What is the traditional Gibbs complimentary energy because that the transformation of diamond to graphite in ~ 298 K?

Express her answer to three significant figures and include the suitable units

Hi - ns actually just finished this problem on Mastering Chemistry.

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The equation that you"re utilizing for Delta G(rxn) is DeltaH - Temperature(DeltaS)

Delta H = Enthalpy sum of assets - enthalpy sum of reactants. So in this case, it would certainly be:

0 - 1.897 = -1.897 kJ/Mol. (delta H)

Now we have to calculate the Delta S i beg your pardon is the entropy sum.

5.740-2.38 = 3.36 J/mol (delta S)

Take a 2nd look at the systems - they are in "j/Mol" whereas the enthalpy is offered in "kJ/mol." Our last answer is walk to it is in in kJ, so it would certainly make sense to transform our answer come kJ.

3.36 J/mol = 0.00336 kJ/mol.

We are offered the temperature in Kelvin i m sorry fits this equation for this reason no further conversions have to be completed. Now we deserve to plug ours answers into the equation...

-1.897-(298 x 0.00336)

and we obtain our final answer the -2.90 kJ.

Source(s): A fellow chemistry student.

Standard Gibbs Energy

confident, expense of Gibbs unfastened power (delta G) and Gibbs unfastened power decrease 보다 extensive-unfold situations (delta G knot) is same in the event that they room the two calculated decrease 보다 a comparable temperature (298K) also nevertheless it additionally must be declared to preserve a million atm rigidity additionally.

The price is -2.90 kJ

Tom and Bradby room wrong

I just put in kJ and it worked in mastering. It"s a lower situation "k"

it said me kJ/mol was wrong since those units are for delta g of formation not delta g the reaction...

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The answer need to be displayed in kJ/mol instead of simply kJ.

Trust me ns just gained it not correct on my mastering chem assignment since it I put it in kJ

the prize is -2.90kJ*mol^-1

Forward reaction is voluntarily for component B!!!

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