1) which of the following statements correctly defines Archibald Garrod\"s hypothesis for just how \"inborn errors the metabolism\" such together alkaptonuria occur?

A) Metabolic enzymes call for vitamin cofactors, and affected individuals have significant nutritional deficiencies.

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B) Enzymes are made of DNA, and impacted individuals absence DNA polymerase.

C) certain metabolic reaction are brought out through ribozymes, and impacted individuals lack an essential splicing factors.

D) genes dictate the manufacturing of certain enzymes, and influenced individuals have hereditary defects that cause them to lack details enzymes.



2) A particular triplet the bases in the template strand the DNA is 5′-AGT-3′. What would be the equivalent codon because that the mRNA that is transcribed?

A) 3′-UCA-5′

B) 3′-UGA-5′

C) 5′-TCA-3′

D) 3′-ACU-5′



3) The genetic code is basically the same for all organisms. From this, one deserve to logically i think which of the following statements to it is in true?

A) A gene indigenous an organism deserve to theoretically it is in expressed by any kind of other organism.

B) DNA was the an initial genetic material.

C) The exact same codons in different organisms translate into various amino acids.

D) different organisms have actually different types of amino acids.



4) use the figure to prize the question.

The figure shows a basic metabolic pathway. Follow to Beadle and also Tatum\"s hypothesis, how many genes are vital for this pathway?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) It cannot be figured out from the pathway.



5) usage the number to answer the question.

Refer to the metabolic pathway illustrated. If A, B, and also C are all required for growth, a strain the is mutant because that the gene-encoding enzyme A would have the ability to grow on tool supplemented v which the the complying with nutrient(s)?

A) nutrient A only

B) one of two people nutrient B or C

C) nutrient C only

D) nutrients A and C



6) use the number to answer the question.

Refer to the metabolic pathway illustrated. If A, B, and also C space all forced for growth, a stress, overload mutant because that the gene encoding enzyme B would have the ability to grow on medium supplemented v which the the complying with nutrient(s)?

A) nutrient A only

B) nutrient B only

C) nutrient C only

D) nutrients A and also C



Which that the following sequences the nucleotides are possible in the layout strand of DNA that would code because that the polypeptide sequence Phe-Leu-Ile-Val?







What amino mountain sequence will be generated, based upon the following mRNA codon sequence?


A) Met-Arg-Glu-Arg-Glu-Arg

B) Met-Glu-Arg-Arg-Glu-Leu

C) Met-Ser-Leu-Ser-Leu-Ser

D) Met-Ser-Ser-Leu-Ser-Leu



Refer to the figure. I m sorry of the triplets listed below is a feasible anticodon because that a tRNA the transports proline come a ribosome?

A) 3′-UUC-5′

B) 3′-CCG-5′

C) 3′-GGC-5′

D) 3′-CCC-5′



10) i m sorry of the adhering to statements support the one gene-one enzyme hypothesis?

A) A mutation in a solitary gene can result in a defective protein.

B) Alkaptonuria results when people lack multiple enzymes associated in the catalysis that homogentisic acid.

C) Sickle-cell anemia outcomes in normal hemoglobin.

D) multiple antibody genes deserve to code for various related proteins, depending on the splicing the takes location post-transcriptionally.



11) i beg your pardon of the following characteristics is straight related come the coding that a solitary amino acid throughout the process of translation?

A) the basic sequence that the tRNA

B) the amino acetyl tRNA synthase

C) the three-base succession of mRNA

D) the complementarity of DNA and also RNA



12) i beg your pardon of the complying with processes occurs during transcription?

A) DNA is replicated

B) RNA is synthesized

C) proteins are synthesized

D) mRNA attaches to ribosomes



13) i m sorry of the adhering to molecular structures contain codons?

A) a protein






14) The hereditary code is redundant. What is intended by this statement?

A) A single codon deserve to specify the addition of more than one amino acid.

B) The genetic code is various for different domains the organisms.

C) The hereditary code is universal (the exact same for all organisms).

D) much more than one codon deserve to specify the enhancement of the exact same amino acid.



15) once researchers determined DNA together the molecule responsible for transmitting heritable traits, castle asked exactly how information was transferred from the DNA in the nucleus to the website of protein synthetic in the cytoplasm. I m sorry of the complying with statements correctly explains the system of details transfer in eukaryotes the accomplishes this task?

