It's same to say the some guys are clueless when it comes to the ins and also outs of woman anatomy and also everything that comes together it. Some males didn't have sisters come teach them that stuff and also others merely didn't hear in their biology class. 

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That absence of knowledge has actually led to some pretty embarrassing cases in the past. Choose this man who believed that the yellow and also green on this boxes that tampax tampons supposed they were lemon and lime flavor. Us won't ask how he thought the would work. 

And now, there are even an ext embarrassed guys out there. Twitter user Evan Worthen freshly took to the communication to pull off a hoax after finding among his girlfriend's tampons at his place. "My girlfriend left a tampon in ~ my apartment and whereby the left one is," that joked. "Anyone recognize where i can acquire a solitary left tampon to save a collection here because that emergencies?"

My girl friend left a tampon in ~ my apartment and idk wherein the left one is. Anyone know where ns can get a solitary left tampon to keep a collection here because that emergencies?

— Evan J Worthen (

As many of you will certainly hopefully know, the letters on tampons actually signify their absorbency level. With “R” because that “Regular,” "L" because that "Light," and also "S" because that "Super." however Evan's joke prompted countless women to message their boyfriends and ask castle what the letters on their tampons stood for. And also predictably, plenty of of them had actually no idea in ~ all. 

This woman's boyfriend made a few guesses, and also none that them were correct. He thought that the "L" stood for anything from "large" to "lollipop." 





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Where he got "Raccoon" from us don't know. Despite he did get somewhat close through "Runny" therefore we'll provide him a five out that ten. 

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