John (Jack) Volinkaty, who wrote the 70s chart topper “Satin Sheets,” was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hevery one of Fame.

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John Volinkaty, at ideal, was one of the optimal 5 songwriters nominated for songwriter of the year at the 1973 Country Music Awards. 


After all these years, it’s gratifying for Judy Volinkaty-Bickel and also her child John Volinkaty II to know their husband and father John (Jack) Volinkaty will be known for his music career.

On Friday, Nov. 6, Volinkaty-Bickel of Victoria, and her son will certainly watch Volinkaty inducted right into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in New Ulm, Minn.; they’ll accept the award on his befifty percent.

Volinkaty, a Minnesota indigenous and also Minnetonka resident at the moment of his fatality in 1992, is finest well-known for writing the 1973 nation classic “Satin Sheets,” which was taped by Jeanne Pruett.

“Satin Sheets” went on to end up being the No. 1 song on the Billboard charts in 1973 for 3 weeks. Volinkaty was one of the optimal 5 songwriters nominated for songwriter of the year at the 1973 Country Music Awards. He was nominated yet did not win. Due to the fact that then, various other artists that have actually spanned the song incorporate Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Waylon Jennings and also The Bellamy Brothers.

According to Volinkaty-Bickel, Broadactors Music Inc. (BMI), the music civil liberties administration agency, has known “Satin Sheets” as one of the many played songs in its brochure of 3 million works.

“Only 1,500 titles have actually accomplished ‘million-air’ standing,” Volinkaty-Bickel shelp, “which represents even more than 1 million radio and also TV performances. One million performances is equal to 50,000 broadcast hrs or 5.7 years of consistent airplay. And it stays as among the a lot of played songs in the country.”

“At the moment we resided in a one-room apartment close to 2fifth and also Hennepin in Minneapolis,” Volinkaty-Bickel sassist. “We were in the produce area and also he was pushing the cart behind me. All of sudden, he sassist, ‘We’ve acquired to get residence best now.’”

“That night, he made his own demo tape in our apartment,” Volinkaty-Bickel sassist. “He did his very own singing and also guitar playing. It took only 5 minutes to write yet a year to market it.”

Volinkaty also went on to win a Pop Music Award that year, and an award from the Nashville Songwriters Association in 1974.

Volinkaty was born in St. Louis Park, and thrived up in Lafayette, Minn., simply north of New Ulm. He and also Judy were high institution sweethearts and also they married after he changed from serving in the U.S Navy. His musical capability revealed itself after his stint in the organization. While attending Mankato State College, he joined a rock and also roll band dubbed The Shags. The Shags got a life time accomplishment award from Minnesota’s Rock and Country Hevery one of Fame in 2007, and also were inducted right into the Mid-America Music Hevery one of Fame in 2012.

“Songs simply came to him,” Volinkaty-Bickel sassist. “He worked as an accountant at Univac, and lyrics or principles would certainly come to him at work. He’d have actually little bit bits of paper in his pockets with lyrics he’d written dvery own, and also he retained a tape recorder in the car to retain the refrains that struck him while he drove.

Volinkaty died of cancer at age 49 in 1992. Volinkaty-Bickel ultimately remarried; she and also her husband also, Paul Bickel, have actually been Victoria inhabitants for 15 years.

“It was such a substantial song,” Volinkaty-Bickel shelp of “Satin Sheets.” It was simply intended to be, so it’s very nice to have Jack inducted after all this time. And he’d be thrilbrought about understand he’s joined (other Minnesota Music Hall of Famers) Prince and Bob Dylan. And I’m hoping to fulfill (inductee) Lorie Line.”

2015 inductees

The Minnesota Music Hall of Fame inductees for 2015, encompass John “Jack” Volinkaty, Minnetonka, the Blenders, Craig Ebel, Lorie Line, Mankato Symphony Orchestra and also Mick Sterling.

The awards will certainly be presented Friday, Nov. 6 at Turner Hall, New Ulm. Free admittance to The Showcase, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 7 at the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Museum, 27 North Broadway, New Ulm. 

Since 1989, the Minnesota Music Hevery one of Fame has actually inducted 156 individuals and also institutions. Previous inductees include Bob Dylan, Prince and Michael Johnboy.

"Satin sheets to lie on

Satin pillows to cry on

Still I"m not happy

Don"t you see?"

Satin Sheets

by John Volinkaty

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