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Cisco Netacad ITE chapter 1 exam Answers v5.0 v6.0 v6.01 2017 2018 2019 that Essentials (Version 6.00) – ITE chapter 1 exercise Questions virtual Test Passed complete 100%. Cisco ITE v6.0 latest updated or it Essentials v6.0 thing 1 test Answers computer hardware and software (ITE variation 6.00) collection year 2017, 2018 and also 2019 full verified score 100%. The Essentials has actually been know as ITE v6. The following are the questions exam answers. Guarantee Passed. ITE v6.0 thing 1 test answers has actually some brand-new update from the old variation 5. You have the right to review all Chapter 1 exam Answers. You will gain passed scored 100% with this variation 6.0. Good Luck because that ITE v6.0 Exam!. is helping you to collect Cisco IT Essentials thing 1 test Answers v6 2018 & 2019 or ITE chapter 1 exam Answers to display you top top this page. ITE chapter 1 test are virtually 25 questions. While you take test online v Cisco, friend will satisfy 25 questions with duration 1 hours to 2 hours depend on her instructor activate. To happen ITE v6 chapter 1 Exam, you should review all these question. We administer you precise answer 100%.

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From year to year, Cisco has actually updated numerous versions with distinction questions. The latest version is variation 6.0 in 2018. What is your version? It relies on your instructor creating your class. We recommend you come go assumed all version if you room not clear. While you take virtual test through, friend may acquire random questions from all version. Every version have actually 1 to 10 different questions or more. ~ you testimonial all questions, You should practice with our online test system by go to "Online Test" attach below.
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Lab Activities laboratory – project Opportunities lab – Ohms Law rap – Research computer Components laboratory – construct a devoted Computer System

What are two components that have to be taken into consideration when choosing a computer case? (Choose two.)

the dimension of the monitorthe speed of the memorythe number of internal drive locationsthe dimension of the motherboard and also the strength supplythe variety of LED indicators at the prior of the case
The size and also shape of the computer instance is usually figured out by the motherboard type factor, strength supply, number of external ports, and the variety of internal journey bays.

A technician looks in ~ a motherboard and sees a 24-pin connector. What component would attach to the motherboard v the use of this 24-pin connector?

power supplyvideo cardPATA optical driveSATA drivefloppy drive

What electrical unit refers to the variety of electrons relocating through a circuit per second?

Current describes the amount of electrons moving through a circuit per 2nd and is measure up in amperes or amps.

What characteristic of power is to express in watts?

the amount of work required to relocate electrons with a circuitthe resistance to the circulation of present in a circuitthe quantity of electron flowing through a circuit every secondthe work compelled to move electrons through a circuit multiplied by the variety of electrons flowing v a circuit per second
Watts is the unit provided to measure the electric power. Power describes the work required to move electrons through a circuit multiply by the variety of electrons flowing v a circuit every second.

Which kind of memory is primarily used together cache memory?


Refer to the exhibit. Which kind of adapter is shown?

ITE – the Essentials thing 1 test Answers v6.0 2018 2019 100% 01soundRAIDvideonetwork interface
The card that is shown in the exhibit is a network interface adapter through an RJ-45 harbor which is offered to connect the computer system to a network via a network cable.

 Which component controls the communications and interactions in between the CPU and other materials on the motherboard?


Which two tasks are normally managed by the Northbridge part of the chipset? (Choose two.)

communication in between the CPU and the I/O portsaccess to the RAMcommunication in between the CPU and also the difficult driveaccess come the video clip cardcommunication between the CPU and the sound card
The Northbridge chipset generally controls accessibility to the RAM, video clip card, and also the speed at i beg your pardon the CPU can connect with them.

Which unit of measure is used to suggest the hard drive speed?

revolutions every minutegigabytespages every minuteclusters every minute
Revolutions per minute (RPM) is the speed at which the spindle in a difficult drive spins. The quicker the spindle spins, the much faster the data deserve to be retrieved indigenous the platters.

Which form of user interface was originally emerged for high-definition televisions and is additionally popular to use with computers to affix audio and video devices?

High an interpretation multimedia interface, or HDMI, was initially a tv standard. However, due to the fact that it has plenty of digital features, it is likewise a well-known interface to affix audio and video devices to computers.

 Which two gadgets are thought about input devices? (Choose two.)

biometric authentication deviceprinterdigital cameraprojectorspeakers
Biometric authentication devices and digital cameras are thought about input devices. Speakers, projectors, and printers space all considered as output devices.

What is suggested by the contrast ratio that a monitor?

the difference in the soot of light between the brightest white and darkest black that have the right to be displayedhow frequently the picture image is refreshedthe total variety of pixels that comprise the picturethe proportion of the horizontal and also vertical viewing areas of the monitor
Contrast proportion is one of countless factors the is used to describe the resolution the a monitor. Contrast ratio is a measure of the difference in intensity in between white and black locations of the picture. A greater contrast ratio method the monitor can develop pictures through brighter whites and also darker blacks.