A) DNA native a single gene is replicated and also transferred to the cytoplasm, where it serves as a theme for protein synthesis.

B) Messenger RNA is transcribed from a single gene and transfers details from the DNA in the nucleus come the cytoplasm, whereby protein synthesis takes place.

C) Histone protein in the chromosomes transfer information from the nucleus to the ribosome, wherein protein synthesis takes place.

D) move RNA takes info from DNA directly to a ribosome, where protein synthesis takes place.



16) follow to the main dogma, what is the intermediate molecule associated in the circulation of information in a cabinet that have to go in the blank?

DNA → ________ → Proteins

A) mtDNA






17) Codons are three-base assignment in mRNA the specify the enhancement of a single amino mountain to the cultivation protein chain during translation. How do eukaryotic codons and prokaryotic codons compare?

A) prokaryotes codons generally contain different bases 보다 those that eukaryotes.

B) prokaryotes codons usually specify different amino acids 보다 those the eukaryotes.

C) The translate in of codons is mediated by tRNAs in eukaryotes, however translation needs no intermediate molecule such together tRNAs in prokaryotes.

D) Codons space a virtually universal language amongst all organisms.



18) i beg your pardon of the following processes occurs in prokaryotes however not in eukaryotes?

A) post-transcriptional splicing

B) transcription and also translation take place simultaneously

C) translate into in the lack of a ribosome

D) gene splicing



19) i m sorry of the adhering to statements best describes the termination of transcription in prokaryotes?

A) RNA polymerase transcribes v the polyadenylation signal, causing proteins come associate with the transcript and cut it free from the polymerase.

B) RNA polymerase transcribes through the terminator sequence, bring about the polymerase to different from the DNA and also release the transcript.

C) when transcription has actually initiated, RNA polymerase transcribes till it get the finish of the chromosome.

D) RNA polymerase transcribes with a avoid codon, bring about the polymerase to prevent advancing v the gene and release the mRNA.



20) In eukaryotes, over there are number of different species of RNA polymerase. Which kind is connected in warrior of mRNA because that a globin protein?

A) RNA polymerase I

B) RNA polymerase II

C) RNA polymerase III

D) primase



21) warrior in eukaryotes needs which that the following molecules in addition to RNA polymerase?

A) anticodons

B) ribosomes and also tRNA

C) number of transcription factors

D) aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase



22) i beg your pardon of the following statements finest describes the significance of the TATA box in the promoters that eukaryotes?

A) that is the acknowledgment site because that the binding that a particular transcription factor.

B) that sets the reading framework of the mRNA during translation.

C) that is the acknowledgment site for ribosomal binding throughout translation.

D) that is the acknowledgment site because that ribosomal binding during transcription.



23) i beg your pardon of the complying with processes wake up in eukaryotic gene expression?

A) mRNA, tRNA, and also rRNA room translated.

B) RNA polymerase binding to the terminator sequence.

C) A cap is added to the 5′ end of the mRNA.

D) RNA polymerase calls for tRNA come elongate the molecule.



24) i m sorry of the following statements correctly explains a ribozyme?

A) that is a catalyst that provides RNA as a substrate.

B) that is an RNA with catalytic activity.

C) it is one enzyme that catalyzes the association between the big and small ribosomal subunits.

D) that is one enzyme the synthesizes RNA as part of the transcription process.



25) which of the following processes properly describes different RNA splicing?

A) that is a system for raising the price of translation.

B) that can enable the production of proteins of various sizes and also functions indigenous a single mRNA.

C) it can enable the production of similar proteins from various RNAs.

D) It increases the price of transcription.



26) In the structural company of countless eukaryotic genes, individual exons might be related to which of the following?

A) the sequence of the intron that instantly precedes every exon

B) the number of polypeptides making up the functional protein

C) the various domains of the polypeptide product

D) the variety of start sites because that transcription



27) In an speculative situation, a college student researcher inserts one mRNA molecule into a eukaryotic bio cell after she has actually removed its 5′ cap and also poly-A tail. I m sorry of the following processes would you suppose her to find to have occurred?

A) The mRNA is conveniently converted into a ribosome subunit.

