Which the the following finest approximates a pure monopoly?The international exchange market.The Kansas City wheat market.The only financial institution in a little town. CorrectThe soft drink market.

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the marginal revenue curve lies below the demand curve because any reduction in price uses to all systems sold.
society values additional units the the monopolized product much more highly 보다 it walk the alternate products those resources can otherwise produce.
Comparing a pure monopoly and a completely competitive certain with similar costs, we would discover in long-run equilibrium that the pure monopolist"s:
Which that the following problems is not forced for price discrimination?Multiple ChoiceBuyers with various elasticities need to be physically separate from every other. The good or business cannot be profitably resold by initial buyers.The seller must be able to segment the market, the is, to identify buyers with different elasticities of demand.The seller need to possess some degree of monopoly power.
Other things equal, in which of the following situations would financial profit it is in the greatest?Multiple ChoiceAn unregulated monopolist the is able to connect in price discrimination. One unregulated, nondiscriminating monopolist.A regulation monopolist charging a price same to average total cost.A regulation monopolist charging a price same to marginal cost.

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charge a greater price wherein individual need is inelastic and a reduced price whereby individual need is elastic.
Suppose for a regulated monopoly that price equates to minimum ATC however price above MC. This way that: