The Bleeding Green country Writer"s picks room in because that NFL mainly 6 of the 2015 continuous season schedule! every week we"ll predict the winners that each and every NFL game. We"ll tally the outcomes along the way and see who comes the end on height at the end of the season. Feel free to short article your own predictions or talk about the writer predictions in the comments.

After main 5, note is earlier in an initial place, but it"s a close race. Let"s get to this week"s picks.

Season Record50-2750-2751-2650-2749-2846-3146-31
Week 5 Record9-511-310-410-412-210-410-4
Falcons in ~ Saints
Redskins at Jets
Cardinals at Steelers
Chiefs in ~ Vikings
Bengals at Bills
Bears in ~ Lions
Broncos in ~ Browns
Texans in ~ Jaguars
Dolphins in ~ Titans
Panthers at Seahawks
Chargers in ~ Packers
Ravens in ~ 49ers
Patriots at Colts
Giants in ~ Eagles


Editor"s Note: Compete against Bleeding Green nation writers in our Week 6 fantasy football organization on FanDuel. First place wins $100 and the peak 20 victory cash.

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