We’re being asked todetermine the bond orderofCl2+. For this, we should do the complying with steps:

Step 1:Calculate the total number of valence electrons present.

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Step 2:Draw the molecular orbital diagram.

Step 3:Calculate the shortcut order that the molecule/ion. Recall the the formula forbond orderis:


The molecular orbit diagram for Cl2 will be comparable to that of F2:



Q.Under proper conditions, I2 have the right to be oxidized come l2+, i beg your pardon is glowing blue. The corresponding anion, I2-, is not known. Usage the molecular orbital d...
Q.With what neutral homonuclear diatomic molecules are the NO+ and also NO- ion isoelectronic (same number of electrons)?
Q.Predict the order of the N--O bond toughness in NO, NO+, and NO-, and describe the magnetic properties of each.

What scientific principle do you need to understand in order to deal with this problem?

Our tutors have actually indicated the to deal with this trouble you will require to apply the MO Theory: link Order concept. You deserve to view video clip lessons to discover MO Theory: bond Order. Or if you need much more MO Theory: link Order practice, you can also practice MO Theory: bond Order exercise problems.

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