Which protocol have the right to be used to carry messages from an e-mail server to an e-mail client?SMTP POP3 SNMP HTTP

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What is an benefit of SMB over FTP?​ only with SMB deserve to data transfers happen in both directions. just SMB develops two simultaneous connections with the client, making the data transport faster.​ SMB is much more reliable 보다 FTP since SMB uses TCP and FTP provides UDP.​ SMB clients can develop a long-term connection to the server.​
Which three protocols or standards are supplied at the application layer of the TCP/IP model? TCP HTTP MPEG GIF IP UDP
In FTP transactions, an FTP client uses the pull method to download records from one FTP server.True False
What is a common protocol that is provided with peer-to-peer applications such together WireShare, Bearshare, and Shareaza? Ethernet Gnutella popular music SMTP
Which 3 layers the the OSI design provide similar network solutions to those detailed by the applications layer that the TCP/IP model? physics layer session layer move layer application layer presentation class data attach layer
Which TCP/IP version layer is closest to the finish user?application web network accessibility transport
What kind of info is consisted of in a DNS MX record?the FQDN that the alias used to recognize a service the IP resolve for one FQDN entry the domain surname mapped to letter exchange servers the IP resolve of an authoritative name server
Which command is used to manually questions a DNS server to fix a particular host name?nslookup ipconfig /displaydns tracert ping
A user is attempting to accessibility http://www.cisco.com/ without success. Which two configuration values have to be collection on the host to allow this access?DNS server resource port number HTTP server default gateway source MAC address
A wired laser press is attached to a home computer. The printer has been common so that other computer systems on the house network can additionally use the printer. What networking model is in use?peer-to-peer (P2P) client-based master-slave point-to-point
What is true about a client-server network?The network consists of a dedicated server. Each an equipment can role as a server and also a client. Workstations accessibility network sources using SAMBA or Gnutella. each peer accesses an table of contents server to obtain the location of a source stored on one more peer in what is taken into consideration a hybrid network system.
On a house network, which maker is most likely to administer dynamic IP addressing to clients on the house network?a dedicated file server a home router one ISP DHCP server a DNS server

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Uniform resource Locator - the "friendly" deal with that is provided in a web web browser bar and that synchronizes to the IP address of the site