1 : the initial pattern or design of i beg your pardon all things of the same kind are representations or copies : prototype … the residence of Commons, the archetype of every the representative assemblies i m sorry now accomplish …— thomas Babington macacayy additionally : a perfect instance the is the archetype the a effective businessman.

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3 psychology : an inherited idea or setting of believed in the psychology the C. G. Jung that is derived from the experience of the race and is current in the unconscious the the separation, personal, instance

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archetypal \\ ˌär-​ki-​ˈtī-​pəl \\ or less generally archetypical \\ ˌär-​ki-​ˈti-​pi-​kəl \\ adjective
archetypally \\ ˌär-​ki-​ˈti-​pə-​lē \\ or less frequently archetypically \\ ˌär-​ki-​ˈti-​pi-​k(ə-​)lē \\ adverb

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Archetype derives via Latin from the Greek adjective archetypos (\"archetypal\"), created from the verb \"archein\" (\"to begin\" or \"to rule\") and also the noun \"typos\" (\"type\"). (\"Archein\" also gave us the prefix arch-, an interpretation \"principal\" or \"extreme\" and also used to kind such words as \"archenemy,\" \"archduke,\" and also \"archconservative.\") \"Archetype\" has details uses in the areas of philosophy and also psychology. The old Greek theorist Plato, because that example, believed that every things have actually ideal creates (aka archetypes) the which real things are just shadows or copies. And also in the psychology the C. G. Jung, \"archetype\" refers to an inherited idea or setting of assumed that is present in the unconscious the the individual. In day-to-day prose, however, \"archetype\" is most commonly used to typical \"a perfect instance of something.\"

Recent examples on the web The woman who characterized the socialite-heiress archetype for a generation is obviously getting married in a three-day wedding extravaganza that will incorporate as plenty of as 10 outfit changes. — Elizabeth Loga, Glamour, 18 Aug. 2021 The use of a north-south V-12 engine behind that is passenger compartment created the archetype for the modern-day supercar; the previously Miura’s mid-mounted engine was fitted transversely. — Mike Duff, Car and also Driver, 13 Aug. 2021 Philip Phillips, a physicist in ~ the college of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign who was not involved with the experiment, defined Wigner crystals together an archetype for all such systems. — Quanta Magazine, 12 Aug. 2021 The internet Beebo Russell is one archetype: a contemporary Icarus whose dramatic dying act has end up being a empty slate for others to project meaning upon that educates their own lives. — Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone, 24 June 2021 such anchors reflect the authority number archetype of university dean or luck 500 executive: a conventional, well-coiffed conduit. — Star Tribune, 21 June 2021 The question: Is his ar in the peak 5 tied come him as a possibility or the compelling archetype – a 6-foot-8 athletic wing through two-way potential? — Tim Bielik, cleveland, 18 June 2021 Or the bad-boy archetype embodied by so numerous influencer-entrepreneurs born ~ above TikTok. — New York Times, 22 Apr. 2021 indigenous Lorraine Bracco top top The Sopranos come Niecy Nash on the present season that Never have I Ever, this is the archetype. — Angela Watercutter, Wired, 30 July 2021

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Latin archetypum, native Greek archetypon, indigenous neuter of archetypos archetypal, indigenous archein + typos type