White flow Junction is one unincorporated town and census-designated ar (CDP) in the town of Hartford in Windsor County, Vermont, united States. The populace was 2,286 at the 2010 census, making that the largest community within the city of Hartford.Restaurants in White river Junction


VINS Nature center offers one-of-a-kind educational live bird programs! Admission consists of entrance come Exhibits, Nature trails, and Avian Rehab in action. Open up picnic areas, beverages and snacks are accessible at the Nature Store. The VINS Nature facility is situated 1/2 mile west indigenous the Quechee Gorge.

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the review By alidaylily - Boston

We journey by here several times and after reading about it we determined to visit. Us did go on a Saturday therefore be all set to re-superstructure the visit with a many families and also children. The home is big enough the there is plenty of space for walking. The owl speak was fabulous. Us thoroughly delighted in it. We additionally walked the trails and also were rewarded v beautiful scenery. Be sure to take a follow map v you before setup out as it defines the numbered posts and also what you space looking at. The birds room well cared for though the story of just how they came to be there were sad. Over there are likewise hands on activities for children. We will be ago next time we visit the area.


The Montshire is one award-winning hand-operated science museum. You'll experience over 140 interesting exhibits relating come the natural and also physical sciences, ecology, and also technology. Together a 110-acre museum top top the Connecticut River, there's constantly plenty to explore, both indoors and also out! Open day-to-day 10-5. Summer join (May 17-September 7) $16 for adults, $13 for youngsters 2-17. Continuous Admission: $14 because that adults, $11 for youngsters 2-17 two day passes available. Totally free for members and children under 2 years of age. Water exhibits in outdoor science Park space on mid-May through early on October.

reviewed By Jim W - Carmel, California

This to be a special family members adventure with 3 generations and ages native 5 to 72. Our 5-year old nephew was practically overwhelmed v the watch never ending items for she to execute "hands on". The "mystery" games, ant farm, etc., etc. Room all done extremely well.And that was simply inside the facility. Despite the rain / drizzle, we did reap some the the exterior items through the pendulum and piano being huge attractions.The older (70s) members the the family seemed to gain the exhibits / difficulties as lot as the younger.Our only an adverse observation is that there may not be too much for children over 10 or 12.


the review By NHethel - nh

Lovely come walk approximately in any season...many old buildings, and modern ones, too, unique woven together, and entwined with the pretty little but bustling town. A highlight is the library through the Orozco murals...should no be missed...is in ~ the north finish of the green, in the structure with the clock tower...


The top Valley Aquatic center offers advanced swimming facilities for lessons, competition, and also exercise in enhancement to a zero entrance Splash Park through two slides and also a existing pool. There is a fully-equipped fitness center with exceptional personal training, an amazing assortment of group classes and vacation camps for kids. Various other amenities include the Poolside Cafe, group and also party rates, and childcare in the KidZone, every in a bright, fully-accessible structure with views of the neighboring hills. Members enjoy free childcare and also classes!

the evaluation By Gloria H - Fairfield, Connecticut

We had a good time here. My granddaughter delighted in the water pat pad, lazy flow and small water slide. My husband and also I appreciated swimming laps in perfect temp water. The basic is really clean and the staff is really helpful. This a good facility to workout at.


King Arthur Flour's Baker's save & cafe is packed with whatever you require for your an extremely best baking, native hard-to-find ingredients, innovative gadgets, and top-quality pans, to simple mixes and a huge an option of baking basics. Grab a pastry or having lunch from ours café; relax and check your email with our free WiFi; and connect with our experienced staff around all her baking questions.Our save is open and also ready for your visit!

the review By USMCRip - Merrimack, brand-new Hampshire

This is a gourmet cooks paradiseThe flour and also flour products are endless.They likewise sell plenty of bakery items and also tools, some you never ever thought friend needed.Parking was much from the doorThe sales people were sooooo nicePrices were very high.

Visit Vermont's initial Craft Distillery at the Quechee gorge Village. The Distillery Tasting Room is open up for tourists every day from 10 am until 5 pm. Sample the award winning vodkas, gin, bourbon, whiskey and seasonal brandy and also liqueurs and learn around the distillation process. 2 miles turn off I-89, leave 1, and also close come the well known Quechee Gorge.

the review By invoice M - Kerrville, Texas

We walked right into Vermont spirits not learning what to expect. Us walked out after a half dozen tastings v an ever before deeper respect for small Vermont distilleries.Lisa knows she product and is generous through her tastings. Us tried the 1797 cranberry cider rye, 14 Maple Bourbon, Maple Whiskey, Blueberry Liqueur, and a gin.We had a good time and also highly recommend vermouth Spirits ~ above a tour of Quechee.

Northern phase is a local non-profit LORT-D professional theater agency with a mission to readjust lives, one story at a time. Based in ~ the crossroads of new England -- the upper Valley that the Connecticut river -- north Stage’s intimate space sets the phase for actively involving the audiences with ambitious productions and expansive educational programs. Started in 1997, northern Stage has offered much more than 115 high-quality, expert productions of brand-new works, classics, and also musicals. The company celebrates that 20th Anniversary Season this year and annual attendance is currently over 30,000.

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the evaluation By TallieB - Boston

We uncovered Northernstage as soon as trying come look for points to perform while ours son had an overnight university visit. I'm for this reason glad us came across it! We witnessed "Last of the Red hot Lovers"--a Neil Simon production. It was fantastic. The playhouse is new(er), modern and lovely. It's basic to find, simple to uncover parking and the employee were an extremely friendly and also helpful. They open up a small bar for half time. The theatre is tiny but perfect. The seating is comfortable and I don't think there's a bad seat there. We will go back!

reviewed By Weekend_Roamer1 - Warrington, united kingdom

On I4 and also quite unannounced is a road bridge date from 1911 and also it spans a very pretty gorge. It spans the Ottaqueechee River and there are walks alonside one of the financial institutions but I should admit i was rather disappointed. As result of the steep sides and also the cordoned off paths you can not really obtain a =great vision of the canyon or the river apart indigenous on the bridge. Fifty percent a mile to the north is Dewey's Pond and it is picturesque and also lovely yet there is a man-made concrete weir managing the circulation into the gorge. One mile in the various other direction the river widens out yet again the pathway doesn't provide you the greatest of views.Nature lovers will certainly adore this place and there space plenty the trails in all directions with the Queechee State Park and the routes are nice and easy with couple of steep inclines but I didn't uncover anywhere as nice together the bridge to gain a perspective photo from.The leg is well regulated with Zebra crossings at both ends and also obviously the website traffic slows as passengers gorp at the see so if you are driving, pay attention to the sudden stop that periodically happen, either through the pedestrians stopping or somebody pulling increase so their passenger can dangle out the home window with a camera (yes it occurred to me!)There room two very large car parks ~ above the Hartford side with a tourists center, hotel, food and also attractions.well worth a stop.