Which the the adhering to is no a score of managerial accounting? a. Carry out info needed for decision makingb. Carry out info necessary for creditorsc. Administer info needed for planningd. Administer info essential for control

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Which of the following is an example of a variable cost? a. Direct laborb. Depreciationc. Rentd. Salaries
Which of the following is an example of a fixed cost? a. Products b. Commissionsc. Depreciationd. Straight labor
The wages lost when you give up your job to attend school permanent is an example of a(n): a. Fixed costsb. Chance costc. Direct cost d. Sunk cost
The price of a an equipment purchased last year is an instance of a(n): a. Opportunity costb. Variable cost c. Fixed price d. Sunk cost
Assume a company incurs $100,000 for total variable costs and also $150,000 for complete fixed expenses to create 10,000 units. What would the full cost be to create 12,000 systems assuming no adjust in cost behavior at the higher level that activity? a. $270,000b. $300,000c. $250,000d. $280,000
Which that the complying with is not a product cost? a. Straight materialsb. Depreciation on that company office buildingc. Insurance on factory buildingd. Indirect labor
Applied overhead is debited to which account? a. Manufacturing overheadb. Work in progressc. Price of products soldd. Finished goods
Which of the following costs is expensed as occurs (i.e. Not a product cost)? a. Direct materialsb. Sales incomes c. Indirect labord. Manufacturing facility depreciation
An immaterial amount of under applied overhead is debited come which of the complying with accounts? a. Production overheadb. Price of products soldc. Job-related in progressd. Perfect goods
A total cost that alters in straight proportion to transforms in task is a(n): a. Blended costb. Variable costc. Fixed costd. Semi-variable cost
A unit expense that varies inversely to changes in task is a(n): a. Change costb. Marginal costc. Resolved costd. Chance cost
A expense that includes both a fixed and a variable expense component is a(n): a. Opportunity price b. Sunk expense c. Regression costd. Mixed cost
Month expense HoursJanuary $4,400 3,500February $8,000 7,000March $11,000 9,500The variable expense per unit is: a. $0.80b. $1.07c. $1.10d. $2.00
Month price HoursJanuary $4,400 3,500February $8,000 7,000March $11,000 9,500The solved cost facet is: a. $550b. $655c. $7,150d. $5,600
Assume a company"s fixed expenses are $25,200. The unit sales price is $17.50, and also its unit variable cost is $10.50. The break-even suggest in units is: a. 3,600b. 1,440c. 3,360d. 2,400
Assume Beale Co. Expects to offer 150 units next month. The unit sales price is $80, unit variable expense is $30, and also the fixed costs per month are $5,000. The margin of security is: a. $12,000b. $5,000 c. $4,000d. $2,500
Which the the adhering to statements about the relevant range is true? a. Price functions external the relevant selection are commonly linearb. The relevant range is the normal length of time in a company"s accounting duration c. Estimates outside the relevant range are usefuld. Price functions within the relevant variety are assumed to be linear
If the unit sales price is $12, the unit variable expenses $7, and fixed prices are $360,000. How countless units have to be sold to earn a benefit of $39,000? a. 51,000b. 79,800c. 127,500d. 91,500
Which of the following will decrease the break-even point? a. Boosting fixed costsb. To decrease unit variable expenses c. Diminish unit sales price d. To decrease unit donation margin



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