B) The cell adds a new poly-A tail to the mRNA.

C) The mRNA attaches to a ribosome and also is translated, but more slowly.

D) The molecule is spend by enzymes because it is not protected at the 5′ end.



28) use this version of a eukaryotic bio transcript come answer the following question.

E = exon and I = intron

5′-UTR E1 I1 E2 I2 E3 I3 E4 UTR-3′

Which materials of the vault molecule will likewise be uncovered in mRNA in the cytosol?

A) 5′-UTR I1 I2 I3 UTR-3′

B) 5′-E1 E2 E3 E4-3′

C) 5′-UTR E1 E2 E3 E4 UTR-3′

D) 5′-E1 I1 E2 I2 E3 I3 E4-3′



29) Which one of the complying with statements about RNA processing is correct?

A) Exons are reduced out prior to mRNA pipeline the nucleus.

B) Ribozymes may duty in RNA splicing.

C) RNA splicing can be catalytic analysis by tRNA.

D) A main transcript is frequently much much shorter than the last RNA molecule that pipeline the nucleus.



30) just how does the main transcript in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell to compare to the useful mRNA?

A) the primary transcript is the same size together the mRNA

B) the major transcript is bigger than the mRNA

C) the main transcript is smaller than the mRNA

D) both the primary transcript and mRNA save on computer introns



31) how does the primary transcript in the nucleus of a prokaryotic cell to compare to the practical mRNA?

A) the main transcript is larger than the mRNA

B) the main transcript is smaller sized than the mRNA

C) the major transcript and also the mRNA both save introns

D) the primary transcript is the same size together the mRNA



32) A details triplet that bases in the coding sequence of DNA is AAA. The anticodon top top the tRNA that binds the mRNA codon is ________.







33) Accuracy in the translate in of mRNA into the main structure that a polypeptide depends on specificity in the ________.

A) binding that ribosomes to mRNA

B) binding that the anticodon to small subunit that the ribosome

C) attachment of amino mountain to rRNAs

D) binding the the anticodon to the codon and the attachment of amino mountain to tRNAs



34) What would be the an effect of a mutation in a bacterial cell that produces a defective aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase that attaches a lysine instead of the common phenylalanine come tRNAs through the anticodon AAA?

A) none of the proteins in the cell will contain phenylalanine.

B) protein in the cabinet will incorporate lysine rather of phenylalanine at amino acid positions mentioned by the codon UUU.

C) The cell will compensate because that the defect by it is registered phenylalanine to tRNAs through lysine-specifying anticodons.

D) The ribosome will certainly skip a codon every time a UUU is encountered.



35) In bacteria, there are 61 mRNA codons the specify one amino acid, yet only 45 tRNAs. I m sorry of the adhering to statements explains this fact?

A) part tRNAs have actually anticodons the recognize 4 or more different codons.

B) The rules for base pairing between the third base of a codon and also tRNA room flexible.

C) numerous codons are never used, therefore the tRNAs that recognize them space dispensable.

D) The DNA codes for all 61 tRNAs, yet some room then destroyed.



36) which of the following processes is the first event to take place in translate in in eukaryotes?

A) basic pairing of set off methionine-tRNA come AUG the the messenger RNA

B) binding of the bigger ribosomal subunit to smaller ribosomal subunits

C) the ribosome will a avoid codon

D) the tiny subunit that the ribosom recognizes and attaches come the 5′ cap of mRNA



37) i m sorry of the complying with statements correctly describes the role of a signal peptide?

A) the directs an mRNA molecule into the cisternal space of the ER.

B) it terminates translation of messenger RNA.

C) It helps target a protein come the ER.

D) It signals the initiation the transcription.



38) What is the function of the release factor throughout translation in eukaryotes?

A) It binding to the prevent codon in the A website in place of a tRNA.

B) the releases the amino mountain from the tRNA to permit the amino mountain to form a peptide bond.

C) It supplies a source of energy for termination of translation.

D) the releases the ribosome native the ER to enable polypeptides into the cytosol.



39) use the complying with information come answer the question.

A component of an mRNA molecule with the following sequence is being check out by a ribosome: 5′-CCG-ACG-3′ (mRNA). The adhering to charged transfer RNA molecules (with your anticodons presented in the 3′ to 5′ direction) are available. Two of them have the right to correctly complement the mRNA so that a dipeptide deserve to form.

