Introduction: as soon as the cover is off, the confusing of circuit boards, cables, and also components within the computer might it seems ~ intimidating. Back they might look complex at first, the straightforward components that a computer system are fairly simple to put together.Find the end what the straightforward parts inside the computer system are, what they do, and how lock connect. This activity contains 13 questions.

Using a __________ is one means to attach your computer system with various other computers.

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system bus

The strength supply gives power for every one of the following except the __________.

hard drive
expansion card

Which internal maker has the biggest storage capacity?

Blu-ray drive
Hard drive

The main circuit plank in a computer system is dubbed a ______.

central processing unit (CPU)
front side bus (FSB)

The component of the computer used because that arithmetic operations is the __________.


The materials of __________ space erased when the computer is turned off.

a DVD/Blu-ray drive
a hard drive

What is the purpose of cache memory?

Stores the operating device while the computer is on.
Stores instructions and data offered most regularly by the CPU.
Stores instructions the computer needs to begin up.
Stores the application program being executed.

A nonvolatile storage device __________.

is similar to RAM
is comparable to cache memory
maintains data even when the computer"s power is turned off
is not temperature-sensitive

Which the the complying with is no true about expansion cards?

They fit right into slots on the motherboard.
They room not used in laptop and tablet computers.
They administer extra functionality.
They include sound cards and video clip cards.

Which explain about video cards is not true?

They incorporate their own RAM.
They analyze binary data right into monitor images.
They include their very own processor.
They incorporate a joystick controller port.

Got the Blues?Task: Your computer does not have actually a Blu-ray drive, and you room interested in purchase one. You desire to record and play Blu-ray discs.Assignment: using the provided resources, price the following questions. Is your computer system a desktop or laptop?Will this be an inner or outside drive?Based on her answers to inquiries 1 and 2, recognize three Blu-ray cd driver listing their manufacturer, model, and also cost, and explain why you like one over the others?What is the finest price on a 10-pack the Blu-ray (BD-R) discs?What is her favorite movie? Is it easily accessible on Blu-ray? If that is, what is the cost?Resources usage Use any kind of search engine.
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Task: If friend are into gaming, you probably travel in three-dimensional worlds.Assignment: using the noted resources, price the adhering to questions. What space the three major steps come create and also present a reality 3-D scene?In a 3-D graphic image, what three locations determine the figure of an objects surface?When displaying objects in 3-D, just how does the computer determine if one object is behind another? i m sorry of the two ball images, photo A or photo B depicts a genuine ball?Resources use

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Fastest MicroprocessorTask: For several years the processing power that a microprocessor to be measured by its clock speed and the variety of transistors ~ above the CPU. Freshly a brand-new factor to be added—the use of many processors.Assignment: Visit to learn around the evolution of Intel CPUs and fill in the following table.

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Processor Name

Clock Speed

Number of Transistors

First processor

First processor through clock speed of 1 MHz or more

First processor v 1 million or an ext transistors

First processor v 2 million or much more transistors

First processor v clock rate of 1 GHz or more

First multiprocessor (more than one core)

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