One that the finest episodes in the Netflix series Daredevil was episode 7, “Stick”, called after the blind mentor the trained young Matt Murdock just how to fight and best use his senses. The course, with among the finest episodes comes among the biggest questions. At the tail end of the episode, stick is watched reporting come a hulking figure asking if Matt will be ready “when the doors open.” precisely who was Stick talk to at the end of the episode? Let’s check out if we can discover out.

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The answer (or what ns think is the answer):

Update 1: upon viewing the credits (which Netflix happens to minimize because that you) it to be revealed the character is actually stone played by Jason Finney. You have the right to read much more about stone below in the initial post. – Editor-in-Chief, Bilal Mian

Update 2: I’ll be the very first to admit that ns was wrong. Stupid credits, lol. HOWEVER, ns still assert that madame Gao is from K’un L’un. – Terence

Stone is one more leader that the Chaste usually shown in the comics together the second-in-command come Stick. Stone has considerable training in the martial arts. His main point power and his namesake is his capacity to end up being impervious to nearly any attack, as long as the is aware of the incoming threat. This makes his mastery the his senses even an ext important.

Original Post as follows:

Lei-Kung the Thunderer. No Stone, who most people are saying.

The Evidence:

One that the greatest misconceptions is around Nobu. If you’ll notice, the Yakuza are pointed out multiple times together the employer because that Nobu. However, all of those times that the Yakuza are mentioned, it’s never by everyone in the know. Matt, Karen, and also even Ben constantly describe the Japanese existence as Yakuza, however Fisk, Owlsley and also Madame Gao not as soon as speak that Nobu together Yakuza, they simply refer to Nobu and also his people as “the Japanese”. Add some mentions the “Nobu and his clan” we can only come up v one answer.

Credit: Christiano Flexa

Nobu is component of The Hand.

The Hand is a shadow ninja clan that will come to be one of the Daredevil’s biggest adversaries. Include in the mention of “the Greek girl” who was in Matt’s Spanish course in university (Elektra Natchios, one of the most iconic characters in Daredevil) and it’s all however confirmed that Nobu and also his red ninja outfit are the Hand.

Which the course, according to comic lore, makes Stick part of “The Chaste”, an company of warrior (a term Stick supplies when talk to Matt) dedicated to protecting against the Hand and also their attempts come take over the world. Most human being will price that stone is the mysterious figure that rod is talking to, as stone is Stick’s allied in the Chaste. However, in the comics, pole is the leader of the Chaste, it makes no sense that he would be reporting to Stone, uneven Marvel is taking some liberties in the cinematic universe which they often do, however a much better answer lies ahead.

Madame Gao is the mysterious number who operates the Chinese eight of Fisk’s criminal empire. Everyone, great and bad, assumes the she’s component of the Triad. However, she alludes to the truth multiple times the she is in fact also older than she looks. Once she speaks to Matt around why her employees blinded themselves, she speaks of them having belief in a greater power. Lastly, as soon as she speaks to Owlsley around returning home, the asks if she’s going come China, and also she replies the she’s going also further. China is pretty much the the furthest you deserve to be away from new York, which leader me come one conclusion.

Madame Gao is one immortal citizen of K’un L’un.

K’un L’un is the mystical city whereby Danny rand is take away in after that is orphaned. The is trained in the martial arts under Lei-Kung the Thunderer, the leader the the army in the city. Friend may understand Danny edge by one more name, the Immortal stole Fist. Look in ~ the marking on Gao’s packets that heroin. Walk it remind you of something else? oh yeah, the chi noting of the Dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, Guardian the K’un L’un, and also the note of the stole FIST.

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The gates between K’un L’un and our people open as soon as every decade. This renders the perfect chance for madame Gao to do her journey back home, and when the mysterious number with the scars ~ above his ago asks if Murdock will certainly be “ready as soon as the doors open” what carry out you think that can possibly mean?

Does this median that the mystical realm of K’un L’un will stand in because that The Chaste in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This writer absolutely thinks so, and if the does, I think that it will serve as an amazing means to tie together the mythology the the street level heroes and also the mysticism of iron Fist. It would certainly make perfect feeling that pole is reporting to Lei-Kung if the is the head the the pressures of K’un L’un, readying our realm and standing by come throw earlier the forces of the Hand instead of The Chaste.