About What Difference Does It Make?

"What Difference Does It Make?" is a song by the English rock band also the Smiths, created by singer Morrissey and also guitarist Johnny Marr. It was the band"s third single and is featured on their deyet album, The Smiths. A different version, recorded for the John Peel Sjust how on BBC Radio 1, is consisted of in the compilation album Hatful of Hollow. The song was one of the band"s initially substantial chart hits, peaking at No. 12 in the UK Singles Chart. However before, Morrissey has actually sassist "What Difference Does It Make?" is just one of his least favourite songs of the Smiths". even more »

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All males have tricks and also right here is mineSo let it be knownFor we have been through hell and also high tideI think I deserve to rely on youAnd yet you begin to recoilHeavy words are so lightly thrownBut still I"d leap in front of a flying bullet for youSo, what distinction does it make?So, what difference does it make?It provides noneBut now you have goneAnd you need to be looking very old tonightThe adversary will uncover occupational for idle hands to doI stole and also I lied, and why?Because you asked me to!But currently you make me feel so ashamedBecause I"ve just obtained two handsWell, I"m still fond of you, oh-ho-ohSo, what distinction does it make?Oh, what difference does it make?Oh, it renders noneBut now you have goneAnd your prejudice will not keep you warm tonightOh, the devil will find work for idle hands to doI stole, and then I liedJust because you asked me toBut now you know the truth about meYou will not see me anymoreWell, I"m still fond of you, oh-ho-ohBut no even more apologiesNo even more, no even more apologiesOh, I"m also tiredI"m so sick and tiredAnd I"m feeling extremely sick and ill todayBut I"m still fond of you, oh-ho-ohOh, my sacred oneOh

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The Smiths The Smiths were an English alternative rock band, developed in Manchester in 1982. Based on the song creating partnership of vocalist Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, the band also likewise had baid Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. Critics have called them the a lot of essential alternative rock band also to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s.

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The group was signed to the independent record label Rough Trade Records, on which they released 4 studio albums, numerous compilations, and countless non-LP singles. Although they had actually limited commercial success exterior the UK while they were still together, and never released a single that charted better than number 10 in their house nation, The Smiths won a far-ranging complying with, and remain cult an… more »