Which of the complying with items represents a deferral?a. Prepaid insuranceb. Earnings payable c. Fees deserve d. Accumulated depreciation

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The balance in the unearned rental account because that Jones Co. As of December 31 is $1,200. If Jones Co. Failure to document the adjusting entry because that $600 of rental earned throughout December, the effect on the balance sheet and also income statement for December would be...a. Assets understated $600; net income overstated $600b. Legal responsibility understated $600; net earnings understated $600c. Liabilities exaggeration $600; net earnings understated $600d. Liabilities exaggeration $600; net earnings overstated $600
If the supplies account before adjustment on may 31, suggested a balance that $2,250, and also supplies ~ above hand at might 31 totaled $950, the adjusting entry would be:a. Debit offers $950; credit Supplies cost $950b. Debit supplies $1,300; credit transaction Supplies expense $1,300c. Debit Supplies expense $950; credit provides $950d. Debit Supplies expense $1,300; credit supplies $1,300
If the estimated amount the depreciation on tools for a duration is $2,000, the adjusting entry to record depreciation would certainly be:a. Debit Depreciation expense $2,000; credit devices $2,000b. Debit tools $2,000; credit transaction Depreciation price $2,000c. Debit Depreciation expense $2,000; credit accumulated Depreciation $2,000d. Debit built up Depreciation $2,000; credit Depreciation expense $2,000
If the devices account has actually a balance of $22,500 and its gathered depreciation account has actually a balance the $14,000, the publication value of the devices is:a. $36,500b. $22,500c. $14,000d. $8,500
If the adjusting entry for accrued salaries of $7,500 to be omitted, the readjusted trial balance totals would be:a. Unequal, the debit total would exceed the credit by $7,500b. Unequal, the debit full would exceed the credit by $15,000c. Unequal, the credit full would exceed the credit total by $7,500d. Equal, assuming no various other errors or omissions
At the finish of the year $23,570 that fees have been earned however haven"t been billed come clients. Journalize the adjusting entry to record the accrued fees.
We-Sell Realty payment weekly salaries of $11,800 top top Friday because that a five-day work week ending on the day. Journalize the important adjusting entry at the end of the bookkeeping period, assuming the the period ends on Wednesday.
The balance the the unearned fees account, before adjustment in ~ the end of the year, is $272,500. Journalize the adjusting entry required, presume the quantity of unearned fees at the finish of the year is $189,750.




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