Overwatch was a team the heroes who saved humanity from extermination by Omnics year ago. V their original mission complete, Overwatch vowed to safeguard humanity native itself.

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Chance allowed Overwatch to use Genji and also Hanzo Shimada’s family problem to take under the Shimada clan of assassins and also their criminal empire. The plan succeeded, and the struggle left Genji mortally wounded and also Hanzo was ravaged at murdering his own brother.

Unbeknownst come Hanzo, Overwatch available to conserve Genji Shimada’s life in exchange for help taking down the Shimada empire. Genji accepted it and joined the protectors, finding peace and self-acceptance along the way.

Conflicted by his actions at the the supervisory board elder’s demand, Hanzo Shimada eventually turned against the evil organization he’d as soon as led. Asserted an adversary by his family, Hanzo risked his life every year to return and also honor his brother’s memory.

On one such night ten year later, the brothers would certainly meet and also fight again. Hanzo would certainly be left with much to consider, and the waters become murky.

The Hanzo voice lines tend to it is in serious and traditional. However, that does give few to show his sardonic wit and dry sense of humor.

Hanzo ultimate quote

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Hanzo ult quote

The Hanzo ultimate saying list is long, however there are a couple of influential phrases that stick v Overwatch enthusiasts. As soon as using his can be fried attack, Hanzo says, “Ryu ga waga teki wo karau,” (“The dragon devours our enemies”).

The line changes to “Okami yo waga teki o kurae” as soon as using the Lone wolf skin (“Wolf, devour ours enemies”).

Hanzo spawn quote

If the Hanzo ultimate scream impresses you, the generate lines will be legendary. For example, Hanzo an initial spawns saying, “With every death, come honor. Through honor, redemption.” It referrals his sorrow at Genji’s death and also his expect at earning redemption with honoring his brother.

Hanzo sonic arrowhead attack quote

Hanzo’s sonic arrow attack prompts a couple of lines to express the Shimada dragon:

“See the which is unseen.”“Marked through the dragon.”“See through the dragon’s eyes.”“Marked!”

When a player equips the Lone wolf skin, this references transition to a wolf (“The wolf marks the prey”).

Hanzo’s unlockable quotes

The Hanzo voice lines a player might unlock is long. The finest unlockable quotes include:

“There is beauty beauty in simplicity.”“Master your fears together they master you.”“My fate is created in blood.”“I execute what ns must.”“From one thing, know ten thousand things.”“I choose you, soul dragon!”

Hanzo ultimate quote in Japanese


What go Hanzo to speak in Overwatch? The two main phrases when he ults room the only Hanzo voice present in Japanese. Hanzo players and also those fighting him hear the lines in Japanese, however allies listen the English equivalent.

Okami yo waga teki o kurae

Equipping the Okami skin unlocks this Hanzo ult quote. The means, “Wolf, devour our enemies.”

Ryu ga waga teki wo karau

This Hanzo voice line when he supplies his standard ult translates to, “The dragon devours our enemies.”

Hanzo ultimate quote in English


The English quotes for Hanzo ults room for his allies.

Wolf devour our enemies

When making use of his ultimate an approach with the Lone wolf skin equipped, Hanzo voices this line.

The dragon devours our enemies

With his Hanzo dragon line, Hanzo calls ~ above the beasts connected to his family whenever he uses his typical ult.

The dragon rages in ~ me

This Hanzo voice line is just one of four obtainable when his personality reaches “on fire” status. Additional Hanzo on-fire present include:

“The dragon stirs in ~ me.”“My warrior soul burns.”“I’m ~ above fire!”

The understand of the Shimada Clan has actually returned

This classic Hanzo quote (Overwatch) is obtainable when playing the Hanamura map. It refers to his condition as the eldest boy of the last clan leader. An additional Hanamura map Hanzo quote is for a multi-kill, “My enemies fall choose (huff) cherry blossoms!”

The Overwatch characters, Hanzo Shimada and Genji Shimada, began as a single character design for a ninja, equipped through both a bow and also a blade. Once the video game developers separation the idea, they composed a backstory that feuding brother instead. Now, the drama is so intense we every wish we could summon ours dragons and wolves at will.


How is Hanzo’s ult pronounced?

Hanzo’s ult is, “Ryu ga waga teki wo karau” (roughly meaning, “The dragon candlestick devour the enemy.”). The together is

Re (like ‘replay’)YouGa (with a lengthy ‘a’ sound ‘uh’)Wa (with a long ‘a’ sound ‘uh’)Te (like ‘terrible)Key (that girlfriend would put in a lock)Wo (with a long ‘o’ sound)Koo Ra Oo

Who voices Hanzo in Overwatch?

Paul Nakauchi and Shuhei Sakaguchi room the voices behind Hanzo Shimada.

What go Hanzo do to Genji?

Overwatch offers clues toward the showdown in between Genji and also Hanzo Shimada, yet the details is much from complete.

There room a couple of points us know:

Hanzo assaulted Genji through a sword. The lingering battle scars in Hanamura present up throughout the short, “Dragons,” and point toward the weapon gift a blade.Hanzo now refuses to use a knife again since he offered one to death his brother.Genji’s precise injuries space still unclear, but developers have only evidenced his head and torso room complete.

Genji’s character style hints at additional damage to his head and torso, yet whether he experienced injuries come these areas remains unconfirmed.

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Does Hanzo have actually an oni skin?

No, Hanzo has okami skin. Fans have designed oni skin for Hanzo Shimada, however none are available in-game in ~ this time.