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All Quiet on the western Front, novel by German writer Erich Maria Remarque, published in 1929 together Im Westen nichts Neues and in the United states as All Quiet on the west Front. An antiwar novel collection during civilization War I, it relies on Remarque’s personal experience in the battle to depict the era’s wider disillusionment. The book is one account the Paul Baumer’s experiences in battle and also his brief career together a soldier, and also it is primarily came to with the impact of war on young men. The title, i beg your pardon is in the language of regime communiqués, is typical of the nonchalant terse style, i beg your pardon graphically documents the day-to-day horrors of battle in laconic understatement. Its refusal to take an explicit view on battle was in shocking contrast to the patriotic rhetoric common of the time, especially in Germany. The publication was an instant international success, despite it had countless critics.


Paul and also his friends, hungry and tired, room delighted once their girlfriend Katczinsky (“Kat”) returns after a search for food through two lump of bread and a bag of life horsemeat. Kat, Paul explains, has constantly been uncannily resourceful. Paul likewise introduces the devilish drill sergeant Himmelstoss, a previous postman v whom Paul and his girlfriend are commonly in conflict. After ~ spending some time relieved indigenous the former line, your regiment is dubbed up as soon as again. When night comes, they loss asleep to the sound the exploding shells. Once they awake, they hear sound of an unavoidable attack. Wails that wounded horses pierce the silence in between explosions, and also the gory vision of your injuries unsettles everybody deeply. Shortly after, an attack is launched, and also chaos ensues. Toxicity gas and also shells infiltrate the group. When the fighting lastly stops, the carnage is gruesome. The trenches room bombarded a number of times as the novel continues, until lastly the soldiers are sent off-duty to take it a rest while castle await reinforcements. Himmelstoss, who had recently made his first appearance in the trenches, makes efforts to get along far better with the group. While shower in a canal, Paul and some that his friends encounter 3 French girls, that they sneak the end at night come meet. Paul climate learns that he has actually been granted 17 job of leave. As soon as he it s okay home, the learns the his mother has cancer. The feels disconnected from civilization he when felt nearby to, and he cannot understand the things that occupy your minds. He visits Kemmerich’s mother, who questions him around her boy death. ~ a an overwhelming conversation with his very own mother, Paul wishes he had never come on leave, believing the he has changed far too lot to live together he as soon as did.

Paul next spends four weeks in ~ a training camp before heading back to the front. Across from the base is a camp because that Russian prisoners; Paul witnesses and also ruminates top top how comparable his enemies look come his neighbours. He at some point returns come his regiment. He and his friends space given new clothing in ready for a visit from who implied to it is in the German emperor wilhelm II, referred to in the novel together the Kaiser, who will be doing one inspection. After the Kaiser leaves, Paul becomes shed at night during fight and, if hiding in a shell hole during a bombardment, stabs a French soldier who drops in. The watches together the guy dies, no hope trying to assist him by offering him water and dressing the wound that inflicted. Once the male dies, Paul is delusional through shame. He finds a snapshot of the masculine wife and child in his chest pocket together with letters. That waits in the hole v the dead man for hours upon hours, until he feels that is safe enough to go back to his regiment’s trench.

When Paul returns, he, Kat, and also six rather are sent to guard a village, whereby they uncover lots that food to eat. They are later on sent come another town to help evacuate civilians. Throughout the evacuation, however, the French bombard the town, and also Paul and his friend Albert Kropp room injured. Albert’s foot is amputated. Paul undergoes surgery and also is sent back to the former lines. Paul’s friends begin to die one by one. Kat is struggle while looking for food, and, afraid the he doesn’t have time to wait, Paul carries him come the dressing station. Once they arrive, however, Kat has already died. Paul becomes the last of his seven classmates. The novel climate shifts far from Paul’s first-person perspective and also ends with an announcement that Paul has died. The army report approve on the job of his death stated just this: every quiet ~ above the western Front.

