The fight to save Whiskey Cavalier continues, and also whether or no it will certainly be fruitful has actually yet to it is in determined. In the meantime, if Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 illustration 13 served as the season finale, climate it come full-circle in many ways.

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Will and also Ray are ago to being friends, and Will and also Frankie"s following mission will certainly be come retrieve Standish.


Found family tropes room the best, and also nothing works together with a merry band of misfits who type an unorthodox family members losing the baby or the lovable puppy of their squad.

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Standish is the lovable puppy of the bunch. He"s the annoying child brother that everyone can"t help but love, therefore he to be the perfect an option to uncover himself in Ollerman"s clutches through the end of the hour.

It"s a shame us won"t be able to see the team jump into activity to find him; they would certainly be urged to do so in a different means than if the were any type of other member of the team.


Ollerman and also Standish had actually some history anyway, yet Ollerman wanted Standish to exact some form of revenge on him after what occurred to Tina.

Marika is so an excellent at playing negative that I took pleasure in every second of Tina up till Standish that all people killed her. She was cold-hearted come our boy when she confirmed who she was and knocked the out.

However, Tina revealing come Standish that she killed Emma was together cold as it gets. She promised to death him next if she felt for this reason inclined.

Frankie: Standish her girlfriend sucks. Standish: Yeah, i know.

Frankie and Will were close to catching Ollerman once and for every in Austria, however it to be Tina that tipped that off and screwed up their plans.

It"s unfortunate they didn"t record him then; lock would"ve avoided so lot heartache and also drama. Ollerman enlisting the team to occupational with the by threatening the life that their own was a fascinating last mission.

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He used poor Paul to gain his message throughout by triggering whatever it was he injected in the guy during his last dentist appointment and causing Paul to bleed out through every orifice.


It to be gross, brutal, and also it served its purpose. The team"s hands to be tied when Ollerman injected Ray with something together well, i m sorry could cost him his life.

Ray was a smart an option as the victim because of his rocky road toward being welcomed by the team and forgiven by Will. It put them in a place where they had actually to fight on behalf of the guy who was frequently an outcast.

It also was provided to remind pan of the relationship between Susan and Ray. It"s the one love story that finished on the best feasible note. Susan spent a many time convincing herself she didn"t have actually real feelings for Ray, however most the the rather knew the truth.


It sucks exactly how the shortened season and also switched up episodes threw few of the development off. The would have actually been nice if we experienced their partnership play the end a little bit more.

Finally, Susan told Will about the mystery relationship she had with Ray, however of course, will knew about it already. He"s a spy after ~ all.

In the end, Susan had actually to understand that will is her finest friend, and also he would want her to it is in happy. The was noticeable based ~ above how functioned up she was throughout their mission how much she cared around Ray.

Ray, i really favor you, and I would be really upset if friend died.


The mission to be amusing. Lauren Cohan was able to utilize her actual interval again, and Frankie and Susan acquired to have actually a ~ do so catfight. It to be entertaining, and I perform wonder just how close the fight would be if it were real. Both women are skilled; it might be a close one.

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The friendship between Jai and also Susan was on full display screen too. Jai has actually probably get an impressive the many throughout the season. He"s not only open around his feelings, yet he gives great advice and also has become great friend.


He knew the extent of Susan"s feelings for Ray prior to she to be willing to recognize them herself. I loved just how he acquired to step in the function usually scheduled for her together the shrink.

He wanted her come tell Ray just how he feel in instance Ollerman prompted the button and also killed ray anyway. Susan"s moment with ray was harrowing when it appeared as though he would die.

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Fortunately, that wasn"t in the cards for him yet, and also it to be something the two of them can enjoy afterwards after he wake up up in ~ the hospital. Did friend love the Susan and Ray "ship? space they headed into a significant relationship?

His tiny monologue was perfect too. They should"ve well-known he had a backup arrangement of some sort though. He jumped out the window, but they didn"t watch the body. You constantly look for the body!

No way would it have actually been that simple to get rid of Ollerman. Frankie and also Will should"ve well-known better.

small piece of advice from her old friend, if somebody tries to create your story for you, don"t let them. Finish in on your very own terms.


In their defense, they were adorable do googly eyes at every other and also sharing Will"s pastry. They have come a long means too indigenous hating one one more to coming to be friends and something more.

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Emma was but a remote memory, and also it seemed as though will was earlier into showing interest in Frankie. They were around to kiss one another on the balcony. It"s difficult to say how Will would have actually responded upon hearing Standish"s message around Tina killing Emma.