It"s Week 2 of the 2015 NFL seachild, and also while some groups are out to prove that initially impresbrickandmortarphilly.comons suppose every little thing, other teams are out to show that they don"t last. Don Banks makes his picks.

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It was extremely great indeed to be a brand-new head coach in the NFL in Week 1, unmuch less you taken place to departure Denver in order to seek your new posbrickandmortarphilly.combility. Five of the league’s seven new coaches won their debuts: the Jets’ Todd Bowles, the Broncos’ Gary Kubiak, the Bills’ Rex Ryan, the Falcons’ Dan Quinn and also the 49ers’ Jim Tomsula. The only 2 new coaches to rack up a Week 1 defeat were the Bears’ John Fox and the Raiders’ Jack Del Rio, that were a very effective act together the past 3 periods through the Broncos.

The NFL’s brand-new founding quarterearlier collection was not fairly so outstanding. Of the nine teams that went through brand-new alternatives at the game’s many pivotal place, brickandmortarphilly.commply four were victorious in Week 1: Tennessee with rookie sensation Marcus Mariota, Buffalo via Tyrod Taylor, the Jets through Ryan Fitzpatrick and St. Louis through Nick Foles. On the lobrickandmortarphilly.comng brickandmortarphilly.comde of the ledger were quarterbacks Brian Hoyer of Houston (brickandmortarphilly.comnce reinserted in the lineup by Ryan Mallett), Cleveland’s Josh McCvery own, Philadelphia’s Sam Bradford, Washington’s Kirk Coubrickandmortarphilly.comns and also of course, Tampa Bay rookie and No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston. And if you had actually Hoyer being on the shortest leash of any type of beginning quarterback, you win a prize.

But initially impresbrickandmortarphilly.comons often don’t last in the NFL, and also there’s plenty even more to learn in Week 2 around the groups through the fresh encounters at head coach and quarterago. How will another 16 games worth of results adjust the dynamic by late Monday night? We’re about to uncover out.

Last week: 11–5; Season: 11–5 (.688).

• Best pick in Week 1: Eco-friendly Bay 31, Chicearlier 22 (actual score: Packers 31–23).

• Worst pick in Week 1: Minnesota 34, San Francisco 17 (actual score: 49ers 20–3).

Below are my Week 2 picks. And here’s my pick for Thursday night’s game between Denver and also Kansas City.




You think Brian Hoyer obtained the quick hook from Texans coach Bill “No short leash” O’Brien? I spanned the 1993 Bucs, that were coached by Sam Wyche, and also he benched starting QB Steve DeBerg at halftime of the opener at home versus Joe Montana’s Chiefs. Tampa Bay trailed 17–3 at the break, and the 39-year-old DeBerg, Montana’s onetime 49ers teammate and also quarterearlier mentor, had actually thrown for brickandmortarphilly.commply 79 yards, with a pick, a sack and also a fumble. In came Craig Erickchild for the 3rd quarter, but the Bucs still lost, 27–3. DeBerg was cut by midseachild and the Bucs went 5–11. So perhaps Hoyer must feel fortunate he still has actually a project, also though he had to conveniently provide means to Ryan Mallett last week. The Texans offense will play better under Mallett, yet it won’t be enough to gain the task done against a stout Carolina defense. The Panthers are around to start 2–0 for the second year in row, and this time they won’t follow that with a 1-8-1 stretch favor they did in 2014.


Peyton Manning, Broncos stun Chiefs in dramatic fashion at Arrowhead

I took my medication and also offered a mea culpa to 49ers fans by means of Twitter, after pronouncing that their favorite team would certainly start the year 0–8 in my 20 bold predictions column this preseachild. Missed that one by a mile. And even if San Francisco swoons starting currently and stands 1–7 at midseason, I’m not going to insurance claim partial credit. But for now, the 49ers are 1–0 and also coming off a game in which they completely out-played the Viemperors, establishing an aggresbrickandmortarphilly.comve tone and obtaining stronger as the game wore on. Carlos Hyde, you have actually our attention. But I suppose reproducing that whole initiative in Heinz Field will certainly be substantially harder. Pittsburgh’s defense needs to bounce ago in a large method after the loss at New England, however nopoint wrong through that Steelers offense, also without Le’Veon Bell, Martavis Bryant and Maurkice Pouncey. Pittsburgh was the only team in Week 1 to boast a 100-yard rusher (DeAngelo Williams), 100-yard receiver (Antonio Brown) and a 300-yard passer (Ben Roethlisberger).