What form of connector can be provided to attach an internal tough drive to the motherboard?

A SATA interface uses a 7-pin data connector and connects and also internal SATA hard drive come the motherboard.

Which two components must be thought about when instead of old ram modules in a PC? (Choose two.)

The new RAM should be compatible v BIOS or UEFI.The brand-new RAM need to be compatible with the motherboard.The rate of the new RAM have to be supported by the chipset.The strength supply must carry out the voltage the is requred by the brand-new RAM.The new RAM must enhance the old ram in terms of capacity and speed.
When the ram on a motherboard is being replaced or upgraded, the new RAM module have to be compatible with the present motherboard. In addition, the speed of the brand-new RAM should be sustained by the chipset.

Which ax is provided to define the wires ~ above a motherboard that move data from one part of a computer to another?

busI/O cardbridgechipset
Data is relocated on the motherboard over a arsenal of wires known as a bus. Busses serves two purposes: (1) to carry data in between computer components and (2) to lug the memory attend to locations of wherein the data is read and written by the CPU.

When a brand-new PC is gift built, i m sorry component has the most influence when choosing the case and also power supply?

video cardsound cardRAM modulemotherboardhard disk type
The choice of motherboard identify the form of case and power supply. The form factor of a motherboard must complement the kind of case and also power supply. Lamb modules, video clip cards, and sound cards are mounted on the motherboard. They should be compatible with the motherboard. A tough disk is attached come the case, yet the size of the drive bays room standardized.

What is the role of the power supply?

to convert AC power into a lower voltage DC powerto convert AC power right into a greater voltage DC powerto convert DC power into a reduced voltage AC powerto transform DC power right into a higher voltage AC power
The strength supply converts alternate current (AC) strength coming native a wall outlet right into direct current (DC) power, i beg your pardon is of lower voltage. DC power is forced for all the components inside the computer.

Which two considerations would certainly be that the greatest importance when building a workstation that will certainly run multiple virtual machines? (Choose two.)

amount of RAMnumber of CPU coreswater coolingpowerful video cardhigh-end sound card
Virtual computer requires much more powerful hardware configurations due to the fact that each installation demands its very own resources and also thus calls for a the majority of RAM and CPU processing power.

A user play a game on a gaming computer with a conventional EIDE 5400 RPM hard drive finds the performance unsatisfactory. Which tough drive upgrade would improve performance if providing an ext reliability and more energy efficiency?

a 7200 RPM EIDE hard drivea 7200 RPM SATA difficult drivea 10,000 RPM SATA hard drivean SSD
Games call for a lot of storage. In order for the computer system to load and run gamings quickly, a rapid hard drive will have to be installed. To attain best performance an SSD (Solid-State Drive) will perform quicker than an EIDE drive or a SATA drive.

What three materials should be had in a computer that is used to produce TV commercials and also music videos? (Choose three.)

extra DIN-6 portsspecialized video cardextra PS/2 portslarge and fast tough drivesVGA adaptorsspecialized audio card
A computer system used to create music or TV commercials would certainly require devoted hardware and also software to assistance the extra audio, video, and processing requirements. A typical maker would include specialized audio and video cards, big and quick hard drives, lot of monitors, and cards to support HDMI, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt.

What are two hardware requirements for computer systems that will be used to run multiple online machines? (Choose two.)

large amounts of RAMa multicore CPUa high resolution video clip carda high speed wireless adaptermultiple monitors

Which memory technology allows 2 memory modules to it is in accessed in ~ the same time?

dual channeldouble-sidedSRAMECC
Dual channel RAM has two channels so that two memory modules can be accessed in ~ the same time. Double-side storage modules have actually RAM top top both sides of the module. Static lamb (SRAM) is memory that does not need refreshing, thus giving faster access to data. Error Correction password (ECC) is a technique of error checking.​

Which security function in modern-day CPUs protects memory locations that contain part of the operating system from malware attacks?

encryptionTPMexecute disable bitLoJack
The execute disable option deserve to be rotate on, if the attribute is supported by the OS, to stop malicious password from being executed within a certain memory area that contains operating device files.

Drag the description on left to its RAID level on the right.

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Match the ports or cables with their descriptions. (Not all alternatives are used.)

From year to year, Cisco has updated plenty of versions with difference questions. The latest variation is variation 6.0 in 2018. What is her version? It counts on your instructor creating your class. We recommend you to go assumed all version if you are not clear. While you take digital test through, friend may get random questions from all version. Each version have actually 1 come 10 various questions or more. After ~ you testimonial all questions, You have to practice v our online test device by go to "Online Test" link below.
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Lab Activities rap – project Opportunities laboratory – Ohms Law rap – Research computer system Components lab – build a dedicated Computer System

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