i am learning for the ICND1 exam through CBTNuggets video courses.In one of their videos they supplied a command,

switchport port-security maximumThis is what the cisco aid says about it,

To collection the maximum variety of secure MAC addresses ~ above a portI have tested this command myself ~ above Cisco Packet Tracer, and also this command enables to collection this worth to up to 132.

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Under what situations would I attach 132 master to a single Switch harbor ?Doesn"t one port just support one MAC resolve at a time ?



You deserve to have much more than one MAC deal with on a switch port if:

You have actually a switch linked to it. Can be an additional managed switch (like a Cisco) or an unmanaged move (like a consumer Netgear or Linksys switch).You have actually a virtual server host attached to it through multiple virtual equipments sharing the NIC.You"re making use of a VoIP phone call to bring data for a computer. In this case, you"ll have actually a trunk to run to the phone from the switch and a second ethernet cable to run from the phone to a computer.


You have the right to have much more than one MAC on a switchport, for instance a huge Server with 20 VMs top top it, for this reason it demands to acces the switchport through 21 MAC addresses.


If you have associated the switch-port to a WIFI-AP climate you would need to include multiple hosts to a single switch-port as all the hosts would certainly be using a single switch-port.

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