Which that the adhering to dipeptides will form from this mRNA?

A) cysteine-alanine

B) proline-threonine

C) glycine-cysteine

D) alanine-alanine



40) usage the complying with information come answer the question.

A component of an mRNA molecule through the complying with sequence is being review by a ribosome: 5′-CCG-ACG-3′ (mRNA). The following charged carry RNA molecule (with your anticodons shown in the 3′ to 5′ direction) room available. Two of them can correctly enhance the mRNA so that a dipeptide can form.

Which of the complying with anticodons in the very first tRNA to bind will match this mRNA?

A) 3′-GGC-5′

B) 5′-GGC-3′

C) 5′-UGC-3′

D) 3′-UGC-5′



41) use the number to price the question.

What form of bonding is responsible for preserving the shape of the tRNA molecule displayed in the figure?

A) ionic bonding in between phosphates

B) hydrogen bonding in between base pairs

C) van der Waals interactions in between hydrogen atoms

D) peptide bonding between amino acids



42) usage the figure to price the question.

The number represents tRNA the recognizes and also binds a specific amino acid (in this instance, phenylalanine). I beg your pardon codon ~ above the mRNA strand codes for this amino acid?

A) 5′-UGG-3′

B) 3′-GUG-5′

C) 5′-GUA-3′

D) 5′-UUC-3′



43) use the number to prize the question.

The tRNA displayed in the figure has its 3′ finish projecting beyond its 5′ end. I m sorry of the following processes will occur at this 3′ end?

A) The amino acid binds covalently.

B) The excess nucleotides (ACCA) will be cleaved off at the ribosome.

C) The small and huge subunits of the ribosom will connect to it.

D) The 5′ cap of the mRNA will come to be covalently bound.



44) which of the following properties is associated with a protein that will be secreted native a eukaryotic cell?

A) It should be translated by a ribosome the remains cost-free within the cytosol.

B) its signal sequence must target it come the ER, after ~ which the goes to the Golgi.

C) that signal sequence must be cleaved off before the polypeptide can go into the ER.

D) that signal sequence must target it to the plasma membrane, wherein it causes exocytosis.



45) which of the following molecules are required for the procedure of translation?

A) mRNA, tRNA, DNA, and rRNA

B) mRNA, DNA, and rRNA

C) mRNA, tRNA, and also rRNA

D) mRNA, tRNA, and also DNA



46) throughout the elongation step of translation, which site in the ribosome to represent the place where a codon is being read?

A) E site

B) p site

C) A site

D) the big ribosomal subunit



47) when a peptide bond has actually been formed between the amino acid attached to the tRNA in the ns site and also the amino acid linked with the tRNA in the A site, what process occurs next?

A) translocation

B) reading of the following codon the mRNA

C) initiation

D) The codon-anticodon hydrogen bond holding the tRNA in the A site are broken.



48) Which among the complying with structures, if missing, would usually prevent translation native starting?

A) exon

B) 5′ cap

C) AUG codon

D) poly-A tail



49) which of the complying with processes occurs once termination the translation take away place?

A) The end of the mRNA molecule is reached.

B) A prevent codon is reached.

C) The 5′ lid is reached.

D) The poly-A tail is reached.



50) Post-translational changes of proteins may incorporate which of the complying with processes?

A) removed of introns

B) enhancement of a 5′ cap

C) addition of a poly-A tail

D) addition of carbohydrates to form a glycoprotein



51) i beg your pardon of the adhering to statements is true about protein synthetic in prokaryotes?

A) substantial RNA handling is required prior to prokaryotic transcripts can be translated.

B) translate into can start while warrior is tho in progress.

C) prokaryotes cells have facility mechanisms for targeting proteins to the appropriate cellular organelles.

D) uneven eukaryotes, prokaryotes need no initiation or elongation factors.



52) i beg your pardon of the following types of mutation, causing an error in the mRNA simply after the AUG begin of translation, is likely to have the many serious effect on the polypeptide product?

A) a deletion that a codon

B) a deletion of 2 nucleotides

C) a substitution the the 3rd nucleotide in one ACC codon

D) a substitution of the very first nucleotide the a GGG codon



53) which of the complying with statements correctly describes the impact a nonsense mutation would have actually on a gene?

