Which that the complying with statements is no TRUE about The ECONOMICORDER amount (EOQ)?

The EOQ is where Inventory Holding costs = collection up prices orOrder costs.

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The EOQ is the order quantity that minimizes inventorycosts.
The EOQ tells us just how much or how numerous to develop or purchase ata certain time.
The EOQ is the suggest where the sales price of the item is thelowest.

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Question 11 4 pts

If demand per work is 20 units and also lead time is 6 job what isthe REORDER allude QUANTITY?


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Question 12 4 pts

TRUE or FALSE? utilizing the PARETO evaluation to manage inventory, ifan inventory items is designated an A item the will constantly be one Aitem.


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Question 13 4 pts

Companies usage CYCLE COUNTING come ____.

monitor providers performance.
evaluate supplier lead times.
accurately identify the quantity of perform on hand.
estimate sales for the upcoming quarter.

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1) The EOQ is the allude where the sales price the the article is the lowest The EOQ is not concerned sales pri…View the full answer


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