I"m thinking it"s c bereason when drawing the line structure the alpha carbon is connected to 2 various other carbons.


Well, no. Here is the quote from Wikipedia:

From the structural perspective, haloalkanes have the right to be classified according to the connectivity of the carbon atom to which the halogen is attached. In primary (1°) haloalkanes, the carbon that carries the halogen atom is only attached to one other alkyl group. An instance is chloroethane ($ceCH3CH2Cl$). In second (2°) haloalkanes, the carbon that carries the halogen atom has two $ceC–C$ bonds. In tertiary (3°) haloalkanes, the carbon that carries the halogen atom has three $ceC–C$ bonds.

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So, the presence of $ceCH2Cl$, $ceCHCl$, and $ceCCl$ are the indicators of major, additional, and tertiary haloalkane respectively.

Here is b with the $ceC$ atom to which $ceCl$ is attached and also its 2 $ceC–C$ bonds highlighted in red.


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