The well-known remix the “Loungin'” off Mr. Smith, special vocals through Total and production from the Trackmasters was likewise released. “Loungin” was a success, peaking in ~ number… read More 

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Umm...Go head daddy!We act it v L....(Laughs)....Go head baby. Who execute ya luv baby?How friend doin', miss? My surname is L, I'm indigenous QueensI heard about your man, he favor to lace you with creamDolce Gabbana, Moschino v Donna jeansBut the slipped up, and also threw his absent to a fiendHe be playin' favor a Willie 'cause he dress ya doveNever knowin' that his woman is in need of loveYou gained Versace gold connect stomach chains v rocksOfficial hair style yet you grounding up in the spotMakin love, battle each other is weak climate he fallin asleepYou ~ above the call wit her old peeps dyin' to creep 'tween mine sheetsSo what you gained Chanel on your feetHot sex ~ above a platter makes the mission complete, uhWho perform you love? (I wanna lounge with you)Are you for sure? (I carry out what i gotta do)Jew-els and also Cristal acquired him actin' funny styleHe ain't watchin' you, he quite watch his money pileCan't safeguard treasures when it's in a glass houseSoon as he turn the edge I'mma rotate that ass outFull blown, frontin' in the 6 through the chromeYo B, why you leave her honey every alone v me?Just since you blessed through cashDoesn't typical your honey won't permit me finesse the assSo view the ethical of the story is a woman need loveThe kind you so-called players never ever dreamed ofYou gained to try love, can't to buy loveIf girlfriend play your hand, then it's bye-bye love
Who perform you love? (I wanna lounge with you)Are you for sure? (I carry out what i gotta do)Who carry out you love? room you for sure? (You recognize it's you)Who perform you love? space you for sure? (I perform what ns gotta do)So what you gained the cash flow in escrow, damnBut your honey ran away like presto, ala-kazamMan made the money, money never ever made the manYou tho fakin' jacks throwin' rocks on she handSee, you placed your mack down, currently you Nino BrownRock roller with so lot ice your cap's polarI acquired her smokin' beedies, modeling bikinisPushin' your whip on the valve Wyck to see meI store it steamy, i make it burn as soon as it's mine turnTeaching shorty all the jewels the you never learnedDon't obtain it twisted, gaining money ain't wrongBut she wanna make love every night long, I'm goneWho carry out you love? (I wanna lounge v you)Are you because that sure? (I do what ns gotta do)

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Who perform you love? are you because that sure? (You know it's you)Who carry out you love? room you because that sure? (Are you for sure?)Who perform you love? (Repeat through LL Cool J ad-libs)