1 : a word or expression for one point that is offered to refer to an additional thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar "He was drowning in paperwork" is a metaphor in which having to resolve a most paperwork is being contrasted to drowning in an s of water. She poems include many imaginative metaphors. A poet admired for her usage of metaphor

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1 : a number of decided in i m sorry a indigenous or phrase literally denoting one type of thing or idea is provided in place of an additional to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money) generally : figurative language — compare simile

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metaphoric \ ˌme-​tə-​ˈfȯr-​ik , -​ˈfär-​ \ or metaphorical \ ˌme-​tə-​ˈfȯr-​i-​kəl , -​ˈfär-​ \ adjective

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What is metaphor?

"You"re a peach!" We"ve every heard the expression, and also it"s a good example that what we call metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase denoting one type of thing or activity is provided in place of one more to imply a likeness or analogy in between them: the person being handle in "you"re a peach" is being equated with a peach, through the ide being the the human being is satisfaction or exciting in the means that a peach is pleasing and delightful. A an allegory is an include comparison, as in "the silk the the singer"s voice," in comparison to the explicit comparison the the simile, which uses like or as, as in "a voice smooth favor silk."

When we use metaphor, us make a leap beyond rational, ho-hum comparison to an to know or blend of two objects, resulting in a brand-new entity the has qualities of both: the voice isn"t like silk; that is silk. Numerous critics regard the making of metaphors together a system of assumed antedating or bypassing logic. An allegory is the an essential language of poetry, although that is typical on every levels and in every kinds that language.

Lots of common words we use every work were originally vivid images, although they exist now as dead metaphors whose initial aptness has been lost. The word daisy, for example, comes from an Old English word meaning "day"s eye." The ray-like figure of the daisy, i beg your pardon opens and closes with the sun, is storage of an eye that opens in the morning and closes in ~ night. The expression time flies is also metaphorical, v time being figured out with a bird.

In city a metaphor may do varied functions, native noting straightforward similarity in between things come evoking a broad set of associations; it may exist together a young element, or it might be the main concept and controlling picture of the poem. The an allegory of one iron steed for a train, for example, is the elaborate main concept of one of Emily Dickinson"s poems—though neither iron horse no one train shows up in the poem, the very first and last stanzas of i m sorry are:

I favor to check out it lap the Miles—

And lick the Valleys up—

And stop to feed itself at Tanks—

And then—prodigious step

And neigh favor Boanerges—

Then—prompter than a Star

Stop—docile and omnipotent

At it"s own stable door—

A mixed an allegory is the linking of 2 or more elements the don"t go together logically. That happens when the writer or speak isn"t being sensitive to the literal definition of the native or come the falseness the the comparison being used. A mixed metaphor is regularly two metaphors sloppily mashed together as in, "the round is in the court of publicly opinion," which joins "the round is in her court" to "the court of windy opinion."

A mixed an allegory may additionally be provided with great effectiveness, however, as in Hamlet"s speech:

Whether "tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and also arrows of outrageous fortune

Or to take it arms against a sea the troubles

For strictly exactly completion that the metaphor, sea need to be replaced by a word like host. By utilizing "sea the troubles," however, Shakespeare evokes the overwhelming nature that Hamlet"s troubles.

Simile vs. Metaphor

Many world have problem distinguishing in between simile and also metaphor. A glance at your Latin and also Greek roots supplies a simple way of telling these 2 closely-related figures of speech apart. Simile comes from the Latin word similis (meaning “similar, like”), which appears fitting, because the comparison indicated by a simile will generally contain the native as or like. Metaphor, top top the other hand, comes from the Greek indigenous metapherein (“to transfer”), i beg your pardon is also fitting, due to the fact that a metaphor is supplied in place of something. “My love is choose a red, red rose” is a simile, and also “love is a rose” is a metaphor.

friend see, menudo is ours chicken soup for the body and soul, our metaphor for bread-and-butter issues. — Joe Rodriguez, San Jose Mercury News, 20 might 2003 The hapless Humpty Dumpty often plants up together a an allegory for the second law the thermodynamics. — Charles Day, Physics Today, December 2002 Ben Strong, senior, soccer player, leader that the prayer group, the young whose very name is a metaphor, has been besieged by the media for interviews. — Jayne ann Phillips, Harper"s, November 1998 The variety of songs containing faint metaphors and intriguing yet obscure symbolism might be prolonged indefinitely. Still, … there space hollers, job-related songs, field songs, and blues whose definition is really not topic to a great deal the interpretation. — Lawrence W. Levine, "The principle of the brand-new Negro," 1971, in The Unpredictable Past, 1993 “He to be drowning in paperwork” is a metaphor in which having actually to address a lot of paperwork is being contrasted to drowning in an ocean of water. she poems include numerous imaginative metaphors. a poet admired because that her usage of metaphor
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Recent examples on the web In his confessional debut album, the musician offers his fans a item of him—the faux pregnancy belly in his marketing roll-out more metaphor than promotion gimmick. — Amel Mukhtar, Vogue, 20 Sep. 2021 Unfortunately, this is a poor metaphor in cybersecurity that may incentivize the wrong behavior. — Sounil Yu, Forbes, 17 Sep. 2021 because that Carlson, the vaccine is a potent metaphor for the creeping hegemony of democratic elites. — Alex Shephard, The new Republic, 16 Sep. 2021 after ~ all, the firm that the Stidhams make serves as rich enough metaphor all by itself. — Daniel D"addario, Variety, 9 Sep. 2021 Isn"t that choose the perfect metaphor for such a narcissist? — Lauren Huff, EW.com, 23 July 2021 This dynamic — Cuban history and society filtered through a modern-day lens — feels like a metaphor, maybe even a promise for the type of future the protesters room fighting because that on the island now. — Washington Post, 19 July 2021 over a year into the pandemic, and with countries that had previously prospered in keeping infections low scrabbling to deal with new waves and also spikes, the movie felt like a glaring metaphor. — Jerrine Tan, Wired, 16 June 2021 Now, as the price of vaccinations increases, the bloomed bulbs approximately the city feel choose a metaphor for an ext than just spring. — Jacob Bernstein, New York Times, 15 Apr. 2021

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History and Etymology for metaphor

middle English methaphor, from middle French or Latin; middle French metaphore, indigenous Latin metaphora, native Greek, from metapherein come transfer, indigenous meta- + pherein come bear — more at bear