On Thursday, Nevada officials will consider a petition to relax O.J. Simpson indigenous the Lovelock Correctional Facility, where he’s invested the last nine year of his life serving time ~ above a sentence that might go as long as 33 years. For finish coverage, consisting of a live currently of Thursday’s hearing, click here.

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Simpson continues to be a fascinating and polarizing figure, the subject of two major television tasks in the critical year alone, and his parole hearing has attracted 1990s-era media attention. Here’s what you must know.


Score 0-5 points and O.J. Simpson is most likely to it is in paroled.

The board will certainly vote on a majority basis either to grant or deny parole. If the splits 2-2, the other two commissioners top top the board will have actually the opportunity to sweet in.

When will the board current its ruling? Citing the extreme media scrutiny on this case, the plank will rate up its regular weeks-long deliberation duration and render its decision top top Thursday. The board has said that most parole instances require only around 20 come 30 minutes of discussion.

When would Simpson it is in released? If granted parole, Simpson would be released by Oct. 1.

When could Simpson re-apply because that parole? If the board splits 3-3, Simpson can reapply in January 2018. If he is denied parole entirely, he would need to wait in between one and three years.

What influence will the 1995 murder trial have on this case? Legally, none. Simpson was discovered not guilty in 1995 that the killing of his mam Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ron Goldman. A later on civil trial, wherein the load of proof is lower than in a criminal trial, uncovered Simpson guilty. Yet that instance has no bearing ~ above this one, and won’t be provided as a variable for giving or denying parole.

What legal issues still remain for Simpson? yes sir the issue of the $33.5 million Simpson to be ordered to pay the household of Ron Goldman in a civil trial; with interest, the sum has actually grown significantly. Simpson has actually various investments and also pensions that aren’t subject to the polite court’s ruling, but every nickel Simpson provides from below on out will certainly be potentially subject come seizure.

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Plus, there’s the reality that for a time no all that lengthy ago, Simpson to be the most infamous individual top top the challenge of the planet. Wherever he goes, hell be watched and also judged, even if it is it’s at a party or top top a golf course. Simpson has actually said he wants to live the end his life in privacy, however it’s complicated to see just how that might happen without continuing to be as secluded as he is ideal now. ____ Jay Busbee is a writer because that brickandmortarphilly.com brickandmortarphilly.com and the author of EARNHARDT NATION, top top sale now at Amazon or wherever books are sold. Contact him at jay.busbee
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