a. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russiab. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also Italyc. France, great Britain, and also Italyd. France, great Britain, and also Russia
a. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also Russiab. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also the Ottoman empire c. France, good Britain, and Italyd. France, an excellent Britain, and also Russia
a. Serbia acquired independence from the ottoman Empire.b. Slavs rule by Austria-Hungary wanted their own country. C. Belgians in Belgium want to unite with Belgians in Germany.d. Belgians held off German troops for two weeks.

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Which of the following explains why a little conflict in the Balkans spread out to every one of Europe? (5 points)Select one:a. Many of the European strength had entered into alliances requiring castle to defend each other. B. Many of the European powers lacked military defenses to avoid an attack.c. Serbia refused every one of Austria-Hungary\"s demands, prompting other nations to declare war.d. Slavs in Russia refuse to assistance their other Slavs in the Balkan region.
Which that the following was straight caused by Austria-Hungary proclaiming war top top Serbia? (5 points)Select one:a. Russia mobilized the troops. B. Germany declared war ~ above Russia and also France.c. Britain asserted war top top Germany.d. Germany attacked Luxembourg.
What aspect of the case in Europe does this cartoon illustrate? (5 points)Select one:a. The an excellent Powers competing with each other for manage of the Balkansb. The an excellent Powers heading for war in the Balkans because of your alliancesc. The good Powers do the efforts to stop unrest in the Balkans from coming to be war d. The great Powers forming alliances in solution to unrest in the Balkans
After the Franco-Prussian War, why did Germany form alliances and also start to develop up that is military? (5 points)Select one:a. Germany want to invade Italy to hold together Germans living in ~ Italy.b. Germany want to annex Belgium to hold together Germans living in Belgium.c. Germany fear that an excellent Britain would form an alliance v France.d. Germany feared the France want to recapture Alsace and Lorraine.
What facet of the Schlieffen setup is depicted by this map? (5 points)Select one:a. If France and also Russia attacked Germany, Germany would confront a battle on 2 fronts. B. If France attacked Russia, French troops would have to move with Germany.c. If Russia struck Germany, France would be too much away to offer support.d. If Germany assaulted Russia, France would certainly be too far away to sell support.
What to be the meaning of the fight of Stalingrad? (5 points)Select one:a. The Soviet win is thought about a turning point in the war. Correctb. It caused Germany\"s catch of the Red army in 1943.c. It compelled the Soviet Union to reconsider the commitment to the allied cause.d. The slowed under the Russian intrusion of German territory started in 1941.
What occasion officially developed the alliance between Italy and also Germany in civilization War II? (5 points)Select one:a. Mussolini and also Hitler signed the Pact of stole to defend each other in a time the war. Correctb. The Italians attacked Africa and also sought aid from Hitler\"s army.c. Germany forced Italy to authorize the alliance under the hazard of invasion.d. The British and French had declared war top top Italy after the Blitzkrieg.

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Which that the complying with actions explains why britain officially entered people War II? (5 points)Select one:a. The signing that the Pact of Steel between Hitler and Mussolinib. The German invasion of the Soviet Unionc. The signing of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pactd. The German invasion of Poland Correct
What event shook the United states from that non-interventionist international policy and directly associated it in people War II? (5 points)Select one:a. The destruction caused throughout the fight of Britainb. Japanese aggression in China and Southeast Asiac. Japanese battle of the U.S. Naval base at Pearl harbor Correctd. The death of president Roosevelt and also the elevation of Truman
Select one:a. The rescue of british troops from Dunkirkb. The win at the fight of Midwayc. The brothers withstanding the battle of Britaind. The Normandy invasion of Europe
What was the definition of the fight of Midway for the Americans? (5 points)Select one:a. Japan\"s defeat would be a transforming point towards American victory in the Pacific. Correctb. Japan\"s defeat would allow the americans to attack the Philippines.c. America\"s effective defense that the basic would allow them come move much more troops come Europe.d. America\"s effective defense of the base would enable them to leaving the Pacific entirely.
Why walk the United claims agree come the \"Europe First\" strategy? (5 points)Select one:a. Due to the fact that the war in Europe was already almost won by this timeb. Because its priority to be to aid its allies very first defeat the Nazis Correctc. Because the battle in the Pacific had not however reached an important proportionsd. Because the Allies would fight Japan if the United claims did not help
Why walk the Allies land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day? (5 points)Select one:a. To launch a surprise invasion of Europe from southern Italyb. To encourage the Soviet Union to proceed fighting on the east Frontc. Come take advantage of false information provided to the Germans about an invasion in other places Correctd. To establish a stronghold on Germany\"s northern coast

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