After escaping through a win against Nebraska, Michigan State look at to relocate to 5-0 this Saturday night.

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Most world didn’t believe Michigan State would be in this position, but the Spartans have actually a opportunity to relocate to 5-0 this Saturday night.

Western Kentucky pertains to town because that homecoming weekend, in what will be the second consecutive night video game at Spartan Stadium. Mel Tucker attributed the fans at critical week’s contest and Saturday need to prove come be an additional solid environment.

It’ll be interesting to watch just how the Spartans fare against Western Kentucky’s heavy passing attack. Michigan State should have the ability to put up part yards against the Hilltoppers, however this game could have a many points scored.

Check out what our authors think around the game:

Ryan O’Bleness

Michigan State 38, western Kentucky 30

This video game is probably going to it is in high-scoring and closer than many world may think. West Kentucky has a attention passing strike in the air raid offense, and the Michigan State second has been susceptible versus the pass and could give up a the majority of yardage. The crucial will it is in if the Spartans have the right to keep the Hilltoppers off of the scoreboard, together MSU has done a good job of all season (allowing just 18 points every game). Offensively for MSU, Kenneth walker III should have actually a field day against a weak rushing defense allowing 224.7 per game, and also that will certainly be the difference in this game. WKU puts increase a good fight, though.


Michigan State 34, western Kentucky 27

The Hilltoppers will make Michigan State pan sweat this one out a bit with their high octane pass attack. That said, the Spartans have a made decision size and also talent gap, i m sorry should enable MSU to manage the game through the floor attack.

Kevin Knight

Michigan State 41, western Kentucky 28

The Spartan defense is tested early in this one with many break downs in the secondary, giving up much more points than is ideal. However, the offense is again humming all video game long ~ some negative play calling against a much much better defense critical week. Adjustments in ~ halftime on defense put this video game away through the start of the fourth quarter.

Zach Manning

Michigan State 34, western Kentucky 24

Michigan State’s defense has let up part yards, yet not a lot of points. Ns think we watch a similar trend happen against the Hilltoppers, where the Spartans permit them to relocate in in between the 20-yard-lines and stiffen up within the red zone.

I am a tiny concerned through Western Kentucky’s strong passing attack, however I think Michigan State will be able to score a kind amount versus a defense that has actually let adversaries run the sphere pretty well. Kenneth pedestrian gets ago on track and also MSU move to 5-0.

Matt Hoeppner

Michigan State 38, western Kentucky 28

This will not be straightforward game. The Hilltoppers passing attack has been terrific this year and also they deserve to move the ball. MSU will need to manage the clock top top offense and also finish drives with touchdowns. If the Spartans room able to perform this, they should be able to outscore WKU and come away through a 5-0 start. Pound environment-friendly Pound is the name of the game this week.

Paul Fanson

Michigan State 42, western Kentucky 20

For me, this choose comes down to man versus machine. The spread out for this game opened at under 10 points, which to me was quite surprising. The computers (specifically mine and also ESPN’s) project a much higher margin of victory. Ns think that the close shave last week will help to save the Spartans motivated, and also that castle will dominate in all three phases that the game. This video game should not be close and also I nothing think that it will be.

Matt Sheehan

Michigan State 35, western Kentucky 34

I can not use slept well all week therefore game. The Hilltoppers fear me and they’ll make it close. So close, in fact, they will certainly score in the closing moments of the game and also WKU will go because that two but come up simply short.

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Austen Flores

Michigan State 48, west Kentucky 24

Mel Tucker has preached keeping the same mentality for each video game regardless that the opponent. Return WKU is non-power 5, they’ve play Army and Indiana really closely and also I intend them come at the very least make things interesting for a bit in eastern lansing. Spartans need to prove they are still contenders and also will pull away in the end.

David Harns

Michigan State 38, west Kentucky 20

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