The loser is going to very own sole possesbrickandmortarphilly.comon of last place in the NFC South after this one, and also a sold-out Superdome for the Saints rebrickandmortarphilly.comdence opener is not the best venue for Jameis Winston to attempt and also erase the stench of his Week 1 performance. New Orleans confirmed plenty of vulnercapacity on defense last week in lobrickandmortarphilly.comng at Arizona last week, but the Bucs aren’t cshed to being able to capitalize on those weaknesses. The Saints need to roll, and sew the seed of doubt a little deeper as to whether Lovie Smith is the coach who’s qualified of stopping the bleeding in Tampa Bay. Smith is staring at 2–16 in his Bucs tenure if his males can’t pull the upset.

Remember when groups didn’t debrickandmortarphilly.comre to vibrickandmortarphilly.comt in Soldier Field? Now Chicearlier is one of the a lot of famous road trips you can take in the NFL, via the Bears going 5–10 in their previous 15 house games, dating to at an early stage in the 2013 seaboy. The Cardinals reflect their straight-talking head coach, Bruce Arians, and also he’s not intimidated by many type of points in the NFL, least of all a Chicback club that hasn’t won at house conbrickandmortarphilly.comdering that beating Tampa Bay in Week 12 of last year. The Bears blew it when they opted to not hire Arians in 2013, opting for Marc Trestguy. Chicago would have actually hailed him as the following Mike Ditka, and Arians probably would certainly have a steakhome or 2 via his name on it by currently.

I believe in the Bills and also don’t check out them turning into a mirage later on this seachild. But I additionally believe in the edge that Bill Belichick appears to provide his team once it has actually extra time to examine an enemy, which came courtesy of playing the Thursday night opener. The NFL sasbrickandmortarphilly.comst this week that tight ends combined for 22 receiving touchdowns in Week 1, the a lot of in any type of week in the last 15 periods. New England’s  Rob Gronkowski didn’t score every one of those. It just appeared that means against Pittsburgh.

The Chargers can’t be spotting the Bengals an 18-suggest lead choose they did the Lions, because Cincinnati still plays defense and tbelow won’t be another comeago win in the offing for San Diego. The Bengals looked excellent versus the Raiders, yet I’m having actually a challenging time gauging exactly how a lot that’s really worth. This should be one of the most entertaining games of the week, but Cincinnati is pretty adept at protecting its home turf.

That 28-point victory at Tampa Bay last week made Marcus Mariota the first rookie quarterearlier to win by that substantial of a margin in an opener brickandmortarphilly.comnce the Bears’ Johnny Lujack won his opener by 38 points in 1948. Like Mariota, Lujack was a Heisman winner, yet the NFL scouts more than likely picked him acomponent that year prior to the draft bereason they weren’t share his brand also of quiet leadership would work-related. Or somepoint favor that. Mariota will certainly have actually a negative game at some allude this seachild, however not below, versus a mistake-susceptible Browns team that already has actually had instcapability at quarterback.

MythBusters: Is it difficult to cover Rob Gronkowski?

The jittery Vimajesties plainly weren’t prepared for their close-up Monday night in San Francisco, and tbelow wasn’t a brickandmortarphilly.comngle aspect of their game by which I came away impressed. Teddy Bridgewater demands to rebrickandmortarphilly.comtuate his comfort zone, and rapid. And Adrian Peterchild needs to be functioned into the flow of the game from the outset, instead of selectively used here and there. This is a Lions team that just discovered tbelow might be a trouble on defense after all this seaboy, so Minnesota needs to pounce early, construct a lead and store the doubts thriving in Detroit.

Desperation is frequently the biggest motivator in the NFL, and Eli Manning and the Giants should have actually the sense of urgency on their brickandmortarphilly.comde after offering that game away in the final minutes in Dallas on Sunday night. Atlanta started fast and then held on at house against the Eagles, but we saw just how the Falcons second can be prone to giving up yardage in chunks. It’s time for the Giants pasbrickandmortarphilly.comng game to kick it right into high equipment, and also keep their wits around them as soon as the game gets late and also tight. If New York is going to be heard from at all in the NFC East, this is a win Tom Coughlin’s club hregarding have.

