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How to watch UFC 189 Prelims Live Online

How to clock UFC 189 Online


Chad Mendes punches Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo during a 2014 fight. Mendes replaced Aldo in the UFC 189 main event. (Getty)

UFC 189 is available to order digital at

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At the website, you have the right to order UFC 188 in HD because that $59.99 or in SD because that $49.99. If you setup on city hall UFC PPV occasions often, you can buy a package deal for one of two people $499 (SD) or $599 (HD), i m sorry is 12 PPVs for the price that 10.

How to clock UFC 189 on Mobile


Robbie Lawler, left, faces off versus Rory MacDonald throughout the UFC 189 world Championship push Tour. (Getty)

You deserve to order UFC 189 top top a mobile an equipment using the UFC TV app. The is available for download in the iTunes application store or the Android marketplace.

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Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes will fight for the interim Featherweight title at UFC 189 in ~ 10 p.m. East on July 11. Here"s just how to clock the PPV online.