Context and analysis

Remarque provided his personal experience together a German soldier to write All Quiet on the western Front. He was drafted at age 18, and also he battled on the western Front of people War I, where he witnessed numerous of the atrocities that later depicted in the novel. All Quiet ~ above the west Front functions both as a auto for overwhelmingly realistic and also graphic depictions of war and also as a setting of underscoring the disillusionment that the period. Remarque tied his individual endure to miscellaneous much bigger and much more abstract: the novel, while concentrating specifically top top the German-French conflict in civilization War I, expresses sentiments around the modern-day nature of battle itself. Paul’s self-reflection and also the conversations between the soldiers feature not just ghastly images but ghastly truths around the impacts of battle on young soldiers. Because that example, when involved in among these conversations, one of the soldiers says,

…almost all of us are basic folk. And in France, too, the bulk of males are labourers, workmen, or poor clerks. Now just why would a French blacksmith or a French shoemaker want to assault us? No, it is merely the rulers. I had actually never viewed a Frenchman before I come here, and it will certainly be just the exact same with the bulk of Frenchmen as regards us. They no asked around it any more than we were.

This concept of a gulf between those who declare war and also those who fight the is present throughout All Quiet top top the west Front, yet the gulf in between those fighting top top opposing sides shrinks together the novel progresses. Paul begins to watch his opponents as world rather than faceless targets, a transformation that culminates in an intensely intimate scene of delusional guilt as he the town hall a French soldier die gradually from a wound he inflicted.

All Quiet ~ above the western Front likewise addresses the disillusionment that the public, especially that that German citizens. Paul and his other students enlisted in the war due to the fact that of your previous schoolmaster, Mr. Kantorek, who had spouted patriotic propaganda in ~ them once they were students, imploring them to enlist. Paul additionally recalls how the papers would, at times, report that troops were in such great spirits that they would organize dances before heading out on the prior line. Paul explains that he and his fellow soldiers did no behave in this means out of genuine great humour yet instead “because otherwise we must go come pieces.” Remarque caught the nuances that the disconnect that Paul experiences, especially when he interacts v non-soldiers or brand-new recruits. Paul’s laconic path of showing the carnage he experiences serves together a technique of distancing self from the horrors. The novel’s unflinching realism locations All Quiet on the west Front amongst the most accurate created depictions of people War I, but its thoughtful sentiments are applicable to any war. The novel’s disclaimer insists the it is no an accusation, yet the entirety of the novel accuses battle as an college of thefts young boys’ lives, regardless of even if it is they passed away on the battlefield or made it through forever changed.


All Quiet top top the west Front was both one overwhelming success and the target of intense criticism. In its an initial year the sold much more than one million copies in Germany, and yet countless Germans were furious through the novel, claiming the Remarque’s protagonist to be too limited in perspective and that the novel promoted pacifism naively. Others argued that such a critique just underscored the novel’s realism and Remarque’s own intent: numerous young soldiers who enlisted in the German military during people War i were just as minimal in perspective together Paul was, and also the novel hinges on relaying that fact through the eyes of one adolescent soldier. Others declared that Remarque’s laconic style was also dull and also that the novel had small literary value exterior of its initial shock. Quiet others suggested that the novel’s matter-of-fact technique to war just highlighted Paul’s adaptation to the emotional trauma the war. Some critics even offered Remarque’s an individual life, particularly his countless love affairs, together a reason to distrust the novel.

All Quiet ~ above the west Front was likewise popular in English: about 800,000 English-language copies were sold during its very first year. With its popularity came similar concerns in Britain and the united States about it gift pacifist propaganda, though reactions were less violent 보다 in Germany. English-speaking critics shared some of the opinions of your German counterparts, especially that the novel’s nonchalant tone was, in ~ times, monotonous and also flat. All Quiet ~ above the west Front was eventually translated into around 50 languages, and it proceeds to provoke polarized reactions.

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The political influence of All Quiet top top the western Front was far-reaching around the world but especially in Germany in ~ the Nazi Party. In 1930 the novel was adjusted as a film, directed by Lewis Milestone, which winner Academy Awards because that best picture and ideal director. When it was shown in Germany, Nazi Party members supplied the movie together an excuse come violently attack moviegoers, particularly those believed to be of Jewish descent. The movie was ultimately banned. All Quiet on the western Front was one of the many books burned by the Nazi Party after ~ Hitler took power, because of its depiction of German soldiers as disillusioned and its perceived an adverse representation of Germany. The publication was nominated for a Nobel peace Prize in 1931. Remarque created a sequel come All Quiet on the west Front called Der Weg zurück (The road Back), i beg your pardon was published in 1931 and additionally later prohibition by the Nazi Party.