Hosts ann Burrell and Tyler Florence stand through with contestants Nick Slater and Lawrence Crawford during the notice of the winner that the final menu challenge, as seen on Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America, Season 8.

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This season the Worst Cooks in America started with 14 cooks, every hopelessly destitute of food preparation knowledge — and also all a peril to themselves and their families. Yet week by week, as part recruits experienced their journeys finishing in boots Camp, others climbed to the top, steadily growing their skills and cooking knowledge. By the finale only two recruits remained, one belonging to Chef Anne and one to Chef Tyler. Lawrence was the final cook on the Blue Team, and Nick to be the final chef on the Red Team. Just one might win the entire competition and the $25,000 prize, but an initial they would have actually to cook a restaurant-quality dinner in a expert kitchen to be tasted and also judged by a panel of market experts. After tonight one recruit walked far the winner, no much longer a worst cook.

Nick came into practice work confident that he want to make all-new dishes instead of food preparation versions of the bowl he"d already attempted in boots Camp. Chef anne didn"t hold back in giving him recipes the would push him out of his comfort zone, including squash blossoms and even rabbit. Nick, gung ho, organized his own, however when it came to the actual last cook-off, his nerves started to play with his memory and concentration. Luckily ann snapped him earlier into control, and Nick placed out a solid three-course food selection of squash blossoms over zucchini noodles, hare loin with polenta, and cherry crostatas. Yet there were two negatives: The fried squash blossoms to be a little bit oily and the hare was oversalted. Back the flaws rattled his assuredness in winning, the judges shortly announced the he had melted his worst cooks title and earned the $25,000 prize.

Nick Slater: This is crazy, man. This time below was yes, really amazing. Friend know, I obtained to discover from few of the finest chefs in the world. They"re to teach me all their skills, and also their process, and how they carry out things, and also breaking the down. Just amazing. It"s an respect to be here and also learn, and ... It"s crazy that ns won. i cannot believe it, man.


Finalist, Nick Slater works on a food selection of goat cheese stuffed fried zucchini blossoms with zucchini noodles; stuffed hare loin with chanterelles, fava beans and also soft polenta; cherry crostata through vanilla ice cream, as watched on Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America, Season 8.

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Commissioned Photographer, 2015, tv Food Network, G.P. All civil liberties Reserved

Did you have any kind of issues adapting to food preparation in a restaurant?

NS: It was nice at the restaurant having actually those large burners and also the commercial fridges and also stuff choose that. ... But it to be still the end of my element, out of my lull zone, due to the fact that I"m provided to food preparation here for so long, and I"m offered to their tools here. ... If I would have had actually a couple more work in there, it would have actually been a lot smoother, but all at once it to be a good experience.

NS: ns was all discombobulated. This morning was simply wild. ... I remained in my head means too much. Ns was thinking of, like: "OK, what"s the an initial process, what"s this, what"s that. ... I need to uncover a an excellent spot because that my notebook to be propped up, therefore I deserve to be constantly looking through my notes." and it wasn"t like that . ... Before the compete I had to pee and I was like: "Alright, room we walk to usage the restroom? No, we can"t go? Alright, friend know, let"s just go for it, ns guess." and also it was just so random. ... Went ideal to walkups and then, boom, ideal to the kitchen, and also it was simply so fast.


Host anne Burrell in the kitchen the the Tribeca restaurant, American Cut, with contestant Nick Slater after ~ their final menu challenge, as checked out on Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America, Season 8.

photograph by: commissioned Photographer ©2015, tv Food Network, G.P. All Rights booked

Commissioned Photographer, 2015, tv Food Network, G.P. All legal rights Reserved

Throughout every this, exactly how was it working v Chef Anne?

NS: Chef ann is amazing. She is for this reason cool. She is my kind of teacher. The teacher I require is stern, straight to the point. ... I prefer that in a teacher, and I"m a hand-operated guy. I"m no a book-smart guy, so ns think hands-on, physically. ... So, ns really choose Chef anne as a teacher due to the fact that she understands that as well.

NS: I"m a yes, really anxious kind of guy. I don"t present it a lot, but I favor to jump the pistol on things, and the best thing I"ve learned here, particularly from chief Anne, is mise en place: things in place. At an initial I was like, "Oh, God ... We"re going come waste too lot time placing stuff together and then making the dish." however actually it"s a large thing. Friend know, like, mise en place, you can incorporate in everyday life, before starting a job, before beginning a project. You need to have prep work-related done. You have to have your things in place. You need to have designers. You need to have contractors. You have to have everybody inside wall up before you can also pull the trigger. So, it assisted me the end a lot, simply with the one thing only, and also there"s plenty of various other things I deserve to list, yet that"s the key one.

NS: Absolutely. Yeah. I just redid mine kitchen in ~ home, and I"ve never ever used it. So, currently I"m going come fire up the burners. ... I"ve gained a checklist of stuff I have to buy. ... Cook Anne obtained me some knives, so ns don"t have actually to gain those. ... There"s just a hit list of stuff I have to get, and I"m walking to rest in mine kitchen as soon as I gain home.

NS: most likely the pork and prosciutto with the peach chutney, the first dish us made. I"m walk to definitely re-create the one. An additional one ns really liked, too, to be the stuffed steak. ... The deep-fried fish to be amazing. ... I"m certainly going come re-create that dish as soon as I acquire home.

NS: The whole process here ... Was simply amazing. Friend know, everybody"s on height of their game. Everybody"s super-friendly. ... And also Chef Anne and also Chef Tyler ... They"re both yes, really knowledgeable and helpful people. So, the overall experience here was simply amazing.

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NS: I"m a huge animal guy. Ns rescue pets and also stuff choose that, so I"m more than likely going come use some of it to proceed donating to pet shelters, and I"m a component of ... Animal rights stuff. So, I"m simply going to save doing my thing and also then usage for me and because that the animals too.