1. Which of the complying with statements characterizes an operation lease?A. The lessee documents depreciation and interest.B. The lessee documents the lease obligation related to the leased asset.C. The lessor transfers the title of the leased residential or commercial property to the lessee for the term of the lease term.D. The lessor records depreciation and lease revenue.2. Which form of contract is distinctive in that it protects the owner versus unfavorable motions in the prices or prices while enabling the owner to benefit from favorable movements?A. Interest price swapB. Front contractC. Futures contractD. Option3. Cowboy Corporation reported depreciation the $450,000 top top its 2002 tax return. However, in that is 2002 earnings statement, Cowboy report depreciation of $300,000, and also $30,000 attention revenue ~ above tax-free bonds. The difference in depreciation is just a momentary difference, and also it will reverse equally end the following three years. Cowboy’s enacted revenue tax rates are together follows:2002 35%2003 30%2004 25%2005 20%What amount need to be included in the deferred earnings tax legal responsibility in Cowboy’s December 31, 2002, balance sheet?A. $30,000B. $37,500C. $45,000D. $52,5004. Stockton, Inc. Leased machinery through a fair worth of $250,000 native Layton maker Co. Top top December 31, 2001. The contract is a six-year noncancellable lease with an implicitly interest price of 10 percent. The lease requires yearly payments of $50,000 start December 31, 2001. Stockton as necessary accounted because that the lease as a capital lease. Stockton’s incremental borrowing price is 12 percent. Presume the current value of an annuity early of 1 because that 6 year at 10 percent is 4.7908 and the existing value of one annuity early out of 1 for 6 year at 12 percent is 4.6048, what is the lease liability that Stockton must report top top the balance paper at December 31, 2001?A. $189,540B. $200,000C. $230,240D. $239,5405. The publications of the Tracker company for the year ended December 31, 2002, showed pretax revenue of $360,000. In computing the taxable income for federal earnings tax purposes, the adhering to timing differences were taken right into account:Depreciation deducted for tax purposes in overabundance of depreciation recorded on the books, $16,000Income from installment sale reportable because that tax objectives in excess of income recognized top top the books, $12,000What must Tracker document as its present federal revenue tax liability at December 31, 2002, suspect a corporate income tax rate of 30 percent?A. $99,600B. $103,200C. $106,800D. $108,0006. The chairman of Technorthern signed a contract for a large purchase the a certain software program. She then heard rumors the the following generation the that software program will be obtainable much sooner than expected. The unsure future industry value of the inventory is a(n)A. Price riskB. Credit riskC. Interest price riskD. Exchange rate risk7. Baxter company leased devices to Fritz Inc. On January 1, 2002. The lease is for an eight-year duration expiring December 31, 2009. The an initial of eight equal annual payments the $900,000 to be made on January 1, 2002. Baxter had purchased the tools on December 29, 2001 for $4,800,000. The lease is as necessary accounted for together a sales-type lease by Baxter. Assume that the current value at January 1, 2002, of all rent payments end the lease term discounted in ~ a 10 percent interest rate was $5,280,000. What quantity of attention revenue have to Baxter document in 2003 (the 2nd year of the lease period) together a an outcome of the lease?A. $490,000B. $480,000C. $438,000D. $391,8008. Wright, Inc. Has an incentive compensation plan under which the sales manager receive a bonus equal to 10 percent of the company’s earnings after deductions for bonus and also income taxes. Income prior to bonus and also income taxes is $400,000. The reliable income tax rate is 30 percent. Exactly how much is the bonus (rounded come the nearest dollar)?A. $80,000B. $30,108C. $28,000D. $26,1689. Slice agency manufactures equipment that they market or lease. Top top December 31, 2002, slice leased equipment to Hook agency for a five-year duration after i beg your pardon the property of the leased asset will be moved to Hook. The lease calls for equal annual payments the $50,000, due on December 31 of every year. The very first payment was made ~ above December 31, 2001. The typical sales price of the tools is $220,000, and also cost is $176,000. Because that the year finished December 31, 2002, what lot of earnings should slice report indigenous the lease transaction?A. $10,000B. $30,000C. $44,000D. $74,00010. Frey Corporation’s revenue statement because that the year ended December 31, 2002, mirrors pretax revenue of $1,000,000. The adhering to items are treated in different ways on the tax return and also in the accountancy records: taxation Return bookkeeping RecordsRent revenue $70,000 $120,000Depreciation cost 280,000 220,000Premiums