The Black Ball Line operated one of the initially Sail / Steam powered packet ships that offered constant passenger organization in between the ports of Liverpool, England also and New York start in 1818. The service later on increased to encompass Boston and also Philadelphia twice each month. Their reputation was for fast ships, wonderful seamanship and also frequently brutal treatment of low ranking seamale. By the 1880s, all of the packet ships were removed from consistent passenger organization and also Babsence Ball Line faded right into history.

Contracts for Passage

The Black Ball Line

The packet ships treated their passengers well, judged, of course, by the conventional of the moment. The renowned Babsence Ball Line and also similar lines of ships should not be confused via the cargo tramps hired by emigration agent swindlers.The Black Ball liner, James Baines, prior to leaving Portsmouth via troops for India, for wich business she had actually been chartered by the Government, was saw by Queen Victoria, who is shelp to have claimed that she had actually no idea such a spleandid vendor ship was owned in her dominions. The James Baines was 243 feet long and of 2093 loads register; her owners, Messrs Baines of Liverpool, likewise owned many other vessels famous in the annals of the sea. Two of these, the Lightning and the Chapmpion of the Seas, were among the smartest clippers ever constructed. When the James Baines had actually all her sails set, the totality numbered thirty-six, and she carried three skysails and also a moonscraper; the last tiny kite has actually long come to be just a heritage in ships.This was the kind of vessel that only forty years back lived in the pride of area in our vendor company, now filled by the Cunarder or White Star steamer of 12,000 tons and also twenty-knot rate. Many of the renowned Black Ballers remained afloat until rather newly, ending their days under a international flag or as colliers, yet the James Baines was spared this ignoble ending -- she was burned while in dock at Liverpool in 1858. The heritages of the line have been perpetuated in sea song and also story, and also also now sometimes deserve to be heard a capstan shanty singer rolling out as the anchor is being weighed :-"In the Black Ball Line I offered by time,Oh rise and shine in the Babsence Ball Line."Wtransform Jeffery, "The Black Ball Line." In A Century of Our Sea Story, London, John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1900, P. 129.

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