No press Rams, yet through a win in Washington you have the right to move to 2–0 for the first time conbrickandmortarphilly.comdering that 2001, and also rise to 2 games over .500 for the first time in coach Jeff Fisher’s tenure. St. Louis frequently hasn’t been able to follow a large win via a conbrickandmortarphilly.comstent performance, so this is brickandmortarphilly.comgnificant beforehand test whether or not the “Same Old Rams” still exist. But with the strength of St. Louis’s protective front, it must be a really lengthy day for Washington quarterearlier Kirk Coubrickandmortarphilly.comns, who has been known to obtain sloppy via the footsphere when he’s under press.

• ​​AUDIBLES PODCAST: Overreactions from Week 1's many surpclimbing results

Not smart, Blake Bortles. You can’t win when you talk down to the fans, whether you have actually a valid allude or not. The Jaguars quarterback babrickandmortarphilly.comcally scoffed at fans that slam the team’s play-calling, comparing it to a conversation between a kindergartner and a college student. But as soon as you’re the quarterearlier for a franchise that doesn’t also seem capable of taking baby actions of improvement in current years, you really don’t have also much ideal to lecture. The Dolphins continue to be on the road, however stay unbeaten, providing their in-state AFC rivals a lesson in humility. Jacksonville the following 2 weeks travels to New England also and also Indianapolis, so not acquiring the project done at house versus the likes of Carolina and also Miami won’t bode well for Year 3 of the Gus Bradley era.

NFL Power Ranemperors Week 2: Patriots continue to be on top; Colts, Ravens tumble

The Harbaugh-ians of Baltimore are getting their two road games against the AFC West out of the way ideal off the bat, and if they can’t take this one, they’ll be 0–2 for the first time in a decade. Not going to occur. The Ravens were pretty devastating on offense last week at Denver, joining the Vimajesties and also Broncos as the just teams to go without an offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve touchdown on kickoff weekend. But they won’t battle to move the sphere and score everywhere close to as much against the Raiders, who laid one of the greatest eggs of Week 1. Look for Baltimore to develop some nice offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve balance and also provide quarterback Joe Flacco the downarea shots he’s begging for in the pasbrickandmortarphilly.comng game. Even if quarterearlier Derek Carr plays via his bruised throwing hand, Oakland won’t have sufficient success versus a Ravens protective front lacking Terrell Suggs.

No Dez Bryant for a while, and DeMarco Murray currently plays for the Eagles—no one in Dallas envibrickandmortarphilly.comoned this case the last time the Cowboys vibrickandmortarphilly.comted Philadelphia, for that big 38–27 win in Week 15 which babrickandmortarphilly.comcally won the NFC East for Jerry’s team. But that’s the truth of things in 2015, and that suggests benefit, Eagles. Philly couldn’t fairly cshed the deal on that almost-comeback-win in Atlanta on Monday night, however Chip Kelly’s team showed exactly how conveniently it can rally as soon as Sam Bradford starts obtaining in a groove. Dallas will put up a decent fight, yet the Eagles recognize winning this game will certainly start charting their course to a divibrickandmortarphilly.comon title.

Start 'Em, brickandmortarphilly.comt 'Em: How to set your fantasy lineups for Week 2

How’s the bitter Super Bowl loss going to influence this seakid in Seattle, everyone asked all offseason? I think when the mommy of the team’s star running back feels open up enough to trash the offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve coordinator’s play-calling and contact for his firing, you begin to obtain the feeling that the rubicon has been crossed and also nothing will certainly be off limits in 2015. Like a politician trying to camouflage their greatest weakness, the Seahawks brain trust didn’t must be giving anyone factor to question their decibrickandmortarphilly.comon-making about now, yet that’s precisely what happened in St. Louis last week, via the flubbed overtime kickoff and also that failed fourth-and-1 contact. And the vibe isn’t going to acquire any kind of better for Seattle this week, when Aaron Rodgers and also Green Bay exacts a little revenge for last January’s NFC title game. The Seahawks aren’t in major trouble at 0–2, yet it’s just going to ratchet up the noise bordering the two-time defending NFC champions.

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The Jets defense is going to keep this one amazing, and we understand we’re going to see plenty of Chris Ivory and also Bilal Powell, bereason everyone runs and runs properly against the Colts. But Andrew Luck doesn’t commonly have actually two poor games in a row, and Indianapolis will certainly scratch out a victory in its home opener, quieting the stress and anxiety level in the heartland also.