in this article)


In regards to the lore, over there is no straight information around the Old Dragonslayer, however knowing the story the the first Dark Souls game could provide information the will help understand that the Old Dragonslayer can be. Prior to the occasions of the very first Dark Souls game, lord Gwyn was granted a Lord heart upon recognize the an initial Flame. This Lord heart granted him incredible power, yet the Everlasting dragon still reigned can be fried in the civilization above. Gwyn claimed war on the dragons and launched an attack on them with the Knights that Gwyn. Seath the Scaleless (a dragon who had lost his immortality) betrayed the dragons and also revealed come Gwyn and also his knights how to loss the dragon by stripping their stone scales v bolts of magical lighting. Through this understanding the Knights that Gwyn beat the dragons and took control of the surface.

Lord Gwyn fighting the dragons with faith Spear

Lord Gwyn granted unique powers and equipment to 4 of his many decorated Knight, one of whom was Ornstein the Dragonslayer. His armour was imbued with the power of lightning in addition to his spear. He to be granted powerful items including a unique soul and the Leo Ring through Gwyn together a reward because that his business in the war. Together the period of Fire involved an end, the player could find Ornstein in the once grand funding city of Anor Londo guarding Gwynevere (Gwyn’s Daughter) in addition to the staying silver Knights that Gwyn and Executioner Smough. This version of Gwynevere yet is not real, she is an illusion produced by she younger brothers Gwyndolin, something the Ornstein may or might not be mindful of.

While the lore has very little to phone call people about the Old Dragonslayer, researching the lore that Ornstein does give a opportunity for comparison. Comparing the Old Dragonslayer come the facts we know about Ornstein deserve to tell united state if they room truly the same person, or quite two different, yet similar, guys bound by title alone.


The Old Dragonslayer is situated at the Cathedral the Blue. The Cathedral of Blue dwellings Blue Sentinel Targray who deserve to initiate the player right into the Blue Sentinel covenant. The Old Dragonslayer is was standing in the very first room that the Cathedral of Blue, guarding the entrance means to the remainder of the temple.

The Cathedral of Blue in Heide’s Tower that Flame

The Cathedral of Blue is located in the area known as Heide’s Tower that Flame, a location very reminiscent of the mighty city of Anor Londo in Lordran. The Cathedral specifically is reminiscent of the mighty churches and palaces the Anor Londo in that design. This reality potentially action as one more link in between Ornstein and also the Old Dragonslayer.

Appearance, Fighting Style and Equipment

In illustration the Old Dragonslayer look at very comparable to Ornstein; but there room a couple of notable differences. The Old Dragonslayers armour is very comparable to Ornstein’s in design, but rather than being gold in colour that is dark grey and black. This color of armour reflects the Old Dragonslayer’s an option of magic. The Old Dragonslayer supplies dark magic, also known together Hexes. This is especially far-reaching to point out because, together we recognize from the lore, the dragons might only be beat through the usage of lightning magic (also known as Miracles). There is no the usage of Miracles it is hard to imagine this Old Dragonslayer being very proficient at death dragons.

When you die to the Old Dragonslayer

The Old Dragonslayer fights in a fashion similar to Ornstein. His motions are really quick as he supplies his spear to thrust and also slash at the player. That is practically always progressing towards the player, giving them very small time come regroup native a viscous attack or heal from injuries sustained by a successful strike. The Old Dragonslayer will likewise use his dark magic by leaping into the air and slamming down right into the ground, neighboring himself in a black aura of attack Hexes. This attack is storage of the strike Ornstein would usage after absorbing the fallen human body of Smough, despite Ornstein would shoot out Lightning wonder magic quite than the Hex dark magic that the Old Dragonslayer. Another move the Old Dragonslayer offers that is similar to Ornstein’s fighting layout is the use of a bolt of magic (Hex magic for the Old Dragonslayer, wonder magic for Ornstein) that shoots the end of the guideline of the spear and hones in on the player

The Old Dragonslayer’s Armour and also Weapon

There space some an essential differences in between the 2 fights however, one of which is the the Old Dragonslayer fights alone. Ornstein battled alongside Executioner Smough and when one of them fell in battle, the other would absorb their spirit to boost their strength. Another an essential thing to notification about the fight against the Old Dragonslayer is the the fight chin is how amazing easy. While remaining pretty aggressive, the Old Dragonslayer is reasonably straightforward come fight and also can be beat without too lot difficulty. This is in stark comparison to the fight against Ornstein and also Smough which is taken into consideration one that the most challenging fights in Dark Souls 1, a game which prides itself in its difficulty. This might be because of the fact that the Old Dragonslayer is alone during the fight, and additionally could be because the Old Dragonslayer deserve to be found much previously in the video game than Ornstein and Smough, however it is still precious mentioning.

