The highest possible albedo from the Earth"s surface happens on ____________, v a worth of greater than ______.Select one:a. Asphalt; 90%b. Water; 60%c. Water; 60 W/ Snow; 80% e. Asphalt; 50 W/sq. Mf. Snow; 200 W/sq.m
Both City A and also City B are situated at the same latitude. City A has a mean annual temperature the 27o C and also a temperature selection of 22o C. City B has actually a mean annual temperature of 26o C and also a temperature selection of 14o C. I m sorry city is an ext likely come be located in the inner of the continent?Select one:a. City Ab. City Bc. It"s impossible to say
The temperature top top a cloudy night is most likely to it is in __________ the temperature ~ above a clear night all other factors being equal.Select one:a. Warmer thanb. Cooler thanc. The exact same as
On the average, i m sorry of the complying with is true regarding the distribution of shortwave and longwave power at Earth"s surface ar by latitude?Select one:a. The equatorial zone is a region of network deficits.b. The polar regions are areas of net surpluses.c. The distribution shows one imbalance of net radiation from the equator to the poles.d. More energy is shed than is got in equatorial regions.

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The highest possible temperature arrays are found inSelect one:a. The tropicsb. An especially cloudly areasc. Mid-latitude coastal regionsd. High-latitude continental areas
Which the the adhering to is no true that the wind?Select one:a. The is initiated by the push gradient force.b. The blows from areas of low pressure to areas of high pressure.c. The direction of circulation can be affected by the rotation that Earth.d. Winds room named based upon the direction native which lock blow.
A vertical air present that is created by temperature-induced thickness differences is an instance of warm transfer bySelect one:a. Advectionb. Convectionc. Conductiond. Transmission
Which of the adhering to matches is incorrect family member to air circulation?Select one:a. Anti-cyclone = high push centerb. Cyclone = low pressure centerc. Anti-cyclone = clockwise circulation in southerly Hemisphered. Cyclone = counter clockwise in north Hemisphere
Other 보다 insolation, the primary physical determinants that affect temperature include:Select one:a. Earth"s tilt, rotation, revolution, and also spericityb. Latitude, altitude, land-water heating differences, cloud cover, ocean currentsc. Land-water heating differences onlyd. Specific heat only
Objects and also wind moving over distance and time ~ above Earth"s surface areSelect one:a. Constantly deflected indigenous a straight route to the west in the southern Hemisphereb. Influenced only by the push gradient and friction force.c. Always deflected to the ideal by the friction force.d. Supposedly deflected from a straight route to the appropriate in the north Hemisphere.
When water evaporates, the energy that was supplied to evaporate the water.Select one:a. Is stored as sensible warm in the evaporated water.b. Is stored together latent warm in the evaporated water.c. Is moved to air by advection when the water evaporates.d. Is carried out into the basic layer that water.
A heat on a map along which temperature is the sameSelect one:a. Edge lineb. Isobarc. Isowattd. Isotherme. Radiation curve
Air circulation in a northern Hemisphere high press zone isSelect one:a. Inward, upward, and also clockwiseb. Inward, upward, and also counter clockwisec. Downward, outward, and counterclockwised. Downward, outward, and clockwise
During the day along the coast, the wind often tends to blow towards the __________ due to the fact that __________.Select one:a. Land; because land heats much more rapidly 보다 water.b. Land; since land heats much more slowly than water.c. Water; since water heats more slowly 보다 land.d. Water; because heats swiftly than land.
The intertropical convergence ar is defined bySelect one:a. Convergence and also uplift of warm surface waiting b. Convergence and subsistence the cold surface ar air.c. Divergence and uplift of warm surface air.d. Divergence and also subsistense that cold surface ar air.

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Which the the complying with primary pressure locations are produced by heat factors, fairly than dynamic factors?Select one:a. Subtropical high and subpolar lowb. Equatorial low and polar highc. Equatorial low and Bermuda highd. Aleutian low and Icelandic low
Which the the adhering to is true about the details heat the land and also water?Select one:a. Water can hold an ext heat energy than a equivalent volume of rock.b. The temperature that water will certainly rise quicker than that of land once exposed come the very same amount the insolation.c. Land surfaces have a higher specific warm than water surfaces.d. Land and water have very comparable heat values.
The leading surface winds flow from the subtropics to greater latitudes are theSelect one:a. Westerliesb. Trade windsc. Polar easterliesd. Geostrophic winds
Which 2 gases are primarily responsible because that the greenhouse effect because of their ability to absorb infrared energy?Select one:a. Oxygen and also hydrogenb. Ozone and also dustc. Nitrogen and oxygend. Water vapor and also carbon dioxide
The wind-driven s surface circulation operation to the __________ from the equator, and also when it encounters a continent it operation ______________ toward the phibìc Pole and ______________toward the south Pole. Select one:a. East; clockwise; counterclockwiseb. East; counterclockwise; clockwisec. West; clockwise; counterclockwised. West; counterclockwise; clockwise