If over there is anything mockery Owens loves much more than moonshine, it’s his pup Cutie Pie. The white furball — that is recognized to journey shotgun on she owner’s bicycle — steals the spotlight on Moonshiners every time she is ~ above the screen. However, Cutie Pie has actually been missing in action for a while, which has prompted viewers to wonder if the dog is quiet alive. 

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Several seasons ago, Cutie Pie practically died after gaining bit by a line while exploring a feasible still site with Josh, who had to rush she to the nearest vet office.

“The way she’s breath is just freaking me the f–k out, man” mock said during the scary experience. “She’s stiff as a board. I’m fear she’ll have actually a heart strike as tough as she’s breathing.” 

Cutie Pie was able to make complete recovery. However, the was not Cutie Pie’s very first near-death experience. In 2013, she was stung by a bee, however Josh was able to pull the stinger from her paw. We have actually a feeling Cutie Pie was appropriate there through Josh’s side complying with his scary motorcycle accident in march 2018.

“Josh remained in a wreck, however is OK. Broke nose, ribs, broke down lung, lost the rest of his currently amputated finger but not in prompt danger now,” an upgrade on facebook read. “Will post more info as soon as it becomes available. Please respect his privacy in ~ this time and also let him recuperate in peace.” an additional update followed: “Josh is quiet recovering, the ribs and also punctured lung are taking part time to heal. He appreciates all the concern and messages.” 


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Josh reassured pan he would be back on his bicycle soon, presumably v Cutie Pie best on the former seat. “Josh would choose to say thanks to everyone for all the help he has actually received native his fans, the great people in the biker community,” the wrote. “As quickly as he can put his leg over a bike the is back at it. That is earlier shining together well, recovering at the beach.” 

In the past, Josh has gushed about his sidekick Cutie Pie.

“Cutie Pie she’s constantly there for me,” he said on the show. “She’s absolutely my sidekick. If world were an ext like dogs, the world would be a far better place.” that has likewise opened up about Cutie Pie’s biking skills, adding, “She jumped ideal on increase the Harley and stood ideal up ~ above the tank similar to she belonged there. And also when we got to the an initial curb she kind of leaned into the curve and also I knew it was supposed to be. So us rode every day that day… It to be the funniest thing ever.”