I"ve noticed the "y" is almost exclusively used, but in some situations "e" should be supplied instead. I"m basing this on Duolingo so I"m not sure if it"s correct, yet here are some instances where it calls for "e":

Padre e hijo.Quiero hijos e hijas.

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What is the ascendancy for determining as soon as to use "e" as opposed come "y"? Is the specifically once talking about family, or is the something else entirely?


You usage "y" as soon as there is a difficult sound in the noun adhering to or a collection which isn"t "i".


Me gustan ciencias y matemáticas.

You usage "e" for much easier pronunciation when there"s a "i" or "hi" sound after.


Me gustan ciencias e historia.


From the DRAE:

1. Conj. Copulat. U. En lugar de y ante palabras que empiezan por ns o hi. Juan e Ignacio. Padre e hijo. No reemplaza a y en principio de interrogación o admiración, ni cuando la palabra siguiente empieza por y o por la sílaba hie. ¿Y Ignacio? ¡Y Isidoro también comprometido! Ocaña y Yepes. Tigre y hiena. Era u. En lugar de y en cualquier contexto. Música e danza.

So the exceptions space as proclaimed by
guifa in comments v the enhancement of the y not being replaced by e at the start of inquiries or exclamations.



Y is supplied for "and" for all words except those start with the "i/y" sound. For example, Me gustan matematicas e historia. Or - Hablo espanol e ingles.

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Y would certainly be provided for various other vowels and all consonants. Because that example, Yo tome" soda y agua. Or - Hablo ingles y espanol.

(Sorry for not being able to produce the accents and tildes - can"t execute it top top this keyboard.)


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