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Former superstar tennis player John McEnroe is among the best of all time in his sport.

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McEnroe dominated in the so late 1970s and also 1980s, and also won 7 Grand Slam Singles titles throughout his esteemed tennis career.

While his play on the court made the a tennis legend, McEnroe’s romantic life to be a bit harder to manage. He at some point got a divorce native his very first wife prior to finding love again through rock star Patty Smyth.

Who is john McEnroe’s Wife?

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John Patrick McEnroe was an initial married come ex-wife Tatum O’Neal, one Academy compensation winner and daughter of actor Ryan O’Neal.

The American tennis player and also Oscar-winning actress were married in 1986 prior to parting ways in 1992. They had three children together: sons Kevin and also Sean, and daughter Emily.

McEnroe climate met Patty Smyth because that the very first time in ~ a Christmas party in 1993, and also they automatically hit the off.

Smyth, a singer-songwriter, to be a star in her own right as a member the the rock tape Scandal. The pair gained married in 1997 and have two children, daughters Ava and also Anna.

Patty additionally had a daughter, Ruby, indigenous a vault marriage.

The happy pair has to be married more than two decades and room still going strong today. They right now reside in Manhattan, new York.

McEnroe and Smyth keep their relationship private for the most part, however still make a handful of red carpet appearances each year.

Smyth’s music career is renowned for the hit track “The Warrior.” She recently released she first album in 28 years, title “It’s about Time.”

John McEnroe’s Tennis Career

John McEnroe was born in Wiesbaden, West Germany, however moved to brand-new York City through his family members at a young age. He confirmed promise in tennis and also his parental enrolled him at the port Washington Tennis Academy as soon as he was 12.

McEnroe made his amateur debut in 1977.

The 18-year-old winner the blended doubles in ~ the French open alongside mar Carillo. He climate shocked the crowd at Wimbledon and advanced come the semifinals before losing to Jimmy Connors.

McEnroe took his talent to Stanford University and also helped lead the Cardinal to an NCAA Championship. A year later, McEnroe join the ATP Tour.

In plenty of ways, McEnroe’s professional tennis career will certainly forever be remembered together controversial.

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There to be the completely dominant McEnroe, who won nine grand Slam doubles titles, five Davis Cup’s, 4 U.S. Open up singles titles, and also spent 170 weeks together the World’s No. 1 ranked player. He also had historic victories against fellow tennis stars such as Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl.