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The Rape that the Daughters of Leucippus, oil paint by Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1617; in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Ger.

Rubens’s many talented assistant was the young Anthony van Dyck, 22 year his junior, who came down on his studio as an apprentice around 1616 and stayed for four years. A true prodigy, valve Dyck quickly soaked up Rubens’s durable style—his muscular, graceful physiques and also sensuous interplays of light and also colour—and faithful imitated that under the master’s supervision. Rubens’s own coproductions with professionals such together the pet painter Frans Snyders and also the flower-landscapist january Bruegel mark the Baroque zenit of creative collaboration. In ~ the exact same time, his Four Continents (c. 1615), Lion Hunt (1621), Landscape v Carters (c. 1618), and many sketches indigenous nature reveal his own flexibility in the devoted areas of landscape and animal painting.

In 1616 Rubens received his very first tapestry commission, a series depicting the life that the legendary roman inn consul Decius Mus. Because that each step he painted a modello, which his aides then enlarged right into a full-scale canvas whose imagery to be then copied in a tapestry by weavers. From teacher Dudley Carleton, the English ambassador come The Hague, Rubens acquired in 1618 a vast collection of ancient sculptures. His attention in sculpture was not minimal to collecting. He designed monumental sculpture for the facade and also interior the the magnificent new Jesuit church (now St. Charles Borromeo) in Antwerp, i m sorry was committed in 1621. He likewise contributed to the church’s architecture design. That is high altar, enshrining his 2 interchangeable altarpieces devoted to Saints Ignatius and Francis Xavier (1617–18), to be crowned through a semidome and also illuminated by one oculus, resembling Rubens’s own freshly completed “pantheon” for sculpture in his home. In 1620 Rubens contracted to style 39 ceiling paints for the Jesuit church, to be enforcement by valve Dyck and other aides after his oil sketches revealing “the good speed and frenzy that his brush.” Finished within a year, these paintings justified Rubens’s claim to be “by natural instinct, much better fitted to execute very large works than little curiosities.”

In 1621, complying with the expiration that the Twelve Years’ Truce and also the death of Archduke Albert, the widowed infanta Isabella involved Rubens together her confidential certified dealer in Spain’s diplomatic search for peace between Habsburg-controlled Flanders and also the independent netherlands Republic come the north. (The war between the good news Dutch and the Catholic Flemings resumed, however, and also was i m so sad to proceed for the rest of Rubens’s life.) by this time Rubens’s extensive fame together “the painter of princes and the prince the painters” permitted him to travel freely among royal courts because that discreet meetings v sovereigns and their ministers, who would discuss matters that state while sitting for portraits.

In 1622 Rubens was dubbed to Paris through the queen mom of France, Marie de Médicis, to decorate among the two key galleries of she newly built Luxembourg Palace. The widow of Henry IV sought come promote, in 21 vast canvases (1622–25), her life and also her regency of France in epic fashion. Marie’s thwarted career required an unmatched exercise that poetic license, yet by exploiting his encyclopaedic expertise of classical mythology and allegory, Rubens elevated her life come a mythic aircraft on i beg your pardon mortals mingle freely with the Olympian gods. In ~ the exact same time, he designed because that Louis XIII a tapestry bike on the life the the emperor Constantine (1622–25). During the 1625 marriage-by-proxy in Paris the King Louis’s sister, Henrietta Maria, to King Charles ns of England, Rubens met the battle each other of Buckingham, who commissioned Rubens to paint his equestrian portrait (1625; destroyed), the summary of High Baroque flamboyance in that genre.


Anne of Austria, oil top top canvas by Peter Paul Rubens, 1621–25; in the Louvre Museum, Paris. 85 × 37 cm.

In 1626 Rubens’s residential happiness was shattered by the fatality of his wife Isabella. He soon embarked on a diplomatic odyssey looking for a peace between England and also Spain as a very first step toward negotiating a settlement with the netherlands Republic, which to be England’s ally. The duke of Buckingham, that was the favourite that King Charles the England, was negotiating to purchase Rubens’s whole collection of antiquities. In the food of their meetings, Rubens tried to convince the doubtful Buckingham that England should cease supporting the netherlands in your struggle against Spanish rule in Flanders. Initially, the Spanish king, Philip IV, to be aghast that such diplomat be entrusted come a just painter. However in august 1628 Rubens left for the Spanish court in Madrid en route to England.

During his 7 months in Madrid, besides pleading for a tranquility treaty with England, Rubens spent his time in the imperial art gallery painting copies of masterpieces by Titian, come whose layout he was now completely attuned as he discover the an excellent Venetian’s expert brushwork, vivid colours, and luminous modeling. Looking end his shoulder to be Philip IV’s young court painter, Diego Velázquez. By April 1629, England was all set to negotiate, and Charles I sent for Rubens directly, describe his eagerness to satisfy a guy with his global reputation because that intellect and also artistic genius. Philip IV gave Rubens the location of “secretary that the king privy council of the Netherlands” in order to elevate the standing of his painter-envoy at the international court.

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In London, Rubens encountered a maze of factions and also intrigues through which he had actually to negotiate. However he prevailed, and also it is come him personally that the peace treaty the 1630 between England and also Spain have the right to be attributed. He to be awarded one honorary understand of arts degree from the college of Cambridge. Awaiting the arrival of the Spanish ambassador, he painted his effusive Allegory that Peace and War (1629–30) as a memento the his successful diplomacy and also gave it to the admiring English king. In turn, Charles vested Rubens a long-coveted commission to decorate the ceiling the the royal Banqueting House, which had actually recently to be designed through the architect Inigo Jones as part of the Whitehall Palace facility of structures in London. On the eve of his exit from England, Rubens to be knighted through King Charles.