Knowing current local time in Croatia and also time ar in development will be advantageous to arrangement your travel to her destination.

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When planning her international flight it helps to pick the flight that is most convenient come you.

You must take some treatment when planning trips in different time zones. You may miss some take trip details once traveling however you merely must know what will certainly be the correct regional time in break-up Croatia.

Be informed on time zones as crossing the international day boundary can cause confusion about on what date you’ll arrive.

It’s beneficial to avoid well known Jet lag, unpleasant difference in between your human body clock and the regional time in Croatia. Find out time difference between and other locations!

Current regional Time In

Time ar in separation is in so called main European Time (CET) v 1 hour front of Coordinated universal Time (UTC).

From Sunday, 29 Mar, 2015 at 02:00, break-up will get in in CEST Central european Summer Time, with 2 hours front of Coordinated global Time (UTC).


Central europe summer time (CEST) is a daylight savings time (DST) when the clocks relocate forward 1 hour in the spring and ago in the autumn to make better use that daylight.

In Croatia this year (2015), DST starts from March 29th to 25 Oct 2015 when daylight conserving time ends.


Daylight conserving Time End

Official Name: Republic that CroatiaLat/long: 43°31’N / 16°26’ELand Area: 56,538 sq kilometres (21,829 sq miles)Climate: Mediterranean and continentalCurrency: Kuna (HRK)Languages: CroatianDial Codes: +385Islands: 1185Coastline: 5,835 km

Local Weather in

When planning your break-up Dalmatia vacations, the a great idea to examine weather conditions in various parts that Croatia to pick the right season once to go there.

While coastal regions reap a Mediterranean climate through hot and dry summers (average temperature is approximately 26°C/79°F) and really mild winters (minimum temperatures are about 4°C/39°F).

Inland a continental climate is predominant with hot summers and cold winters. Eye is common in the continental component of the Croatian, but less typical along the Adriatic coast. On part islands prefer Hvar, it’s snowing very rarely. Croatia Sunrise, Sunset and also Moon times

For sunbathing lovers it will be vital to understand all about sunrise and sunset. Separation boasts over 2.633 sunshine hours every year (almost 110 days).

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Night, Twilights and Dailight time in

For romantic souls and also couples in love, will be amazing to know around moon-rise, moon-set and also moon phases. Find out all about sun and also moon position in during the year!

Holidays In break-up Croatia in 2015

On the list below you will uncover all holidays in Croatia by month and date. It can be beneficial to understand them as periodically some services (bus, ferry, museums) will be reduced or also non operating.

DateWeekdayHoliday nameHoliday typeJan 1Jan 6Mar 20Apr 5Apr 6May 1Jun 4Jun 21Jun 22Jun 25Aug 5Aug 15Sep 23Oct 8Nov 1Dec 22Dec 25Dec 26
ThursdayNew Year’s DayNational holiday
TuesdayEpiphanyNational holiday
FridayMarch equinoxSeason
SundayEaster DayNational holiday
MondayEaster MondayNational holiday
FridayLabor work / may DayNational holiday
ThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holiday
SundayJune SolsticeSeason
MondayDay the Antifascist StruggleNational holiday
ThursdayStatehood DayNational holiday
WednesdayHomeland Thanksgiving DayNational holiday
SaturdayAssumption of MaryNational holiday
WednesdaySeptember equinoxSeason
ThursdayIndependence DayNational holiday
SundayAll Saints’ DayNational holiday
TuesdayDecember SolsticeSeason
FridayChristmas DayNational holiday
SaturdaySt Stephen’s DayNational holiday