Upon defeating the Old Dragonslayer the player is given a couple of pieces the loot. The very first thing the the player will obtain is 20,000 souls, as contrasted to the 50,000 souls the player would acquire for death Ornstein and Smough. The Old Dragonslayer will also drop the Old Dragonslayer Soul, i m sorry the player picks up automatically. Its summary states the it is “The spirit of the Old Dragonslayer. The Old Dragonslayer is reminiscent of a particular knight that appears in old legends”. This soul deserve to be used to acquisition the Dragonslayer Spear, a spear that is similar to his very own weapon. The final thing that the player obtain is the Old Leo Ring, a ring that increases the against thrust damages of the wearer by 12.5%. This is extremely comparable to the Leo Ring that Ornstein was offered by Gwyn in the very first Dark Souls game; but the Leo Ring rises all counter damage through 40%.

Now the We have the Facts…

One thing that you may have actually noticed while reading this post is that none the the truth say specifically who the Old Dragonslayer is. Over there are numerous similarities between the Old Dragonslayer and also Ornstein, and also similarities come other characters in the Dark Souls mythos, but there is no critical answer to that he is. There room three prevailing theories within the Dark Souls community regarding his identity, and also each one uses the evidence detailed to prove your point.

Is the Old Dragonslayer actually Ornstein?

1. The Old Dragonslayer is Ornstein

Before the events of the very first Dark Souls game the light of the very first Flame started to fade. Gwyn to be terrified of losing the flame since it to be the resource of his power, and also as a result he saw greater and also greater lengths to preserve it, ultimately using humanity itself to try and save the flame alive. These actions brought about his the next friends and also allies to are afraid him and many that them started to leave him. Many of them disagreed with his use of humanity and human souls to shot and fuel the flame, and decided come leave prior to his desperation turned right into something dangerous. One of the first to leave was Gwynevere. Fearing what her father was coming to be she left Anor Londo and also took Ornstein through her come the soil of Drangleic to be her personal bodyguard.

In Drangleic, Ornstein and Gwynevere produced Heide’s Tower that Flame, and also the Cathedral that Blue, mirroring its design in architecture. Here she took up residence, v Ornstein prepared to protect her, also from Gwyn if necessary. In Drangleic, people used drakes and also dragons together mounts and also weapons the war, definition that there was no need for a Dragonslayer in the Kingdom. As a result, Ornstein exit the usage of confidence based magic and adopted Dark Hex magic. Hex magic is similar to Occult magic i m sorry was one of Gwyn’s best weaknesses. If Ornstein to be preparing to protect Gwynevere from the insanity of Gwyn, it provides sense that he would pick such a magic to specialization in.

If this is the case, then who was the Ornstein the players combated in the an initial Dark Souls game, and who was the Gwynevere that they witnessed in Anor Londo? Gwyn’s 3rd child Gwyndolin made an illusion of Gwynevere in Anor Londo to make certain that the population wouldn’t panic. He likewise made one illusion that the sunlight to do it seem like Anor Londo to be still basking in the sun’s incandescence. V this power of illusion, it isn’t unreasonable come assume the Ornstein could likewise be one illusion to keep anyone indigenous poking around and potentially finding out his secret.

Eventually something happened to Gwynevere and also she is no longer at Heide’s Tower the Flame, leading to Ornstein being stuck there all alone, guarding the continuing to be city from invaders as that crumbles right into the sea.

2. The Old Dragonslayer is Ornstein Re-incarnated

Powerful souls perform not die easily and also don’t disappear forever. An effective souls linger in the people long after their owner dies, taking new forms and maintaining your power. In Dark Souls 2, this is watched throughout the land of Drangleic in the bosses the the player finds and defeats. The mighty good Souls that are required to proceed through the video game are remnants of the mighty lord Souls of the very first Dark Souls game given new kind in the guise the the Rotten, the lost Sinner, the Old stole King and also Freja.