A) It alters an amino mountain in the encoded protein.

B) It has no effect on the amino mountain sequence the the encoded protein.

C) It introduce a premature stop codon right into the mRNA.

D) It transforms the reading framework of the mRNA.



54) which of the adhering to DNA mutations is most most likely to damage the protein the specifies?

A) a base-pair deletion

B) an addition of three nucleotides

C) a substitution in the critical base the a codon

D) a codon deletion



55) The most commonly developing mutation in people with cystic fibrosis is a deletion the a solitary codon. What is the an outcome of this form of mutation?

A) a base-pair substitution

B) a frameshift mutation

C) a polypeptide lacking an amino acid

D) a nonsense mutation



56) i m sorry of the following statements is the most existing description the a gene?

A) a unit the heredity that causes formation that a phenotypic characteristic

B) a DNA subunit that codes for a single complete protein

C) a DNA sequence the is express to kind a practical product: one of two people RNA or polypeptide

D) a discrete unit the hereditary information that consists of a succession of amino acids



57) How could a solitary base substitution in the succession of a gene impact the amino mountain sequence the a protein encoded by the gene?

A) just a single amino acid can change, since the reading structure would be unaffected.

B) The amino acid sequence would certainly be dramatically altered, since the reading structure would change with a single base substitution.

C) all amino acids following the substitution would certainly be affected, because the reading framework would it is in shifted.

D) that is not possible for a single base substitution to influence protein structure, because each codon is three bases long.



58) An original section the DNA has the base sequence AGCGTTACCGT. A mutation in this DNA strand outcomes in the basic sequence AGGCGTTACCGT. What form of mutation does this readjust represent?

A) a missense mutation

B) a suggest mutation

C) a silent mutation

D) frameshift mutation



59) A single base substitution mutation is likely to have a much less deleterious effect when the base adjust exhibits i m sorry of the following results?

A) a prevent codon

B) a codon that states the same amino acid as the original codon

C) one amino acid substitution that transforms the tertiary structure of the protein

D) one amino mountain substitution at the active site of one enzyme



60) location the adhering to one-base point mutations with respect to your likelihood of affect the structure of the equivalent polypeptide (from most likely to least likely).

1. Insertion mutation deep within an intron

2. Substitution mutation in ~ the third position the a codon in an exon

3. Substitution mutation at the 2nd position the a codon in an exon

4. Deletion mutation in ~ the very first exon the the gene

A) 1, 2, 3, 4

B) 4, 3, 2, 1

C) 2, 1, 4, 3

D) 3, 1, 4, 2



1) In eukaryotic cells, transcription cannot begin until

A) the two DNA strands have completely separated and exposed the promoter.

B) several transcription components have bound come the promoter.

C) the 5 hat are removed from the mRNA.

D) the DNA introns are gotten rid of from the template.



2) which of the adhering to is not true that a codon?

A) It may code because that the exact same amino mountain as another codon.

B) It never ever codes for an ext than one amino acid.

C) it extends indigenous one finish of a tRNA molecule.

D) that is the an easy unit the the hereditary code.



3) The anticodon that a details tRNA molecule is

A) complementary to the matching mRNA codon.

B) complementary come the matching triplet in rRNA.

C) the part of tRNA that bonds to a details amino acid.

D) catalytic, making the tRNA a ribozyme



4) i beg your pardon of the following is not true the RNA processing?

A) Exons are reduced out prior to mRNA leaves the nucleus.

B) Nucleotides might be included at both ends of the RNA.

C) Ribozymes may duty in RNA splicing.

D) RNA splicing can be catalytic analysis by spliceosomes.

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5) Which component is not directly associated in translation?




D) ribosomes



Using number 17.6, identify a 5′ → 3′ succession of nucleotides in the DNA theme strand because that an mRNA coding for the polypeptide succession Phe-Pro-Lys.







7) which of the following mutations would certainly be most likely to have a harmful result on an organism?

A) a deletion of three nucleotides near the middle of a gene

B) a solitary nucleotide deletion in the middle of one intron

C) a solitary nucleotide deletion close to the finish of the coding sequence

D) a single nucleotide insertion downstream of, and also close to, the begin of the coding sequence