top top officer’s life insurance - 90,000Assume that Frey’s tax price for 2002 is 30 percent. What is the amount of income tax payable because that 2001?A. $360,000B. $320,000C. $294,000D. $267,00011. Blaine Inc. Mirrors the adhering to data relating come its pension plan for 2002:Amortization of unrecognized net loss $16,000Amortization of i could not recognize it prior service cost 28,000Expected return on plan assets 32,000Actual return on setup assets 36,000Interest on projected advantage obligation 70,000Service expense 160,000What amount should Blaine report for pension cost in 2002?A. $206,000B. $238,000C. $242,000D. $270,00012. Top top December 1, 2002, Blake Inc. Signed an operation lease because that a warehouse for 10 years at $24,000 per year. Upon execution the the lease, Blake paid $48,000 spanning rent because that the first two years. How much have to be displayed in Blake’s revenue statement for the year ended December 31, 2002, as rent expense?A. $0B. $2,000C. $24,000D. $48,00013. I m sorry of the complying with payroll counting aren’t payment by the employer?A. FICA taxesB. Federal joblessness taxesC. State joblessness taxesD. State revenue taxes14. The adhering to information relates come the defined advantage pension arrangement of the McDonald company for the year ended December 31, 2002:Projected advantage obligation, January 1 $4,600,000Projected benefit obligation, December 31 4,729,000Fair value of arrangement assets, January 1 5,035,000Fair value of arrangement assets, December 31 5,565,000Expected return on plan assets 450,000Amortization of deferred obtain 32,500Employer contribute 425,000Benefits paid to retirees 390,000Settlement rate 10%The yes, really return on arrangement assets because that the year isA. $105,000B. $495,000C. $503,500D. $530,00015. I beg your pardon of the adhering to statements characterizes lessor accountancy for residual values?A. Guaranteed residual values are consisted of in the gross investment amount, however unguaranteed residual values are excluded indigenous the pistol investment.B. Unguaranteed residual worths are consisted of in the gross investment amount, yet guaranteed residual values are excluded indigenous the gross investment.C. Guaranteed residual values and also unguaranteed residual values are excluded indigenous the gun investment.D. Guarantee residual values and also unguaranteed residual values are had in the pistol investment.16. For 3 consecutive years, 1999-2001, pair Corporation has reported income before taxes that $100,000 because that both financial reporting purposes and also tax reporting purposes. During this time, Twin’s revenue tax prices were together follows:1999 20%2000 25%2001 30%In 2002, Twin’s tax rate adjusted to 35 percent. Likewise in 2002, the company reported a loss because that both jae won reporting and also tax reporting objectives of $100,000. Suspect the agency uses the carryback provisions, the amount Twin’s must report as an earnings tax refund union in 2002 is:A. $20,000B. $25,000C. $30,000D. $35,00017. Northwest company determined that it has actually an responsibility relating come employees’ rights to get compensation because that future absences attributable to employees’ services currently rendered. The duty relates to civil liberties that vest, and payment that the compensation is probable. The amounts of Northwest’s responsibilities as the December 31 space reasonably approximated as follows:Vacation pay $110,000Sick salary 80,000In that December 31 balance sheet, what amount have to Northwest report together its liability of compensated absences?A. $0B. $80,000C. $110,000D. $190,00018. During the very first week that January, Sam Jones earn $200. Assume the FICA taxes space 7.65 percent of wages up to $50,000, state unemployment taxation is 5.0 percent that wages approximately $13,000, and also federal unemployment tax is 0.8 percent that wages as much as $13,000. Assume that Sam has voluntary withholdings of $10 (in addition to taxes) and that federal and also state income tax withholdings room $18 and also $6, respectively. What is the employer’s payroll tax price for the week, assuming that Sam Jones is the only employee?A. $6.32B. $10.00C. $19.05D. $26.9019. The following information is taken from Blackhawk Corporation’s 2002 gaue won records:Pretax bookkeeping income $1,500,000Excess taxes depreciation (45,000)Taxable income $1,455,000Assume the taxable temporary difference was developed entirely in 2002 and will turning back in equal network taxable quantities in each of the following three years. If tax rates are 40 percent in 2002, 35 percent in 2003, 35 percent in 2004, and 30 percent in 2005, climate the total deferred taxation liability Blackhawk should report ~ above its December 31, 2002 balance paper is:A. $13,500B. $15,000C. $15,750D. $18,00020. If the really return top top pension fund assets exceeds the supposed return for the period, then difference isA. A deferred lossB. A deferred gainC.

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