Leddie Brown and also the Mountaineers room looking to construct off of last year's bowl win under head coach Neal Brown

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There is excited in Morgantown together the West Virginia Mountaineers hope to continue to enhance under head coach Neal Brown. WVU was able to finish strong in 2019, and then jumped the end to a 3-1 begin last year. Though the Mountaineers endured close losses to Texas Tech and also Texas top top the road and were blown the end by Iowa State in the regular-season finale, West Virginia to be undefeated at home and also staged a come-from-behind, 24-21 victory over army in the Liberty bowl to cap a 6-4 (4-4 huge 12) campaign and carry momentum right into 2021.

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Brown has actually his many experienced roster to date, and also though he should replace a few key pieces from what was one of the ideal defenses in the country, there’s a lot come like around the Mountaineers. Some pollsters have actually taken notice, together West Virginia received a few votes in the preseason AP height 25, placing the Mountaineers in striking street of the top tier that the big 12.

Can WVU proceed its upward trajectory? some of the professionals at Athlon sporting activities pick every video game on the Mountaineers 2021 football schedule.




AthlonSteven)West Virginia is trending in the appropriate direction under third-year coach Neal Brown, and also another step forward in the success column have to be attainable in 2021. A defense the led the big 12 in fewest yards every play and also points enabled has to replace crucial cogs at every level, but there’s enough talent with 5 returning starters to stop a significant drop in production. Also if the defense regresses a bit, far better play on offense could minimize the damage. West Virginia averaged just 26.5 clues a video game last season, however brings ago eight returning starters, consisting of a couple of members of an boosting offensive line and also running ago Leddie Brown. Quarterback Jarret Doege needs much more help native his receivers ~ drops plagued this group in 2020. However, the an elderly also has to play with an ext consistency and also raise his all at once performance because that the Mountaineers to contend for a finish in the top 4 of the large 12.

Mark Ross (
AthlonMarkR)West Virginia has made progress under head coach Neal Brown and also this should continue in 2021. However, there are still enough questions staying that the Mountaineers more than likely need an upset or 2 to finish better than in the middle of the load in the large 12. The defense was exceptional last season however five starters need to be replaced. This will put an ext pressure on the offense to produce and while there's many of suffer (eight returning starters) on the side the the ball, the an essential will be what type of production Brown gets from an elderly quarterback Jarret Doege. WVU additionally has come navigate some challenging road trips, namely versus Oklahoma and Iowa State. Gaining to a bowl video game shouldn't be too complicated but the Mountaineers most likely will finish up at the back end that the huge 12's postseason pecking order.

CFBWinningEdge)First and also foremost, i rely greatly on the CFB Winning leaf game-by-game projections, which suppose the Mountaineers to it is in favored in 7 games and win 6.21 on median after including up the separation, personal, instance projected victory percentages for each contest. According to those numbers, West Virginia is a favorite in all three non-conference games, yet by under than three points versus both Maryland and also Virginia Tech, with a 57 percent opportunity of victory in one of two people one. It’s most likely the Mountaineers split those two, and despite playing Maryland on the road and also the Hokies at home, Virginia technology seems favor the tougher matchup.

Opening conference play at Oklahoma is much less than ideal, despite the Sooners’ current early-season struggles. Texas Tech, in ~ Baylor and also at TCU (following one idle week) are all winnable games, and WVU is favored in two of those three games. A 4-3 record heading right into Halloween weekend is the most likely result, however 5-2 or also 6-1 is possible.

The final stretch is tough but sets up well together West Virginia master Iowa State and Oklahoma State prior to making the expedition to Manhattan. The Cowboys room favored in Morgantown, and the Mountaineers favored against K-State, however I flipped the predictions because we can’t expect everything to go according come plan. The home finale is a great opportunity to upset Texas (though the Longhorns room favored by around a touchdown), and also though Kansas make a strong hire in Lance Leipold, that wouldn’t be wise to expect the Jayhawks to knock off WVU.

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Six wins and a bowl bid is a safe expectation. West Virginia could beat Virginia Tech, TCU or Kansas State to obtain to 7-5 or 8-4, but would also need to protect against potential slip-ups along the way.