For acting as Gwyn’s lead knight, Ornstein was awarded many good honours, consisting of a an effective soul. This an effective soul may have actually been re-incarnated as the Old Dragonslayer in the floor of Drangleic. Shed in this new world the Old Dragonslayer looked to something familiar and also found the Cathedral the Blue, a structure reminiscent that Anor Londo. Below he take it up refuge, working v the Blue Sentinels as payment for being enabled to stay there and also work.

If this is the case, that would describe why so plenty of of the Old Dragonslayer’s items space reminiscent the Ornstein’s. Everything the Old Dragonslayer has, indigenous his heart to his ring, are comparable to every one of Onrstein’s items. He is really much the very same person; but he was carried up in Drangleic. Drangleic offers wyverns and also dragons as tools of war, and also doesn’t have need for a Dragonslayer. The dragon tamers and also riders have actually the dragons under control, therefore this brand-new version the Ornstein never necessary to learn exactly how to use confidence lightning to assault dragons. As a result he now uses Dark Hex magic to aid him fight his enemies, adapting it come his organic fighting format that he had remembered indigenous his previous life as Ornstein the Dragonslayer.

3. The Old Dragonslayer is a items Who offered Under Ornstein

During the war against the dragons, numerous silver knights dealt with alongside Ornstein and also Gwyn. Mr Gwyn offered special recognition to the Ornstein, Artorias, Claran and Gough but it is feasible that over there were many knights that could insurance claim the title of Dragonslayer.

Much after the war once the an initial Flame began to fade, Gwyn started using humankind to fuel the dice flame. Humanity originates from the souls of humans, and is a piece of the Dark soul that to be taken from the first Flame by the Furtive Pygmy. Gwyn even urged invading various other parallel human beings to gather more humanity come fuel the an initial Flame. This decision was an extremely polarizing amongst Gwyn’s friends and also family, causing many people leaving Lordran, even his eldest Daughter Gwynevere.

The Old Dragonslayer could have been just one of the human being who abandoned Lordran. This would have been a dangerous move to carry out however, due to the fact that Gwyn to be still very powerful and wouldn’t accept any threat to his rule. To defend himself, the Old Dragonslayer would have chosen come abandon confidence Magic (the magic Gwyn was resistant to) and learn Hex magic, simply in instance Gwyn decided to pursue him.

When leaving Lordran, the Old Dragonslayer make the efforts to discover a means to protect the human being that Gwyn had actually threatened. He wanted to make sure that human beings would no be targeted by Gwyn because that harvesting, and also wanted come protect any type of human that was invaded. To execute this the Old Dragonslayer started working through the Blue Sentinels, a agreement that protects civilization that have actually been got into by respond to invading into the fight and acting as backup for the victim. As soon as the Old Dragonslayer witnessed what the Blue Sentinels to be doing, he join up and also acted as protection from anything the Gwyn may send their way. The knew the the Blue Sentinels would be a target because that Gwyn as they protest what he to be doing so the Old Dragonslayer acted together a bodyguard, protecting the Cathedral the Blue as its last line of defence.

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These three room the many widely welcomed theories about the Old Dragonslayer’s true identity, however they room by no method the just ones. From Software has left the lore broad open because that interpretation, and that is why many civilization are drawn to the Souls franchise. By not informing the player every small detail around the world, the developers have actually created little mysteries for players to shot and solve, and the only means that players deserve to solve this mysteries is by delving right into every aspect of the game. They have to study the well-known lore, the items, the settings, the gameplay and even the previous games if they want the entirety story. This creates a distinct experience that other creates of media can’t yes, really copy, bring about a brand brand-new version that storytelling that has fans scouring every little detail in wishes of finding the truth around the characters and world of Dark Souls. There space dozens of characters in the Dark Souls cosmos whose story is hidden amongst the hints of the games world, such together Gwyn’s an initial born kid whose name has been intentionally erased native the annals that Lordran’s history, or the knight Ostrava the Boletaria in search of the reality behind his father’s disappearance. Even when the fact isn’t known for certain, the find for proof can include a new layer of funny to the gaming experience.