What is a blower?What does the do?Are there specific requirements for making use of one?Are there any kind of disadvantages of making use of a blower?

A "Blower" is an additional name for a supercharger, an especially "Roots" type superchargers that use long figure-of-8 shame vanes to pressure or "blow" air right into the engine.

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The only "specific requirements" room that the engine internals are solid enough to cope with the extra power and the fuel system can carry out enough fuel to match the extra waiting from the blower.

In regards to performance, the only "disadvantages" to utilizing a blower is the it is belt moved from the crank. It uses some strength from the crank to revolve the blower, which is strength that could otherwise be driving the wheels. This is, of course, offset by the fact the blower allows the engine to make much much more power.


Roots blowers are briefly explained in this SE question.



Turbo simply for completeness. A turbo provides the exhaust gasses gift pumped the end of a vehicle to rotate an impeller which consequently spins a propeller. This creates push simply due to volume of wait being relocated rather than keeping the wait from escaping.

is constantly delayed because of needing enhanced exhaust pressure to spinuprecycles wasted power through the usage of exhaust gassesheats increase intake airtypically calls for a blowoff valve to relieve pressure because of the delay in turn downrequires high rpm to work correctlymore fuel efficient due to using the last bit of expansion of the charred fuel chargebetter high rpm power

Centrifugal is a belt run turbo much more or less. You have actually just the propeller half of a turbo connected to the crank via a belt similar to a just how a supercharger is run. Like the turbo this needs high RPM to generate the PSI

does not heat up the intake charge lot (intake fee is heated dueto pressure and mechanical activity of course)requires high rpm to job-related correctlyno lag because of running directly off the crankno blowoff valve (I think) due to fast spin down timeless helminth drag yet I perform not know if this is offset by the higherRPMs forced to make it workbetter high rpm power

Roots type is an wait pump v tight tolerances forcing waiting through giving high pressure with fairly low RPM.

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does not use a fanlow RPMPressurizes air much like an air compressormore relocating partshas has much more parasitic drag due to the gear mesh that needs. This might be offset by the lower RPM"s it demands to runbetter low end power

which one is best? anything however a turbo? yet that is my opinion.